Green Party "Haters Gonna Hate" Links/Jill Stein 2016 town hall videos

 Excellent interview with Jill Stein in May 2018:

"Haters Gonna Hate": A great web site full of links to news stories that show how the DNC and the mainstream media keep trying to smear the Greens and Jill Stein and why they do so--they're afraid of the TRUTH!

(You can find town halls and forum videos below.)

You can learn more about Jill Stein's run for the White House at her web site and  more about the Greens at
For ways to help out in the last week before election day, click here.

What is the "Green New Deal" Jill and Greens are always talking about? Read:

Many video interviews with Jill Stein and town halls with the Green Party are available all on one web site:  
(More video links below.)

This is a good write-up to refute the Clinton trolls' smears of Jill Stein (with lots of supporting links to defend Jill's positions): 

Some links to general articles written about Jill Stein and the Greens and/or their stands on various issues/causes:

Links on Third Party Voting:
Bernie says don't let anyone tell you who to vote for:

John Laurits explains why voting 3rd party won't elect the greater evil:

Refuting the "spoiler" of 3rd party candidates

No More 2 Party System channel

Jill's video on the Two Party System is Broken--vote your values not your fears:

Town Hall/Debate Videos

Jill explodes heads on  a Fox News interview from this past summer (must see!): 

The Young Turks Town Hall--tough questions and great answers. (Video)


The live CSPAN Green Party Town Hall from 10-11-16 (with call-in questions):

Fusion network held a great town hall event that you can watch below or at 
You Tube:


Here's the CNN Green Party Town Hall:

Democracy Now! Expand the Debate coverage featuring Jill Stein's answers to the debate questions (part 2 link is at You Tube):

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