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Deal With The Devil

by Mark Taylor, DeMOCKracy Ink

Deal With The Devil
by C.A. Matthews

About once a year, I feel compelled to write a post about the dangers and pitfalls of lesser evil voting in the US. So here it is, for better or worse.

If you add a letter “d” to the front of the word “evil”, you’ll get the personification of evil, that is, the “devil.” However lesser evil voting is being discussed, the end result is the same: The voter is being asked to make a deal with the devil or evil.

What is often left out of this old saying are what consequences you incur when you make a deal with the devil. Here’s the complete saying: “When you make a deal with the devil, be careful you don’t get burned.”

Dealing with the devil can get you burned. Lesser evil voting burns voters. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a closer look.

The Devil is in the Details

First, a definition of lesser evil voting is needed. In the lesser evil voting scenario, voters are informed that there are only two candidates running for each office. We’ll call them candidates “A” and “B”. Voters are told they have no other options, and they have been convinced of this fact. They feel compelled to vote for either A or B or stay home and not vote. That’s it.

But what if voters don’t care for either candidate A or B? What if they strongly detest and/or despise both A and B? Can they vote for candidate C, D, E, or F instead? In most states in the United States there are other candidates’ names printed on their ballots for each office. However, many voters have been programmed (brainwashed) into thinking those options simply do not exist for them, so they’re stuck with choosing between A and B or not voting at all.

But what happens when a voter decides to vote for C, D, E, or F, and their treachery to vote outside the box is discovered? Woe to that voter! The voter will be vote shamed and pressured to change their mind. The most common vote shaming method is to tell renegade voters that they have cast a wasted vote because they refused to vote for either A or B. They are informed by supporters of A and B that all voters who dare to vote for C, D, E, or F are stupid and foolish.

Other forms of coercion exercised by supporters for A and B can include ostracizing these rebel voters socially in-person and/or online, threatening the rebel voters’ careers or job positions, and sometimes even threatening or committing physical violence against the rebel voters or their property. 

All of these forms of lesser evil voting coercion tactics have been documented widely (and some of them experienced by yours truly). These are only but a few of the ways voters can get burned when making a deal with the devil called lesser evil voting.

I’m sure there are supporters/past-supporters of A and B out there whose ears are burning about right now as I expose their crimes. But I’ve found that lesser evil aficionados often are proud of their vote shaming tactics. They rarely get caught or charged with any criminal activity since fellow A or B supporters will cover for them, so I doubt they’ll ever stop the dirty tricks.

With that sort of pressure placed upon voters to consider voting for only A or B, what do you think happens to candidates C, D, E, and F? Do you think they receive as much attention in the mainstream media as A and B do? Lesser evil voting supporters for A or B cannot afford to allow voters to learn about other candidates and their platforms, so mainstream media spokespersons are generally kept in line and told to exclude all mention of other candidates as much as possible.

Can you see how this practical censorship would prevent C, D, E, and F from effectively advertising or fundraising? Without sufficient funds to campaign, what would you say are the chances of these alternative candidates being able to compete against the well-funded and well-promoted campaigns of A and B? Did you say zero to none?

It should be obvious by now that lesser evil voting isn’t really a strategy to help American voters choose a candidate who represents their values, needs, wants, or desires. Lesser evil voting is simply a method to get rid of A’s and B’s competition. 

Think about it: It’s much cheaper and easier for corporate lobbyists, wealthy individuals, and political action committees (PACs/Super PACs) to bribe two candidates to do as they command than a multitude of candidates who may or may not be open to taking corporate lobbyist cash. This legal bribery of politicians in the US is allowed under the 2010 Citizens United ruling. Money talks, and it talks much louder than average voters' voices, obviously.

How fair is lesser evil voting? Not fair at all unless you absolutely adore A and/or B. But it’s completely legal and acceptable by the parties of A and B who rather you didn't know you have more choices. Here’s an example of how it’s manifesting itself in this year’s presidential election.

The Devil You Know...

