Tuesday, July 25, 2023

What Planet Are You On?

What Planet Are You On?

by C.A. Matthews 

Reality isn’t to everyone’s tastes.
This is most evident in the the comment sections of blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. When someone responds to your carefully thought-out comment with a string of curse words, or worse, a nonsensical tirade that begins, “Climate change is a vast Russian-financed conspiracy begun in the seventeenth century by the horse antibiotic pharmaceutical manufacturers working for anti-vax Illuminati sex traffickers led by the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein,” you gotta wonder. What planet do they live on?
Can’t they observe the severe rise in summer temperatures and wild changes in the jet streams? Can’t they see how much money is changing hands behind the scenes so politicians are more than willing to bend over backward and protect blatant pedophiles? Can’t they understand that Sleepy-Creepy-Jim-Crow-Joe-Warmonger isn’t a “charismatic and dynamic president”? (Yes, some poor deluded fool actually wrote that on a post on Facebook. No, I don’t think they were joking.) Perhaps when you’ve been convinced that, “War is peace,” and “Ignorance is strength,” you don’t really exist in this reality after all?
Here’s my attempt to write a protest song from the ear worm that crawled into my mind and kept repeating itself this week: What planet are you on?
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What Planet Are You On? (a protest song)

Verse 1

Some days it’s bad—everything seems wrong

But folks say “So what?”

What planet are you on?


Verse 2

Cluster bombs fall like rain—we act like King Kong

But why should we care?

What planet are you on?


Refrain 1

When up means down and left means right

The propagandists sleep well at night

It makes no sense to fight their lies

Just plug your ears to crush those cries

erse 3

The temps in May hit one-twenty-one

I say this is Earth

What planet are you on?


Verse 4

A governor moved guest workers along

Now no one picks crops

What planet are you on?


Refrain 2

When Neo-Nazis do as they please

We give them arms and tanks as a tease

A proxy war makes money by shootin’

Raytheon rakes in profits, blames it all on Putin


Verse 5

When CNN gives no word from across the pond

Who needs to know facts?

What planet are you on?

Verse 6

When journalists are jailed for oh-so long!

What’s “freedom of speech”?

What planet are you on?


Refrain 3

They’ll keep us scared and fed with lies

With no responsibility or alibis

We’re folks with no morals or scruples

Benedict Arnold calls us his pupils!


Verse 7

When nukes start flying, the bells ding-dong

Build my own bomb shelter?

What planet are you on?


Verse 8

Oceans rise, tsunamis ring Earth like a gong

There’s no climate change?

What planet are you on?


Refrain 4

Smoke and pollutants fill hazy skies

That choke and maim your kids—makes you cry

But billionaires continue to do as they please

Cause capitalism depends on war and greed!

Verse 9

When folks ask me what’s up with this song

I'll look askance and shout—

What planet are you on?


Verse 10

If killing and fighting makes us strong

Then we don’t belong here

‘Cause the planet has been wronged!


Refrain 5

It’s time to march—take to the streets

Our planet to save, our souls to keep

The future’s ours if we all get along

Then we’ll never need ask, “What planet are you on?”



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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Boulder. Together.


Boulder. Together.

by C.A. Matthews 


It’s been difficult, if not next to impossible, to become excited by the American political scene in recent years. The whole electoral process itself seems like a sham, a game meant to distract the public away from things that really matter, like providing health care and housing for all. The race results are decided months, if not years, in advance. The billionaires/oligarchs know exactly who they want running the show so they can continue to benefit monetarily from their endless wars for resources. They know which Wall Street-owned candidate will turn a blind eye and give them a free hand to abuse the workers so production costs never cut too far into their profit margins.

Knowing the futility of making any mark on American elections makes me mad enough to throw a flaming Molotov cocktail into the whole stinking cesspool of politicians, wiping them off the face of the earth for good. Or maybe I could just throw a rock into their mansions’ front windows with a note attached declaring, “I'm mad as hell, and I'm not taking it anymore!”

A rock… Hey, that’s an idea!

