Monday, April 25, 2016

Why "Any Blue" Won't Do

A recent "Dine with the 99" Potluck for Bernie in Maumee, Ohio. Berners know why they're voting for Bernie Sanders. Don't say we haven't done our research. We have.

This week we look at the human being called Bernie Sanders, the only choice for a moral and prosperous America. We look at a government that we tentatively call a democracy and the primary election process we wish we could call fair. We look at the establishment candidate the oligarchs want to inflict upon us and learn why any blue won't do.

Bernie became involved in the political process while still at college. He developed a strong conviction that the segregation of schools in Chicago needed to be protested against vigorously. This short trailer for  the upcoming documentary Bern shows the lengths he was willing to suffer to help bring about a better world for all Americans.

Here's the press release for Bern with links to where you can help them out  and befriend them on social media.

FILMMAKERS RELEASE SNEAK PEEK OF “Bern” – The Bernie Sanders Documentary Film Includes Rare Footage and Interviews of Bernie Sanders from 1960's to 1990's

AUSTIN, Texas / April 29, 2016 – Featuring rarely-seen archival footage of Bernie Sanders, The Bernie Sanders Documentary "Bern" examines the people, places and events that shaped the man who has inspired such widespread grassroots support in the 2016 presidential election.  The film traces Sanders' personal and political evolution from a student activist at the University of Chicago to his four terms as mayor of Burlington, VT and on through his careers in the U.S. House and Senate, and gives viewers a chance to get to know Bernie Sanders the man, so they can learn about Bernie Sanders, the candidate.  The website for the film is:
"We started this project simply as voters wanting to learn more about a candidate, but it quickly became something much larger.  The more we investigated, the more we realized a very interesting story was taking shape and that the only way to tell it right was to take a closer look at Bernie's history and figure out why he has connected so strongly with so many people,” says Executive Producer Jay Matthew.

The project was created by Matthew along with Executive Producer Chris Blankenship and Director/Producer Miriam Paredes to capture what they see as a pivotal time in this country's history, one that touches on issues of economic disenfranchisement, class conflict, social inequity and the shifting value we place on community and individual freedom.

In keeping with the project's mission to highlight the power of community, the film will be distributed free online.  The first installment will premiere on May 27, 2016, ten days before the California, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and Washington DC primaries.  The second installment, which will document the run-up to the election in November and its aftermath, is scheduled to premiere February 27, 2017, regardless of the outcome of the election because, as EP Matthew explained, “We believe that what Bernie Sanders is doing for the political and social landscape of America will go far beyond the 2016 race.”

The sneak peek is available at ; Find more information on these social media sites: ; ;

You can see a 14 minute sneak peak of Bern The Movie here:

Surprise! The System is Still Rigged!
by Suki Liebow

Okay, all you Berners out there. We didn’t win New York. Guess what? Obama didn’t win New York, either! 

Reports of voter suppression and voting machine issues in yesterday’s primary are, not surprisingly but remarkably, similar to the voting issues in the 2008 primaries between Obama and Hillary. 

There are huge (yuge!) numbers of people involved in this year’s primary for the first time and while the harsh reality of our failing democracy is new to many, it is not new at all.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m pissed off, too! 

The whole point of this political revolution is to change the very system we are trying to use to reclaim our democracy. It’s true, the system is rigged, but that didn’t happen overnight. It’s been happening for decades while we’ve been too preoccupied with American Idol and reality TV to care. Changing an established corrupt system from within the system when the people in power are benefiting from the corruption is going to take time, and grit. The establishment is pulling out all the stops and using every trick in the book to maintain control because they benefit from the system the way it is. 

Mainstream media this morning, in a surprise to absolutely no one, blasted the victories of Hillary over the airwaves as if this were the end game and she has unequivocally won the nomination. Don’t we know by now that mainstream media is promoting their own agenda without regard to integrity or, God forbid, factual information?

Let them play their games and tout their lies. The people are paying attention now. The curtains have been pulled back to reveal the reality of our flawed system. The establishment wants us to think there is no point in showing up, that we have already lost, but it has never been more important to get back up and brush the figurative dirt from our pant legs.

This game isn’t even close to over. 

Bio:  Suki Liebow has been writing on the topic of emotional processing for over 20 years, and is preparing the release of her first full length book. Suki founded a unique method of emotional processing that facilitates productive communication leading to more successful relationships.  Suki lives in San Francisco.

Dennis and fellow Bernie Light Brigade members in Toledo.

 From the Field in New York...