Americans worship stability and sameness. Life just seems safer that way. Even if their present lives are miserable or downright unbearable, Americans’ philosophy of life can be summed up thusly: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

Note once again how the letter “d” can be subtracted from “devil” leaving the word that describes the devil’s best known quality of “evil”. Americans rather put up with a known evil than radically change their lives by making a different choice, possibly for the better, because what if their choice proves worse than the one they’ve been told to make by supporters of A or B? Many American voters seem paralyzed by indecision. They seek guidance and are looking for someone else to make the decision for them.

If only Americans believed they needn’t be cornered into corner A or B! Think of all the possibilities for a brighter future voters might have by choosing C, D, E, or F. How can we break through such a lack of imagination and encourage American voters to invite change and consider non-duopoly (non-A or -B) candidates?

Let’s say you’re an American voter who wants the genocide in Gaza to end as soon as possible and all the war criminals punished. You’re sick and tired of the bloated US military budget and long for more funding for programs such as Medicare For All, free university tuition, student loan debt forgiveness, and programs to tackle the climate crisis. What are your choices for president who speak to your conscience?
Here in a nutshell are the options of the upcoming presidential election:

A – a current known evil who supports the genocide in Gaza and takes money from AIPAC and many corporations/PACs

B – a past known evil who supports the genocide in Gaza and takes money from AIPAC and many corporations/PACs

C – another candidate (with a famous last name) who accepts corporate cash and loudly supports the genocide in Gaza and takes money from AIPAC/PACs

D – a candidate who doesn’t accept corporate/PAC cash and doesn’t support the genocide in Gaza, supports Medicare For All and climate crisis actions, and will probably be on all 50 state ballots and the District of Columbia

E – a candidate who doesn’t accept corporate/PAC cash and doesn’t support the genocide in Gaza but probably won’t be on very many state ballots

F- a candidate who doesn’t accept corporate/PAC cash and doesn’t support the genocide in Gaza but probably won’t be on very many state ballots

(G, H, I candidates – some accept corporate/PAC cash, some don’t support the genocide or war, but most probably won’t be on very many state ballots)

Looking at the above chart, you’ll see that your personal choices do not include the A or B candidates that lesser evil voting strategists are going try to shame you into voting for. Your best bet to change the leadership the White House to a person who represents you is to vote for candidate D or possibly E or F or one of the other lesser known candidates if they're on your ballot. By voting for a candidate like D, you’ll feel proud of yourself that you aren’t perpetuating the genocide in Gaza and are helping to make the US a better place for all its people.

Sounds like a sound voting choice that reflects your values and speaks to your conscience, right? If only it was that easy in the USA!
The political parties of A and B will do all that they can to block your preferred candidate’s name from being on as many states' ballots as they possibly can. With huge war chests of campaign donations from military-industrial complex corporations and money from PACs such as AIPAC, these parties will use every legal and extra-legal trick in the book they can to prevent any competition from challenging them. Supporters of A and B who own the mainstream media outlets will block all mention of the other candidates and pass along the propaganda that teams A and B dream up to slander/libel their competition.

Many American voters, never knowing there are actually candidates who closely represent their own values because of the practical censorship, might choose to stay home and not vote. Voter apathy in the US is sky high, and with such a screwed up system, is it any wonder?

This is lesser evil voting strategy at its worse. These devils you’ve known for years are anti-democratic and bullies. And you will be forced to put your conscience to sleep and vote for A or B because you’re told these are your only options. 

You’ll be told that C, D, E, or F have no chance of winning, not realizing that in poll after poll the largest percentage of American voters consider themselves as independent. These voters don’t support the parties of either A or B and stay home more often than not if they don't have another option. If that large percentage of voters followed their conscience and voted for other than A or B, another candidate might actually win. The math speaks for itself.

Vote shaming can be intense, but it can be dealt with rationally as the above meme demonstrates. A candidate must earn your vote and stand for your values. Follow a litmus test like I do to pick your candidate, and you'll never suffer from a guilty conscience. You won't be tempted to sell your soul to the devils and their corporate masters. You'll help others to avoid getting burned as well.