Yard Rock recently announced his run for the White House via his campaign manager, Lee Camp. Yard Rock is very old in geologic age but very young when it comes to political campaigning. Still, he has an impressive platform worth supporting:

  • Has never supported a war (and never will)
  • Has never supported an increase in Pentagon spending (and never will)

  • Did not support the Global War on Terror that has killed roughly 6 million people

  • Did not support the invasion of Iraq

  • Did not support the invasion of Afghanistan

  • Did not support the invasion of Libya

  • Has committed no war crimes (and never will) 

  • Has committed no rape or sexual assault, nor even been accused (and never will)

  • Has never supported the US prison state – largest prison population in the world (and never will)

  • Has not been involved in increasing the US prison state (and never will)

  • Has never supported corporate tax cuts (and never will)

  • Has never supported Big Pharma (and never will)

  • Has never supported Big Ag (and never will)

  • Has never supported Big Oil (and never will)

  • Has never supported Big Banks (and never will)

  • Has never supported corporate media (and never will)

  • Has never endorsed the persecution of Julian Assange (and never will) 

  • Has never endorsed the propaganda known as Russiagate (and never will)

  • Has never endorsed the anti-China propaganda (and never will)

  • Has never supported cuts to food stamps, social security, medicare, medicaid, housing programs, public schools, infrastructure, or transportation (and never will)

  • Has never raised questions about the veracity of the climate crisis (and never will)

  • Has never supported the out-of-control police state (and never will)

  • Has never endorsed the pathetic exploitative US healthcare system (and never will)

  • Has never doubted or fought against Indigenous rights (and never will)

  • Has never taken a dime from corporate America (and never will) 

  • No Super PAC funding

  • Never accepted donations from Big Pharma, weapons manufacturing, etc. (This rock is not a puppet!)

  • Has never voted to send arms to Israel

  • Did not vote for latest spending bill

  • Did not support Trump’s tax cuts for the rich

  • Did not support the 2008 bank bailout

  • Did not support the PATRIOT Act

  • Did not support NAFTA

  • Currently holds no assets in stock market

  • No appearance on Epstein’s flight logs

  • Never endorsed a Democrat or Republican candidate

  • Has never cooperated or supported the FBI or CIA

  • Is not white

  • Has never appeared on SNL

  • Supports the efforts of wild orcas to tip over yachts 

I’m really excited by the candidacy of Yard Rock. I think he’s a solid candidate. It’s hard not to love him. Only the most igneous and sedimentary of American voters would ignore this stone while he’s on a roll. He’s the genuine rolling stone, all right. (And Keith Richards is a mere child by comparison.)
I know what you’re going to say next—you’re going to say, “But how is Yard Rock at the podium and on camera? Can he engage and energize the voters, bringing them to a Rocky Mountain high? Will he be able to convince them to vote for his bolder than most other candidates’ platforms?”

Yard Rock, by his nature, is a rather quiet and deep individual. It’ll be rough at first getting the public to know him. He’ll need a little help in this area to smooth things over with those who don't believe a mineral has got what it takes. That’s why I’m volunteering my skills as his speech writer. I want to do him proud and help him wow audiences with a volcanic blast of oratory that will, in turn, make him win the presidency by a landslide.

The avalanche of support Yard Rock’s candidacy will bring will be further amplified when he picks his running mate. There’s no need to mine the field of independent candidates too deeply. It isn’t rock-et science: Yard Rock should cement his run by choosing Dr. Cornel West as his vice president.

Dr. West has numerous good qualities that will support Yard Rock’s strengths. He’s tall, speaks well, and has powerful arms to carry Yard Rock from podium to podium as they campaign. They already agree on so much, particularly on ending wars. They both realize they’ll face a mountain of opposition from candidates from the corporate-owned-and-operated parties. (That is, the duopoly or uni-party, or as they like call themselves “The Ds and the Rs”. They seem to have suffered a fissure at some point and now think they’re actually differentiated strata, but any good rock hound knows better. They’re a composite ore.

What have these Wall Street manipulated mannequins of mass destruction really got on the integrity of Yard Rock and the highly regarded Dr. West? Nothing. Nada. They gleefully bury bodies with the backhoe of the military-industrial complex profit-making machine, but they don’t offer the electorate the hope and compassion that Yard Rock and Dr. West grant it. There’s going to be a tremendous earthquake in Washington DC the day the Rock/West team cracks open and exposes the faults lining status quo politics as usual there.

I don’t want Yard Rock and Dr. West to peak too soon, so I’ll end it here for now. I hope I’ve dropped a pebble into your well of consideration, and I recommend you check out a candidate’s web site before making your decision. I’m heartened by the fact that Yard Rock has the backing of Team Orca, a wonderful group of cetaceans who know when their ship has sailed in. (Or is that a yacht?)

We truly can be “boulder together.”

P.S. What sort of campaign theme tune should we have for Yard Rock/Cornel West 2024? I'm leaning toward classic rock, but Dr. West is well known as a jazz lover. Perhaps a fusion of the two genres?

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Clusterf*cked: The Cruelty is the Point


Clusterf*cked: The Cruelty is the Point

by C.A. Matthews

Editor's Note: This week we ran into a very interesting person who expresses a very disturbing point-of-view. We asked her what she thought about some recent headlines to get a reading on how she felt about the issues. Her answers might surprise you. Or not.