And now a field report from Dennis Slotnick, an Ohioan who went to upstate New York recently to canvass. Dennis earlier in the primary season canvassed in Iowa and has been a great help in NW Ohio. Thanks to Dennis for all his hard work for Team Bernie!

News from New York that you won't see on TV.

Journal of an organizer at the staging location in Niagara Falls.

My first turf in New York was to canvass next to Love Canal, Niagara Falls, New York, a middle class suburban community with a high percent of people over age sixty. The response to Bernie Sanders was very positive. Residents and passersby lit up when they see the Bernie T shirt, engage in conversation and were generous with their time. Many undecideds agreed to vote for Bernie once they clearly heard his message from a live human being. By the end of the day, I felt more enthusiastic about Bernie than the beginning of the day because of the rapport and widespread support for Bernie's ideas. 

In setting up the staging location in Niagara Falls, two restaurant owners were more than gracious about having us use their facility for sending out canvassers. They gave the canvassers food and stayed open for us after hours.
We had 15-20 canvassers each day, many are new to the processes, even first time voters! In every case, they had good conversations with residents, most strong Bernie supporters who lit up and got excited to see canvassers at their house. The resonance with fellow Bernie supporters kept my canvassers so enthusiastic that they signed up for more canvassing the next day. 

The support staff in Buffalo were absolutely great. All supplies, instructions and assistance I could ask for, with a marvelous attitude and trust.
This is what we call support of nature. In the right place doing the right thing at the right time day long (and into the evening hours, too).

The media would suggest that New York went to Clinton. The truth is that New York City went for the other candidate, but nearly all of upstate New York went for Bernie almost exclusively. See for yourself. Go to this map and scroll down to the county map. Hover over each county to realize how Bernie simply dominated upstate New York taking every county except three which have heavy urban centers. Even in those cities, the difference was less than 5%. In Buffalo, for example, there was only a 0.5% difference. There is no doubt that this upstate New York success is due to the dedicated workers in the field offices, the millions of phone calls and thousands of door knocks made in the last week of the campaign. (Over 20,000 doors in Buffalo in one weekend!) 

More remarkable than the widespread excitement for Bernie among upstate New Yorkers is the power of the team. The dedication of the Bernie staff, the brilliance and persistence through the challenges is beyond commendable. This campaign has proven to me again and again it is not about Bernie Sanders; it is about us revitalizing our democracy. 

In my view the momentum continues. So now is the time to pile it on for Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and others. Do all you can to phone bank, talk to those you know in the critical states that are yet to hold primaries and be an even more active part of this great campaign. 

Oh yeah.
Dennis Slotnick, Feelin' the Bern.

Ohioans and others--we need to step up and canvass this week in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Indiana. My husband and I are heading to Fort Wayne this coming weekend to canvass before their May 3 primary... See you there?

<==Bernie's campaign headquarters at 1137 N. Wells St., Fort Wayne, Indiana, located in the old Jack and Johnny's Pub. (It's a really cool place!)

This week's "This Woman is Bernie Strong" features Rachel Chevat, an amazing singer/songwriter. Watch her Bernie Sanders Song video and then watch the video below, which gives background into her motivations for creating the song. The talent of Bernie's supporters--wow!


Why “Any Blue” Won’t Do

This isn’t a piece I wanted to write, but I feel the time has come to say something definitive on the subject. I am the editor of The Bernie Blog after all, so this is a safe place to share these feelings with others of like minds. Perhaps you hold similar beliefs and need reassurance as well. I hope I can provide some.

This is a blog where we don’t make any pretense that we’re not aligned with the ideals of the best candidate running for the presidency--Senator Bernie Sanders. We’re not interested in “second best.” We won’t even consider voting for “the lesser of two evils” because we see a human being before us who isn’t evil, but one who is moral and compassionate and wise and understanding. Bernie has a positive view of what America could be and tells us how we all can take an active part in bringing about this idealistic vision.  

There's none of this "No, we can't!" attitude on Team Bernie. We are The Intelligent Electorate. We're determined to save our beloved country from the corruption of the oligarchs and their paid-off stooges in Congress. Why should we cooperate with those who consume our natural resources and workers' energy and then expect us to live off their crumbs as they ship our jobs overseas? It's time to clean house and return sanity and charity to the hallowed halls of government. Cooperating with evil because it's easier than fighting for what is right and moral simply doesn't appeal to us.