The great Eugene Debs gave us this sage advice that voters should always follow:

"I'd rather vote for something I want and not get it than to vote for something I don't want and get it."

Don’t be tempted to make a deal with the devil (d-evil). Don’t get burned. Stay away from lesser evil voting. Always vote your conscience, and encourage others to do the same. And may the best candidate win.

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If you say this is a genocide and then you support the people who are backing this genocide, it means either (A) you’re fine with genocide or (B) you only called it a genocide to score progressive political points and don’t actually believe what you said.
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More nominees for "The Aarons"

Here are a few more names that were nominated for A Human With A Conscience Award (read about it here) this past week. These folks and organizations can post the above meme on their social media sites if they choose. Keep your nominations coming!

Banksy (Best Graffiti Artist with a Conscience)

Laura K from Normal Island News (Best Satirist with a Conscience)

Randy Credico (Best Podcaster/Indie journalist
with a Conscience)

Neil Oliver (Best Podcaster/Journalist
with a Conscience)

Toledo Area Activists with a Conscience:
Jomana Al, Walaa Kanan, Mike Ferner, Jasmin Nada Hummos, Yousef Baddar, Susan Kuehn, Terry Lodge, Omar Aysha, and Ahmed Amrou.

Suggested category: Best Poet with a Conscience 

Congratulations all!

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Introducing “The Aarons”

Hollywood has its “Oscars” so why can’t the activist community have its “Aarons”?

Introducing “The Aarons”

 words & photos of the U.T. Students for Justice in Palestine  

Aaron Bushnell memorial event 

by C.A. Matthews

The last five months protesting the genocide in Gaza have brought together some very diverse people both online and offline. When a person commented on one of my Substack posts that they found it interesting how they were agreeing with me, a “Communist”, I was momentarily taken aback. Most Communists wouldn’t label me as such, in spite of my cool Substack and Twitter/X avatar picture with the In Event of Capitalist Crisis Break Glass fire alarm box with a hammer and sickle inside.

It really doesn’t make much difference to me how anyone labels what they perceive are my political leanings or philosophical outlook. I’d call myself a Christian Liberationist/Eco-Socialist, but if you want to call me a Green, or a Communist, or a Socialist, or an Anarchist, or a democratic socialist (small d) it doesn’t faze me one bit. I replied to the comment that I hoped I could be labeled “a human with a conscience” during these dark times when a genocide is being livestreamed on social media while simultaneously being denied by the corrupt and manipulative powers-that-be and their sycophants.

This brief interchange got me to thinking. What does it mean to be “a human with a conscience”? What would a human who possessed a conscience look or act like? And then it hit me. “A human with a conscience” is the perfect description of Aaron Bushnell. Aaron who sacrificially gave up his life in order to draw attention to the people of Gaza because it pained his conscience to see their suffering ignored. 

The signed photo was hung on the Free Speech board in the Univ. of Toledo Student Union

A human with a conscience such as Aaron should be praised, but often they’re dismissed, ridiculed, or scoffed at in our mainstream media. People are seldom truly acknowledged for their compassionate actions taken on behalf of others in our self-centered capitalist society. We praise billionaires and entrepreneurs for increasing their corporations’ profit margins instead of honoring all those kind souls who humbly help their neighbors.

Thus, the idea of “The Aarons” was born.

Superficial and self-centered Hollywood has its “Academy Awards” or “Oscars,” so why can’t the selfless and hard-working activist community have its “Aarons”? Officially the awards would be known as “A Human With A Conscience Awards.” I’d freely give them to as many people as possible so that nobody is forgotten or not thanked for their sacrificial giving to the world at large.

The awards presentation ceremony wouldn’t have to be a once a year event in a huge, glitzy theater with sparkly chandeliers and a red carpet because, let’s face it, activists aren’t usually into that sort of fancy dress-up and show off your bling thing. We could just throw a casual, come-as-you-are pot-luck supper while doing some food distribution to hungry folks in the park or near the community center where we passed out the awards. I think Aaron Bushnell would have approved.

