March on DNC -- See You in Philly Information

Updates on events, how to get there and where to stay, etc.

Here's a great document from the Journey for Bernie Facebook page, listing events with links to maps of where they're at in Philly. It begins with events before the convention and continues the week after. Terrific resource!

People for Bernie page full of events and information:

More useful links: is a carpool/housing site that facilitates the mobilization to the Democratic National convention is support of Senator Bernie Sanders.    Berrnie BnB is really busy for Philly, but they said they will try to help. Just make sure to touch base and be a good guest.

Know Your Rights at a Protest (from the ACLU of Pennsylvania web site):

More info on Philly during the convention week:

A very good video about what to expect about the protests and marches in Philly. Highly recommended you watch and heed its advice: 

Democracy Spring gave a workshop on Direct Action Training at The People's Summit. Watch and learn: 

Democracy Spring will also give workshops on non-violent civil disobedience all week during the DNC at the Arch Street Methodist Church. The first is on Sunday 7/24 at 7:00 PM and others follow. 
Arch Street United Methodist Church, 55 N Broad St Philadelphia, PA
Daily Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Trainings: 
July 24-27, 7pm.  These are mandatory trainings for anyone who is seriously considering risking arrest with us in Philadelphia at the DNC. You'll learn the basic theory and history of nonviolent direct action, as well concrete skills and practices for how to de-escalate difficult situations and maintain nonviolent discipline. Trainings will be held once a day at 7pm at Arch St. Methodist Church, 55 North Broad Street, Philadelphia. If you're planning on sitting-in with us this week, you must attend at least on of these trainings. Click here to sign up.

All  Official Protests Planned in Philly as of May 31:

Bernie's planned rally for July 24th in FDR Park:

Official Bernie Organization, Events, Rallies and Marches for the DNC. These will all be in PHILADELPHIA:

 March For Bernie Sunday July 24th. Thomas Paine Plaza 1401 JFK Blvd 19103
Sunday, July 24:
- 130 to 3: Rally at 1401 JFK Boulevard. This is on Thomas Paine Plaza, directly across the street from City Hall. Where all of the large game piece statues are.
- 3 to 5 PM: March down Broad Street to FDR Park.
- 5 to 10 PM: at FDR Park.

March On DNC Monday July 25th 12 noon to 3p.m. Behind 2nd Bank 420 Chestnut St 19106

March for Our Lives: July 25 at 3 p.m.

Bernie Or Bust Tuesday July 26th 12noon to 3pm Thomas Paine Plaza 1401 JFK Blvd 19103  

More info at

Black Men For Bernie Wednesdays July 27th 12-6 Thomas Paine Plaza 1401 JFK Blvd 19103

Black Men For Bernie Thursday July 28th 12-6 Thomas Paine Plaza 1401 JFK Blvd 19103

Official website: 

A movie screening and concert:

 The night before the Democratic National Convention we’ll be in Philly for our most important screening yet! Join us for this historic rally and screening of HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD AND LOVE ALL THE THINGS CLIMATE CAN’T CHANGE on Sunday July 24th in Philadelphia.

VERNON PARK (Germantown, Philadelphia)
6:30PM Rally
8:30PM Screening
10:30PM Concert

With Josh Fox, Susan Sarandon, Shailene Woodley, Ben Jealous, Nomiki Knost, John Fenton and many more special guests!

We’ll be in Philly to send a strong, clear message to the DNC and the rest of the political establishment that we need a climate revolution and we need it now.

Be there! The CLIMATE REVOLUTION is UP to US rally & screening JUNE 24th
Together, we’ve done incredible work to make sure fracking and climate change have been central issues of this election cycle. But we’ve got a lot of work left to do.

We’ll continue to fight the expansion of fracked gas. We’ll continue to fight offshore drilling. We’ll continue to fight mountain top removal. We’ll continue to fight tar sands development. We’ll continue fighting because our survival and humanity depend on it.

And we’ll do it rooted in love and justice with some really good music and dancing.