When we’re confronted with the mindless “any blue will do” rhetoric, we of course say, “No, thanks.” When you’re on the winning team, why would you feel obligated to change your loyalty mid-game? But some trolls will continue to berate, accuse and try to intimidate us with all sorts of statements that are, frankly, false and plain annoying.  So, in the interest of returning sanity to the Internet and our personal conversations with friends and family members, here are a few helps to deal with these well-intentioned, yet misguided, folks who insist you back another candidate because “Bernie can’t possibly win.” I guess they haven’t seen the recent polls, but we can rectify that, can’t we? After all, we've done our research, right?
Because the list of researched article links is so long, I've placed it on its own page. You can click on this link, or go to the right sidebar and click on the "Why Any Blue Won't Do for Bernie Supporters" page listing. Feel free to share the page link and any and all of the links on the page with others. If you have any links to articles, videos, etc., that you feel could be of help in this ongoing battle of the "any blue will do" trolling, please email them to us at and we'll list them on the page. Thank you

To end on a lighter note...

Get out and vote this Tuesday, Pennsylvanians! Voters in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island--get to your polls! Feel the Bern.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Occupy Everything -- Democracy Spring

Lady Liberty arrested on day 1 of Democracy Spring. 
What's wrong with this picture?
This week we're taking it to the streets, to the Capitol, to Wall Street, to the world... Enough is enough! We will be heard. We will return democracy to our land. We will take dirty money out of our government. We will create a more compassionate society.

Democracy Spring marched and held sit-ins on the Capitol steps every day this past week and garnered little mainstream media attention. But alternative media was there. Watch the raw  protest footage on  Bernie2016TV and Political Revolution TV. You will be enthralled at the courage and stamina of the protesters. Records for the most arrests in one demonstration were made (400 arrests on the first day alone), protest songs and chants were sung, signs were held high, and hopefully the hearts of some in Congress were touched. Watch the video and listen to the voices: 

"Money ain't speech! Corporations aren't people!"
"One person! One vote!"
"Tell me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!"
"What do want? Climate Justice! When do want it? Now!"
"I believe that we will win!"
"Whose House? Our House! Whose Capitol? Our Capitol!"
"Free and fair elections!" 

 To quote former Ohio state Senator Nina Turner, surrogate for Bernie Sanders: "The cause is right and the time is now!" It's time, Berners, to get out of our desk chairs and get out into the streets. It's time to share the political revolution with our neighbors. It's time for everyone to hear about Bernie Sanders. The revolution begins today.

Occupiers, Organize and Bern
by Jehovah Jones

I was one of the ragtag bunch you saw sleeping in your city parks a few years ago, marching around your city bearing signs objecting to the world being raped by the oligarchs. “Capitalism ate democracy? We’ll be the Heimlich Maneuver!”

My candidate of choice was Elizabeth Warren. When she declined and Bernie stepped up, he became my fallback, but he’s not that anymore. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by him again and again, and by the temerity he and his movement show. Bernie is the real deal -- he’s the closest thing to an Occupier we have in this race. This is a peaceful insurrection, and it’s way overdue.

One of things I admire is the man’s stalwart support for organized labor. Unions built this society and gave us the highest standard of living we’ve ever seen.

Government workers’ unions are the main backbone of labor today, but they’re getting hit, too.  Republican governors across the country from Maine to Wisconsin rode a wave of faux-populist anger to election, then fell over themselves to reward their rich masters by beheading teachers’ unions.

But most of the people doing the work of government are not even allowed to unionize. Ever since union hypocrite Reagan rewarded his corporate masters by opening the government for looting, contractors have overrun Washington, making CEOs rich on taxpayer money. But the poor schlubs doing the actual work? They’re second-class citizens, prohibited from joining unions, denied the rights their coworkers in the civil service enjoy. And every few years when the contracts move from one favored corporation to another, the workers have to grovel for the new boss to keep their jobs, often taking a pay cut, an echo of last-century’s railroad workers. 

Tell me again about how great this high-tech economy is? In 1992, I fell for the "New Democrat" swindle, and supported the Clintons. Anyone who lived through that knows what a cynical and sordid thing that was. We were so tired of being in the wilderness that we bought into the moral surrender that the Clintons were selling. We should be ashamed to have been duped, and I am.

This time, we’re backing someone who knows winning is pointless if it means giving up your principles and joining the exploiters. Bernie’s character draws the young, but he’s also the best hope for those of us who remember Richard Nixon. We need their energy, and I hope they need us wised-up geezers for our experience.