My suggestion is we throw the first Human With A Conscience Awards here in inner-city Toledo at the Frederick Douglass Community Center (a.k.a. “The Doug”). But until I can get a non-profit organization set up so we can crowdfund some money in order to host and make the awards themselves, that big ceremony will have to wait. I’d also like to be able to provide a grant to each person or organization who wins/are nominated to help them continue their good work in the community. Because what’s the good of a statuette on your shelf if you’re in desperate need of funding to continue serving others? (If you have experience with creating a non-profit and would like to help me create one, please leave a comment below or direct message me. Thank you.) 

It’s time we recognize and celebrate all those who work selflessly to aid other human beings without regard to status, class, gender identity, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or any other characteristic used by the bourgeoisie to divide us. Humans with a conscience are people who care about the people that our sick and twisted society ignores or sneers at because they aren’t “successful” in the dog-eat-dog world of capitalism, or what I call “the endless rat race” of accumulating monetary wealth or material gain.

Are there any other qualifications a person must meet in order to receive an Aaron? I believe my article on The New Litmus Test describes the essential character an Aaron recipient should have. First and foremost, they cannot be pro-genocide or pro-Zionist. They can’t be enthusiastic about white settler colonialism in any way, shape or form. Forcing indigenous peoples from their homeland isn’t a thing a compassionate human does or condones. Practicing racism and apartheid isn’t something to be proud of, in other words. Expressing classist or elitist opinions are telltale signs of a lack of conscience as well.

What about those who make excuses for those who commit or aid and abet genocide? Or those who simply turn a blind eye and pretend that a genocide in Gaza isn’t happening? These kinds of actions reveal to me they’re not worthy Aaron recipients. While pulling the trigger and killing another makes you a murderer, those who help the killer load the weapon or place it in the killer’s hand or commit perjury to cover for the killer's movements can also be charged with murder. 

For example, Hitler himself never hit the switches or turned any valves on the gas chambers at the death camps, now did he? Yet we consider Hitler responsible for the crime of genocide committed by his soldiers working under his orders. Kissing up to genocidal powers-that-be and then claiming later that you were “only following orders” or trying to fit in with the crowd to maintain your status or further your career doesn’t indicate that you ever put the needs of others before your own or even possessed a conscience in the first place. Actions like these will bring about their own rewards in time.

Genocide apologists who post vile comments online against the victims of Israeli violence are on par with the actual culprits, in my opinion. Anyone who spends so much time and energy trying to convince others they’re “good people” while making excuses for those who are ethnically cleansing innocent civilians and starving children probably wouldn’t want to hang with us do-gooders anyway. They're free to attend the Oscars instead.

Please drop me your suggestions of award categories and the names of humans and groups worthy of an Aaron in the comments below. My talented husband has helped me put together a meme that they can display on their social media accounts showing that they’ve been nominated for an Aaron in the meantime. Folks who see the meme will know to thank them for their service to their fellow human beings. And hopefully, this award will encourage others to demonstrate that they, too, have a conscience and want to help their neighbors at home and around the globe.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on the planet could be nominated for a Human With a Conscience award? Wouldn’t you like to live in such a world? I know I would.

Here are some my ideas for Aaron recipients so far:

Best Medical Group with a Conscience: Doctors Without Borders

Best Food Distro Group with a Conscience: Food Not Bombs, Third Thursday

Best Community Center/Library Builder with a Conscience (Detroit): Unholy Rome with Tour for the Poor 

Best Activist Organizers with a Conscience: AMP – American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Voice For Peace, Not In Our Name, Veterans for Peace, CodePink

Best Indie Podcasting Channel Highlighting the Struggle of the Workers with a Conscience: Revolutionary Blackout Network

Best Video Compiler Blogger with a Conscience: Truthful News Weekend on Beanstock's World

Best Network of Independent Podcasters with a Conscience: Indie News Network/Indie Media Today

Best Comedian-Journalist with a Conscience: Lee Camp, Ron Placone, Graham Elwood

Best Essayist/Political Commentator with a Conscience: Caitlin Johnstone (and Tim Foley), Chris Hedges, Julian McFarlane