The Revolution Continues: Thank you for chatting with us today, Nellie Neoliberal. Tell us a little about yourself.

Nellie Neoliberal: I’m just your “typical progressive” who votes “blue no matter who.” I raise money and awareness for Democratic candidates and support liberal causes and fight for equal rights. In my spare time I like to shop, watch The View, and play tennis and golf at our local country club. 

TRC: Let’s start with  equal rights and some recent news stories. Would you say you’re supportive of trans rights and the right of people of all ages to have access to gender-affirming care?

NN: Of course, you can’t legally discriminate against men who want to play women’s sports in tennis dresses, but I really don’t think they should because it’s just not fair. I can barely return the serve without hitting the net some days. And definitely children shouldn’t be allowed to change their birth gender. That’s barbaric.

TRC: Even if the child strongly feels they’ve been misgendered and their mental health professional believes gender-affirming care would be good for them and their parents agree?

NN: What does mental health got to do with it? Next thing you know you’ll be saying the taxpayers should pay for these cosmetic surgeries. I paid for my own face lifts and tummy tucks, by the way, so that’s that. Besides, these parents are just plain abusive. 

TRC: Abusive? How so?

NN: The child needs a good shrink and signed up to play football or hockey or something equally rugged so they can discover their true masculinity and get over their cross-dressing fantasy. There’s enough sissies already on the streets.

TRC: Oh...kay. Switching subjects, a federal judge ruled recently that social media platforms should not be forced into censoring or blocking free speech just because the FBI, CIA or other government organizations advises them to do so. What are your feelings on free speech? Do you feel people should be able to post whatever they like online and readers should be able to read it and share it freely with others?

NN: Of course people should be able to post and read whatever they like on the internet, but the government ultimately knows what's best. There’s got to be some parameters to what can or cannot be posted online. 

TRC: Explain what you mean by “parameters.”

NN: Well, there’s got to be rules. You can’t go spreading unfounded rumors and making up crazy conspiracy theories without proof. And bad language… There’s enough online already. It's violence according to A.O.C.

TRC: So you would allow government agencies to censor whatever they feel is “misinformation”?

NN: Who’s talking about censoring? I’m just saying that people shouldn’t be saying things online that make other people uncomfortable.

TRC: Uncomfortable? How exactly?

NN: They shouldn’t be able to say things and point things out about the issues or a candidate that causes doubt in his supporters’ minds. We shouldn’t have our faith shaken by outsiders.

TRC: Outsiders? People who don’t belong to the same group as you belong to? What group do you belong to that needs government censorship protection from outsiders’ opinions?

NN: Blue-no-matter-who voters, of course.

TRC: Oh, you mean people shouldn’t post content that could lead Democratic voters into believing Joe Biden is suffering from dementia, for example. They shouldn’t mention anything about him walking off a stage abruptly, shaking invisible hands, having to be led by the arm around a public venue so he doesn't get lost, or shouting out “God save the queen” for no reason whatsoever?

NN: (Volume and pitch rising.) Joe isn’t senile! He just has a playful sense of humor.

TRC: And the hair sniffing behaviors, groping women, making them feel uncomfortable that has been observed and recorded on numerous occasions?

NN: Those are photoshopped videos. I know they look real, but they’re fakes. The people in them are right-wing actors. That’s not our Joe in them.

TRC: They very well could be right-wing as you say. You seem very sure about it.

NN: (Sniffing.) I have to be. I’m in charge of membership retention of our local Democratic Women’s Club. Some of them are already insisting they want the DNC to hold primaries and debates with Bobby Kennedy Jr. and that Marianne woman. Some even say they’ll vote for Cornel West because he was a fan of that awful Commie Bernie Sanders.

TRC: Are you saying there’s trouble afoot among the ranks?

NN: (Shrugging.) Nothing a good fundraising party and a stern talking to can’t solve.

TRC: Following along the line of government-sponsored censorship, what about censoring what the public can know about the proxy war in Ukraine? Only recently The New York Times admitted what independent journalists have said all along about the strong Neo-Nazi elements in the Ukrainian army and government. Prior to February 2022 the Azov Battalion and Right Sector were reported about in the mainstream media, but at the start of the hostilities suddenly reporters who reported on these groups were labeled “Putin puppets” or  “disinformation spreaders.” What do you say about that?

 NN: They were disinformation spreaders. The American public didn’t need to know about the Nazis. It makes them nervous and doubt our motives. That just clouds the whole point of going to war.

TRC: And what is the point of giving Ukraine hundreds of billions of dollars in aid and weapons?

NN: To punish Putin, of course! We have to destroy him and the Russian economy before it destroys us. 