Fellow Occupiers, it needs to be a broad-based revolution. The Vietnam War protest and Civil Rights movements, both slightly before my time, were the biggest successful paradigm shifts that have happened in this country’s political history. And they both hit critical mass only when their movements had broadened enough to include not only hippies, students, and African-Americans but white mothers and school teachers from Missouri and truck drivers from Pennsylvania. I hope Elizabeth Warren joins us because we need her, but this isn’t about any one person no matter how decent.

I may not agree with Bernie on every issue, but his clear commitment to a fair and just society is enough. It’s the first time in forty years I’ve seen a chance for those values to prevail in a presidential race, and it feels good.

Bio: "I’m a former print journalist who’s worked for various publications in DC and Baltimore and the surrounding areas, and I camped out at Occupy DC for two months (Dec. 2011-Feb. 2012 when they raided us.)

I support Bernie because I’ve watched the country lurch to the right, to everyone’s detriment, in my lifetime, and I think it’s past time for a radical course correction. We desperately needed a leader with the honesty and courage to step up and say that without apology, and Bernie has stepped up. Like so many, I’m tired of settling for the lesser of two evils. I want to cast my vote for someone of conscience."


This Woman is Bernie Strong!
a weekly commentary by a female Bernie supporter

Human Rights and Compassion
by Katrina Lynn

I'm in a not-so-good mood today. I cannot figure out why human rights are considered a privilege in what's supposed to be "the greatest country in the world." I understand it's complicated and difficult to change a system, but too many people have put too much time and effort into keeping the status quo. And not only that, but millions of Americans seem to want to move backward into another time solely because they hate having to be "politically correct."

My political beliefs have changed a lot over the years. I was told as a teenager that my intelligence would be "seriously in question" if I ever voted for a Democrat, and here I am, finally admitting that I've actually spent the past twenty years becoming increasingly interested in socialism. While I value your free speech and mine and believe you can have some things socialized without losing that right, it's become clearer to me that socializing is the direction of progression in the world as well as the direction of compassion.

What we need to do is stop blaming people with no power for wanting dignity and basic rights. In America, our idea of human rights is "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", but we distill those basically into "let's not kill people most of the time", "let people say whatever they want," and "let companies make as much as they want." That's not the UN definition, by the way. Oh yes, the UN isn't perfect by far, but they expect human rights to encompass fair wages, food security, dignified housing, health care, education, and even paid vacation

Yes, that's actually written into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Not everyone in every country in the world gets all of these things, but we are not even trying. We are railing against it. We are going out there into the world and saying, "People who work 40 hours a week making my hamburgers/stocking my shelves/entering my data do not deserve to be able to have health insurance and a used car and a modest house and their children in an accredited elementary school."

Maybe I'm not intelligent anymore. Maybe I've "opened my mind so much my brain fell out," but you know what? I'd rather be compassionate than intelligent if intelligence is about blaming people who have been hurt for being hurt. Saying that we can't raise the minimum wage to something that allows people to have basics and maybe a bit more at 40 hours a week because we have to "keep big companies here" is just a bit of disgusting victim-blaming. It's the same as all the times I've been told women in the workplace caused wages to go down. No. No one without power causes these things. The people who own the companies, the people in the government who said "freedom" and did nothing to stop it. They are the ones to blame. Everything else is just an excuse.

I don't have a solution, but I do think more and more compassion on the part of the government leaders, the business leaders, and everyone in the US in general will help immensely because being united in wanting to lift others up will get us far closer to figuring out how we can solve these problems.

Bernie spoke powerfully about economic justice and environmental degradation this past week at the invitation of Pope Francis. Democracy Spring in Washington DC, Bernie at the Vatican--the political revolution is worldwide. Watch his remarks in the video below.


 I Was Born Here On This Planet
a poem by Kara Swanson

 I was born here. On this planet.
I am a citizen of the internet age.
I can't see the color of your skin through your avatar. I can't see your yearly income on your profile. I thank the internet for allowing me to hangout with people all across the globe.
We come together, we unite together understanding the reality of the struggle of the people ....of this world.
When you take the money out of the equation.
You see.
The chess game of the rich and the powerful is a losing game.
The play is obvious.
The move is predetermined.
I have found love in a world I once thought to be hopeless.
I found love in the people.

Borders are a figment of your imagination.
Wake up, I beg of you.
Open your eyes.

-kara swanson 4/14/16 
Bio:  "I am a tech nerd and bookworm from Massachusetts. Married with two cats, I get creative when I am inspired." (And she's a great supporter of Bernie Sanders, too.) 