Best Political Cartoonist with a Conscience: Mr. Fish (ScheerReport), Mark Taylor (DeMockracy Ink)

Best Independent Journalist with a Conscience: Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, Glenn Greenwald, Richard Medhurst

Best Documentary Maker with a Conscience: Abby Martin

Best Podcast Interviewer with a Conscience: Sabby Sabs, Briahna Joy Gray, Katie Halper, Joy Marie Mann

Best Alternative Radio Show with a Conscience: DJ Amjad’s Deep Mix: Music and More

Best Film-maker with a Conscience: Jonathan Glazer

Best Film Festival with a Conscience: The Media Decompression's 2024 Palestine Film Festival

Best Political Figure with a Conscience: Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party (Sign the pledge against genocide at her website; Claudia de la Cruz, Party of Socialism and Liberation; Dr. Cornel West

Best Religious Figure with a Conscience: the Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac of Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in the West Bank who gave the famous “Christ in the Rubble” sermon on Christmas Eve

Humans with a Conscience who sacrificed their lives in service to others: Rachel Corrie, Aaron Bushnell

I know I’ve left out a lot of worthy recipients. Share your thoughts below in the comments and share this link with your contacts who might have more suggestions. The main requirement to be nominated is to be “a human with a conscience” so, no A.I. ‘bots please! Also, no sociopaths, psychopaths, neoliberals, or other warmongers

We should all strive to be a human with a conscience and follow Aaron Bushnell’s instruction: Free Palestine!

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Blood Money

Blood Money

by C.A. Matthews

Tax season in the US has to be the most stressful time of the year. Even if you’re fairly certain you’ll receive a refund and not owe anything, you still have to deal with the uncertainty of pleasing our masters. You must give them the correct figures to “appease the beast” and keep its growling belly full and its appetite satiated.

You may think it's over-exaggeration calling the US government an animal, but recent events prove my point. The US is financing and arming a genocide. It’s providing arms and aid to the ethnostate of Israel to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people from their land in Gaza. (It is even readying to send troops into Gaza as we've learned recently after the extreme protest of Airman Aaron Bushnell.) Can you get any more beastly than encouraging the mass murder of tens of thousands of civilians and the slow starvation deaths of innocent children?

Now that we’re agreed that the US government is a beast of unparalleled proportions, what can we do about it? Do we keep feeding the beast and hope for the best that it doesn’t turn around one day and decide to devour us as well? Don't think it couldn't happen. Is this any way for us to live, in perpetual fear and loathing? How can we as prey fight back to see a world freed from the bloodthirsty hunger of the beast?

Believe it or not, We the People (prey) do have the power to slay the beast. We can deny it sustenance. We can starve it, weaken it, and when it's spinning in confusion, topple it.

Can we do this simply by refusing to pay taxes to the Feds? Good question. There have been some Americans who have done precisely that in protest against the US war machine, and they have been penalized for it with jail sentences and fines. And still, the US funding of endless wars for oil and genocide continues. It’s as if tax dollars don’t really make much of a difference one way or the other in how the US government pays for its weapons and practices warfare.

And really, why should the government tax us at all? The government doesn’t need our tax payments. It can always print more money, or produce more ones and zeroes in a computer spreadsheet, nowadays. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) shows us how this works. There's no need for a Ft. Knox. There’s nothing backing up the US “petrodollar” except American wars and other oil resources grabs such as the one happening off the coast of Gaza. De-dollarization has begun.

So, if the government will continue to finance war-making in our names regardless to how We the People feel about it, or whether we pay our taxes or not, who really controls the war machine? Could it be that those who actually produce the weapons are the ones in control of America’s never-ending military conflicts?

When in doubt, follow the money. Who or what profits the most from the trillion dollar US “defense” budget? If you answer, “Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing…”  go to the head of the class! You are no dummy. You aren’t fooled by the US’s supposed democracy heralded by its paid-off politicians. You know who's the real rulers are.