TRC: Are you saying that Putin is to blame for rising food and gasoline prices and the recent rent price hikes across the US?

NN: (Frowning and crossing her arms.) Say what? Joe Biden is on top of the economy. It’s bigger and better than it’s ever been. Go Bidenomics!

TRC: Do you happen to do your own food shopping?

NN: No. That’s what my housekeeper is for. If she doesn’t get herself deported by running into Ron DeSantis, that is. (Whispering) Hiring illegal aliens is a real bargain. They’re ever so appreciative.

TRC: Uh-huh. In your opinion, is Russia preventing US workers from striking and organizing? 

NN: Always about the striking! Always about the unions! You’d think people would be happy just to have a job. Instead, they’re getting all whipped up about wanting a (miming air quotes) “living wage” and better working conditions. So much conspiracy theory getting out there on the internet that isn’t being stopped like it should. American workers have it good. It’s all Russia’s doing.

TRC: Putin and Russia must be destroyed is your contention? At all costs?

NN: Whatever it takes. 

TRC: You don’t believe the hundreds of billions of dollars sent to Ukraine so far could have been used more productively at home? Spent on programs to give Americans health care, for instance.

NN: More disinformation and exaggeration. Everyone in the US can get health insurance through their jobs or Obamacare. (Harrumphing.) You’re not one of those Bernie types who thinks Americans have some kind of inborn right to food, housing, and health care, are you? How can businesses make profits if people get things like that for free?

TRC: We’re running short of time, so let’s not go there right now. What do think about the US supplying deadly cluster bombs that have been outlawed in over 110 countries to Ukraine?

NN: A cluster-what? Just sounds like something rude to me.

TRC: President Biden announced it this week. Cluster bombs are large shells that contain hundreds to thousands of smaller bomblets. When they’re dropped from the air they can scatter across football field-sized areas. The bomblets often don’t explode until children—thinking they’re toys—pick them up and then they can explode. Many innocent children throughout the world have had their arms and legs blown off by cluster bombs. It's even estimated that civilian rather than military targets are hit by cluster munitions up to 90% of the time.

NN: (Looking uncomfortable.) Never heard of them. Have they been around long?

TRC: Yes, they have. During the secret US war on Laos during the Vietnam War, the military blanketed the country with almost 300 million bomblets. Many didn’t detonate right away. Instead, they killed and injured tens of thousands of Lao people in the decades after the US pulled out of Southeast Asia. 

NN: (Frowning.) That doesn’t sound like something we’d ever do. Another conspiracy theory that shouldn’t be shared online. Besides, you said they were outlawed. America always does what's right. It follows rules based order.

TRC: What are these rules? Who created them?

NN: I'm not really sure, but President Biden says we follow them, so I believe it.

TRC: Unfortunately, they don't jive with the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) which prohibits the use, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions. The US, which has killed more people with cluster bombs than any other country, is not a signatory. During the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, cluster bombs killed and injured hundreds and littered the countryside with deadly unexploded ordnance some of which are still there, bomblets waiting for an innocent bystander to pick up or accidentally step on. The US has also been implicated in the use of cluster munitions through its support for Saudi-led forces in the Yemen conflict. 

What are your feelings toward cluster bombs now that you've been informed about their lethality and cruelty?

NN: Oh… (Biting her lip.) That's the whole point of war, isn't it? So what if a few Russkies get their arms blown off? That’s the price you pay for invading another country.

TRC: I'm not sure you understand. Cluster bombs are more than likely to cause more deaths and injuries to Ukrainian civilians than Russian soldiers. These cluster bomblets don't end war—they prolong the killing years after a war ends. 

NN: (Shrugging.) Not our problem really once the war is over, now is it?

TRC: Isn't it? In Iraq, the devastation of cluster bombs was compounded by the use of depleted uranium munitions. This led to the people of Fallujah experiencing higher rates of cancer, leukemia, infant mortality, and sexual mutations than those recorded among survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the years after those cities were nuked by American atomic bombs. The US and the UK have said they would supply depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine. 

The introduction of cluster bombs and depleted uranium could lead to an escalation of hostilities to the point of nuclear conflict. Do you understand now why these weapons should be outlawed and never delivered to Ukraine?

NN: (Sighing and nervously tapping a finger on her lip.) Dear, oh, dear. Well, I guess that’s the price you pay whenever you ask the US for more weapons, right? That dishy Mr. Zelensky wants more firepower and we deliver… Just like Joe Biden delivers! (Flashing her BIDEN 2024 button and grinning.)

TRC:  He certainly does. Thank you for your candid responses, Nellie Neoliberal. You've explained a lot about what’s going wrong in the world today.

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