New Yorkers, you know what you have to do on Tuesday. This song tells you.  Thanks, Kathy, for sharing this video with us. #FeeltheBern and vote Bernie!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Shell Game (and the Political Revolution)

The Shell Game. What will you find under the middle one? The left one? The right one? How long will it take before you realize you've been had

 This past week we learned about the "Shell Company Game" for the super wealthy, courtesy of the Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca. "The Panama Papers" reveal the where and how of the 1%'s billions that "disappear" so the money can't be reported as income and taxed. An international consortium of journalists began publishing names and details, and it's still early days in this leak of 11.5 million files. The opening stories reveal the tip of a very large iceberg, one that's already struck and sunk the Prime Minister of Iceland, a leader who ironically had up until recently been seen as tough on the banksters who collapsed the world's economy in 2008

We'll have to wait and see what big names will be named in the weeks to come, but hold onto your hats while reading this next statement: This fiasco was predicted four and a half years ago by one outspoken independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. Watch this short C-Span video with his prophetic words on the subject:

 Here are some articles on the Panama Papers and what could happened next.

Bernie's prediction of the Panama Free Trade agreement would lead to financial crimes:

It's amazing how much Americans could benefit from this money being hidden overseas:

How could the Panama Papers affect the presidential race? 

The Panama Papers are exactly why Hillary Clinton can't be president. 

And how could it effect our government, our economy? 

The journalists who broke the story and the nature of the files they uncovered:

John Podesta, current Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, and his brother Tony Podesta, a Hillary campaign bundler, have a shell company in Panama:

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton accepts $485K in speaking fees from Deutche Bank after pushing the Panama Free Trade agreement that help the bankers:

Bill and Hillary Clinton's Delaware shell companies-- sharing the same mailing address  as 285K other shell companies:

Bill Clinton's mysterious shell company:

A related piece we ran in December about the investigation into the Clinton Foundation's tax records and its tie to foreign powers and arms deals:

The following links concern the Clinton family's speech-making activities and the large sums of money they've generated.

Chelsea Clinton's $65,000 ten minute speech at University of Missouri-KC:

Mitchell Blatt, editor of Bombs and Dollars, shares this piece of revealing information and graphic.

According to an analysis at Bombs and Dollars, the Clintons earned $2.5 million speaking to companies that also lobbied Mrs. Clinton while at the state department and donated to her foundation, including corporate tax dodger and mega-lobbyist GE.

Overall, the Clintons earned their most money from financial firms--$4.5 million.

Here's the link to the complete article (with many thanks to Mitchell for sharing it):

Bernie Sanders' new campaign video shines a bright light into this quagmire of billionaires squirreling away their money in foreign shell companies so they can skip paying taxes and instead buy elections. It sums up all that's wrong with our corrupt campaign finance system. Share it with friends, family and co-workers who might not understand how the Citizens United ruling has allowed the billionaires to influence politicians.


Democracy Spring is on the March--
and Bernie accepts an invite from the Pope

It's been a fascinating week full of great news stories. First of all, Democracy Spring marchers began their 140 mile trek from Philadelphia's Liberty Bell to the Mall in Washington DC. PoliticalRevolution.TV has a live stream broadcast unit embedded in the group and have been broadcasting the marchers live daily as they make their way to the big gathering at the Mall on April 11-18. Read more about their sit-ins plans and protest activities at their web site: and the reasons why some are marching here

In another Bernie Sanders-related news story, on Friday Pope Francis issued an invitation to Bernie to speak at a conference on social, economic and environmental issues during Bernie's April 15 visit. Bernie has long expressed his admiration for the Pope's moral stance on "the idolatry of money." Both man have remarked on how we should care more for our less fortunate brothers and sisters and take action to clean up the environment for the benefit of all mankind. This auspicious visit takes place just four days before the crucial New York primary, too.  

Good luck to you, Bernie, and the best of luck to all our Democracy Spring marchers. #FeeltheBern as you help us realize the political revolution!

Enjoy this song video that shows how much we need a political revolution and read its interpretation by the songwriter.

Evolution of Revolution
by Wayne Gathright

The song Evolution of Revolution is a perfect statement about the transformation of politics that is happening right now in America. The Bernie Sanders political revolution is a result of the frustration that so many people in America feel.

Revolution historically has been about change, but never before has revolution been like what we see today. It has evolved into a dynamic mesh of social media taking advantage of tools such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook among others, plus the emergence of both the young and old demanding the end of the political establishment that is in the pocket of big business. They are demanding a political candidate and a leader that is willing to be the face of this social wave. This is not just a movement--it is a revolution to overthrow both political and corporate corruption.