In order to stop the genocide in Gaza, the genocide in the Congo, the genocide in Sudan, the ceaseless bloodbath in Ukraine, the bucks must stop here at the doors of the Military-Congressional-Industrial Complex and its supporters like AIPAC. But how do we shut off the flow of blood money to these heartless capitalist gangsters? This is where We the People need to get creative and grow a pair of whatever-gender-specific-organ that gives you courage and bravery, because it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

A good place to start is to find others of a like mind and become involved with organizations that are working to bleed money from corporate interests away from American politics. The Move to Amend organization is an excellent example of individuals working together to put the lobbyists for the MIC, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Insurance… out of business forever. They wish to do so by having the US Constitution amended with a "We the People Amendment" stating that all elections must be fair and equal and federally funded—no money from corporations, billionaires, or their lobbyists allowed. 

The Move to Amend movement has been around for some time and receives endorsements from some Congress members, but so far it’s a no go. Neither the House or the Senate has held a vote on the proposal. It appears that Congress members are willing to put their names on it for good marketing purposes but nothing more. Perhaps one day the 28th amendment will come about, but in the meantime, it cannot be our only action.

What else can we be do to shut down the war machine? Move the Money (to Human Needs) is an organization which is working to help to take money away from the war machine, thus denying it of funding. Detroit recently became the biggest US city so far to pass a resolution that calls on Congress and the president to shift public money away from the military to fund social services. The Michigan Peace Council was a major backer of the campaign to win the resolution. It came on the same day that nearly 101,000 Michiganders voted “Uncommitted” in the Democratic primary to oppose Biden’s support for Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people. 

Halting the funding of the military industrial complex is like draining the blood out of the beast. It takes time, but it’s doable. Is there anything else we can do simultaneously while we’re denying the beast of its insatiable need of money? Yes, there is. We can expose its supporters and manufacturers of armaments to the world at large. We can get them where they’re most vulnerable, in their public relations area.

Scrolling my Twitter (X) feed some days can be uplifting because there are so many videos of protests and strikes happening in the US and around the world that are each in their own small way helping to bring about the death of the beast. From attending politicians’ speeches (including Genocide Joe Biden’s) and shouting for the end of the genocide and all wars, to protesting in front of or on top of the headquarters of arms manufacturers, such as Israel’s Elbit Systems, We the People are making our wishes known. We are the majority. We know where they're making the instruments of death:

Here's Every US Factory Making Bombs for Israel:

We’re tired of the blood of innocents being spilled. We’re tired of watching the slaughter of our neighbors worldwide for the sole reason of making billionaire CEOs and their puppet-politicians ever richer. We’re making our voices heard, and we’re engendering fear in these purveyors of death and destruction. 

Protesting and general strikes, especially those events involving large numbers, are more effective than you may realize. The beast thrives on pretending that it only commits these unspeakable horrors out of a need to protect our “freedom and democracy” (TM). We all know this to be complete and utter bullshit. 

The fact that a New Jersey real estate agent is now selling stolen Palestinian properties in the West Bank to American Zionists negates the idea that the US is supporting "freedom and democracy" in apartheid Israel. The fact that the US and other NATO countries cut off funding to UNRWA because Israel told them twelve United Nations staff members were part of "Hamas," which has since been proven to be false, negates that. In fact, new evidence shows that Israel actually tortured (waterboarded) these UN workers into making false confessions. How "democratic" is that?

By standing together in a public space and shouting the lies back at the liars, We the People take charge. The beast finds itself increasingly cornered and isolated. By boycotting (BDS) any products that are funding our enemy's' evil actions, We the People make the beast realize its days are numbered.

We the People aren’t hiding in corners anymore, shivering in our shoes, acting like prey creatures ready to be eaten. We’re growing stronger, growing in numbers, and growing in our resolve to overcome the beast. We will consume the beast whole like a pack of mice nibbling on a wounded lion. We’ll eat it up bit by bit, but, in the end, the beast will be eaten. And that’s why it fears us.

We’ll no longer have to cry about the blood on our hands when we at last turn off the flow of blood money. Then true freedom and democracy will reign.