See you in Philly!
The Let Go And Love Team"

From Bernie or Bust (Revolt Against Plutocracy):

I want to invite you to join us for our press conference. It will be held on Monday, July 25th, at 11:30 a.m. EST in front of Philadelphia City Hall facing West Market St. YahNé Ndgo and I will speak, and we'll provide Bernie or BUST campaign signs for you to hold behind us. We expect it to last 30 minutes maximum.

The next day, we'll hold our rally across the street at Thomas Paine Plaza, 1401 JFK Blvd. from noon to 3:00 p.m. EST. We'll provide 1,000 free Bernie or BUST campaign signs for free. If you cannot make it, a livestream of the rally will be available on our community Facebook page: Revolt Against Plutocracy. We'll have performances by The Ultimate Rage, 
YahNé and Kor Element. Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight), Tim Black and Green Party candidate for President Jill Stein will be speaking along with RAP's Niko House and YahNé Ndgo. I will top off the rally off at 2:25 or so. If the livefeed doesn't come through on our Facebook page, the last hour will be available on Reuters News Facebook page; so I've been told. You're not going to want to miss this in person or online.

 Progressive Democrats of America will host Progressive Central in Philadelphia coinciding with the Democratic National Convention, July 25-27. Please save these dates and plan to join us and Special Guest Speakers: U.S. Representatives Tulsi Gabbard, Raul Grijalva, Donna Edwards, and Keith Ellison; PDA Advisory Board members: Michael Lighty, Thom Hartmann, Medea Benjamin, Jim Hightower, and Mark Dudzic; moderator John Nichols, and Andrea Miller. More to be announced ASAP.

 See You in Philadelphia, Berners!

You can help out The Bernie Blog get to Philly by donating a couple bucks to our GoFundMe. Thank you! We'll #SeeYouInPhilly!

Tips from March on DNC:

As we move our efforts to the convention. There are a few simple things we need to do to prepare. 

1. July 25th is going to be hot make sure you dress appropriately
2. Those who are marching from City Hall to FDR park, the march in total distance is 3.8 miles wear comfortable footwear
3. Marconi Plaza is the midway point in the March.
The plaza takes up 2 sides of S. Broad Street
This should be a point to either rest a bit or hydrate

4. Those with medical/nursing/EMT background will be there to help with any minor injuries during the March.
5. A backpack is encouraged filled with
Extra change of clothes
First aid kit

6. Be advised there are going to be assholes coming too.
Although fellow Berners come in peace we are going to have opposition sympathizers to try to come in and make us look bad.
Don't feed the trolls.

7. In the event something happens we have lawyers Pro Bono in philly I will post information as we get closer to the date
8. Make sure if you're doing video taping or live streaming (like myself) bring extended batteries packs for cell phones and selfie sticks
Videographers, bring a portable source of energy for your cameras.

9. Let's come with full energy it's going to be a good time.
10. Food? Water?
You're in Philly.
Grab a cheesesteak.

If you can't make it to Philadelphia, check out a March for Bernie in a city near you. Don't see your city listed? Start one!  

Also for those who can't go to Philadelphia: 

#ShutItDown July 25-28, 2016 Berners who can't go to Philly.

For the four days of the convention let's send a clear message to the powers that be: we are serious, we are united, we are in this TOGETHER. Get everything you need ahead of the convention: fill your gas tank up, get money, stock up on food and supplies, plan activities for those days that don't cost money.

From July 25th thru the 28th: DON'T shop, DON'T go out to eat, DON'T buy movie tickets or buy tickets to any event. DON'T use an ATM or visit your bank. DON'T make any purchases at all. 

#ShutItDown We may not all be able to go to Philly, but we all can use our money to speak the only language the DNC seems to understand. Let's DO THIS!  (Great idea: "You can also reduce your electricity and water use.")

Please feel free to send us any and all updates on March on DNC events and other related protest activities to us at The Bernie Blog:  

Thank you.  See you in Philly (or in the streets of a city near you)!

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