The song begins with a statement about the unwillingness of people to even listen to the opinions of others. This typifies the ones that are blind to anything but what they have been fed by the media.

The memorable chorus echoes the frustration that is felt by so many in this movement, and ends up calling for others to participate in the "Evolution of Revolution."

The second verse pokes fun of the "right" and the "left" political parties that are ignorant of the true "hammer that is coming down" from above. That hammer is in the form of a financial crisis, security crisis, environmental crisis or even a social crisis--unless things are changed.

The bridge of the song is a statement that the public is tired of being pushed to the background and holding their tongues. The participants in this social revolution are not afraid to let their voice be heard because they are the ones that are fighting for the freedom of America. They are strong and proud and ready to stand up for what they believe.

 This Woman is Bernie Strong!
a weekly commentary by female Bernie supporters
This week we have a heartfelt letter sent to our favorite presidential candidate:

Dear Bernie Sanders,

How can I encapsulate with mere words the incredible surge of  esprit de corps you have rekindled in my fellow Americans and me? Your courage, strength and constancy continue to elucidate those ideals which so many of us want to preserve and cultivate for future generations. Your campaign shines brightly through the quagmire of our country’s status quo and illuminates the prospect of an improved America, which would restore, among other things, dignity to those who are disenfranchised. 

Your long term commitment as a public servant stands as a testament to the true activist that you are. Your optimism continues to awaken and excite those who feel downtrodden, offering a chance for real change and a promise of equitable prosperity. You value people of all colors and creeds. Your integrity is exceptional. What more could we ask from a presidential candidate?

I have heard you speak of political revolution in regards to your grassroots efforts and the changes we as American citizens will create when we work together. Your campaign contribution totals alone are revolutionary, proving the effectiveness of what a group of like-minded people can accomplish. I believe you have had several other revolutions as well: the astounding legions of people in attendance at your venues, the continual positivity of your campaign in spite of the “spin” the other candidates use to thwart your progress, the revival of the true American spirit and “can do” attitude which we all carry within us. Bernie, you demonstrate for all of us what a modern day revolutionary is.

That being said, I believe your candidacy alone has done more than ignite a revolution. Revolutions can only usher a cause so far. What I see has a much farther reach than a revolution.  No longer will the American people accept the elitist status quo. No longer will the American people feel disheartened and unrepresented. Bernie, you have become that pivotal point from which our quantum leap forward begins. You, Mr. Sanders, have championed an evolution.  Our forward momentum cannot be stopped. So, let’s remove the “r” from revolution, take that giant leap together and forge the bonds of the Great American Evolution.

I would like to express my gratitude for the sacrifices that you, your wife, and your children make each and every day for us. Your ever-growing American team, whether they work with you directly or indirectly, deserves my thanks as well.  I am also grateful for my fellow Americans’ incredible displays of support for you and your campaign. May our mutual dream for a renewed America come to fruition. I firmly believe with you at the helm, we have the best chance of making that dream a reality.

While the term hero connotes a multitude of images which may differ from person to person, when we apply that term to you, Bernie, we all stand in agreement. You are our hero! We want you as our president!

With my sincerest gratitude, your fervent supporter,

Anne H. E. DeVore

Bio: Anne says, "Originally from the Chicago area, I've lived in Paris, France and now living the rural life in a small town in Pennsylvania. Graduated from Dominican University (formerly Rosary College) with a BA in psychology and sociology. When I'm not  using my one person makes a difference approach to fan the flames of change to support Bernie, I work with special needs children."

Editor's Note
I've been working on persuading non-progressive voters to consider Bernie Sanders as a presidential choice on a "neutral" political web site. If you can, please visit my blog postings there and hit the "like" check mark at the bottom left side of the blog and/or leave a comment. Feel free to share the blog links (below) with others, too. I realize it might even be easier to get some friends to read a pro-Bernie piece at a web site without his name in the title.

The more hits I get on my writing at Political Storm, the more they'll ask me to write another flattering Bernie piece and so on. It's all part of my plan to help bring about the political revolution one voter at a time. Thank you.

My second post (so far): A Consistent Digital Footprint

To end this week's blog on a high note, here's a "tweet" you can share with others.

Now, get on out there and phonebank, canvass and spread the news about Bernie Sanders to other voters. Remember it's #NotMeUs. The New York primary is coming soon--help Bernie win it!