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Monday, March 4, 2024

True Civilization

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True Civilization

 by C.A. Matthews

There has been a lot of discussion both online and offline about the extreme act of protest US Airman Aaron Bushnell committed in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC on February 25, 2024. Some of the chatter is put out by Zionist trolls trying to negate the magnitude of his sacrifice, calling him “mentally ill,” “suicidal,” “homicidal” or worse. However, most of the commentary has been respectful and awe-filled, praising the commitment Aaron made toward creating a lasting peace for the people of Palestine.

Aaron was willing to die in order to make the point that others should be allowed to live. His positive and self-sacrificial message has made it through the dregs of negative propaganda and found a welcoming place in millions of hearts worldwide. Here are some comments I've found particularly illuminating.

 Nuno Marques (@numarqs) on X/Twitter says:

Aaron was not mentally ill. This system that calls him mentally ill and supports a genocide is mentally ill. As someone who has gone through therapy myself, I find it abhorrent to insult martyrs this way. What the US government and its media stenographers want you to believe is if you have a conscience, you’re mentally disturbed!

I agree. Having a conscience is not a “mental illness”. Far from it. Having a conscience shows you are a fully realized human being who can empathize with the suffering of others and have compassion on them and their plight. This week I learned that Aaron left his savings in his will to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund. 

Aaron really did believe in using whatever means he had at his disposal to help others, to bring about justice and peace.
As Nuno Marques says Aaron Bushnell is a martyr, deserving of our thanks and praise.

Another who expressed a similar take on Aaron’s protest is Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti of Ansar Allah. (@M_N_Albukhaiti) Here is what he said about honoring Aaron’s sacrifice:

Today, the world lost Aaron Bushnell, a brave, noble, and conscientious human being, but his message reached and resonated around the world. Aaron proved that his conscience's ability to bear the scenes of dead and wounded Palestinian children was weaker than his ability to bear the pain of fire burning his body, so he continued to chant freedom for Palestine until the last moment of his life. Thank you Aaron, your message has awakened the global conscience, but we will continue to cry for you as we cry for the children of Palestine.

Aaron Bushnell has “awakened the global conscience.” His protest is powerful and positive, not the act of a madman or mentally ill individual. Thank you, Aaron, for waking our sleeping consciences so that we may be inspired to do good deeds for our fellow human beings in their time of trial and need.

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and ordained minister Chris Hedges sees Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation as “divine violence”. He phrases it this way:

Divine violence terrifies a corrupt and discredited ruling class. It exposes their depravity. It illustrates that not everyone is paralyzed by fear. It is a siren call to battle radical evil. That is what Bushnell intended. His sacrifice speaks to our better selves.
Aaron’s protest has exposed the depravity in our “corrupt and discredited ruling class”, and for this reason alone it is worthy of our attention. Hedges is right to call it a” siren call to battle radical evil” because this is exactly what Aaron wished to expose—the evil of genocide, the evil of bombing innocent children and their parents whose only “crime” was being born Palestinian in the modern ethnostate of Israel.

Aaron Bushnell: A martyr who practiced divine violence in order to awaken the global conscience.

“Aaron Bushnell wasn’t addressing the Israeli government with his soul-jarring message. He wasn’t even addressing his own government. He was addressing you. Each of us. His goal was to get us all to open our eyes to the horror of what’s happening, and spur us to action to end it,” said journalists Caitlin Johnstone and Tim Foley. They call Aaron’s actions “a profound act of sincerity.”

I agree. In a world built on lies, manipulation, and gaslighting, when evil meets that pure and unadulterated sincerity of love of others so much that Aaron felt compelled to lay down his life for the sake of the persecuted Palestinian people, it pauses, astonished and chastised. Could we lesser mortals ever learn to put our hatred and racism aside and embrace such sincere compassion?

It remains to be seen, but the conversation has begun. For that profound act of sincerity alone, I see Aaron as a saint and a genius.

Aaron Bushnell: A martyr who practiced divine violence in order to awaken the global conscience through an act of profound sincerity and compassion.

A quote that has been mentioned in relation to Aaron’s extreme act of protest is one attributed to the world-renown anthropologist Margaret Mead. Surgeon Dr. Paul Brand remembered Mead saying:

Early in my career I heard a lecture from the anthropologist Margaret Mead. “What would you say is the earliest sign of civilization?” she asked, naming a few options. A clay pot? Tools made of iron? The first domesticated plants? “These are all early signs,” she continued, “but here is what I believe to be evidence of the earliest true civilization.” High above her head she held a human femur, the largest bone in the leg, and pointed to a grossly thickened area where the bone had been fractured, and then solidly healed.

“Such signs of healing are never found among the remains of the earliest, fiercest societies. In their skeletons we find clues of violence: a rib pierced by an arrow, a skull crushed by a club. But this healed bone shows that someone must have cared for the injured person—hunted on his behalf, brought him food, served him at personal sacrifice.” --a quote from Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: A Surgeon Looks at the Human and Spiritual Body by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey. (Found at

Caring for your fellow human beings in their time of need is a sign of true civilization according to Margaret Mead. If so, what sort of sign is committing (or aiding and abetting) a genocide then? A sign of a false civilization? A false civilization that cannot acknowledge that ethnically cleansing two million plus people is evil and wrong?

No wonder this false civilization we live in doesn’t recognize Aaron Bushnell for the saint he was, a man who practiced divine violence in order to awaken the global conscience through his act of profound sincerity and compassion!

“Many of us like to ask ourselves, ‘What would I do if I was alive during slavery? Or the Jim Crow South? Or apartheid? What would I do if my country was committing genocide?” Aaron posted on his personal Facebook page before he began his walk toward the Israeli embassy. “The answer is, You’re doing it. Right Now.”

Aaron Bushnell’s very last words spoken as he walked to the place where he would set himself ablaze: “I will no longer be complicit in genocide. I'm about to engage in an extreme act of protest. But compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine, at the hands of their colonizers it's not extreme at all. This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal.”

“Free Palestine!”

We will never live in a true civilization until we have freed ourselves from the tyranny of those who commit genocide for their own corrupt purposes. As Mead says “personal sacrifice” is what was shown in the earliest forms of human civilization. Caring for the injured and the sick was what made us truly “human." How quickly we’ve forgotten what our ancestors learned and practiced!

Let us follow Aaron’s lead not by burning ourselves alive in front of an embassy, but by doing all we can to stop the corrupt ruling class that has brought about this false civilization in which we currently live. A civilization that is destroying our planet with its wanton pollution of our air, land and water... A civilization that is destroying our very souls with its greed and inhumane actions. 

Our personal sacrifice to the cause of ending this false civilization will save the lives of billions and save our own humanity. Anything less from us isn't worthy of the sacrifice that Aaron Bushnell made to open our eyes to this evil reality.

Rest in Power, Aaron. May we all live to make you proud.

*  *  *

The Organizer-in-Chief

photos and words by C.A. Matthews

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein came through the Toledo area this past weekend where she met and chatted with avid supporters and skeptic questioners alike.

I've seen just about every interview Jill has ever done with both independent and mainstream media journalists, but there's something special about being in Dr. Stein's personal presence. She really is a believer in the ability of "We the People" to enact and practice true democracy. She never talks down to her audience, and she's always welcoming of folks' feedback, information, and comments. It is truly refreshing to be taken seriously as a voter and to be treated with such graciousness.

I particularly like how Jill envisions a "Green House" in DC. She sees herself acting as the "Organizer-in-Chief," keeping the various activist organizations that will work together to bring about a Jill Stein victory and a better America doing just that even after she takes office. We will all continue working together against the corrupt status quo politicians and their policies until they are no longer in power, and a true democracy in the USA is born. 

It's a lofty goal and a beautiful vision, one that many will want to become a part of as we "Abandon Biden, Dump Trump, and Join Jill!" (For more information about how you can volunteer, donate, or just learn more about Jill, check out

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