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UPDATE: To avoid any confusion, this blog is NOT associated or affiliated with any official campaign for any candidate or issue. We cannot forward emails or messages to others. Sorry about that.

Also, this blog is about progressive candidates and causes. It is not about 1.) promoting other non-progressive candidates 2.) telling us reasons why anyone shouldn't be running for office and 3.) ranting about how much you love/hate any cause or candidate. The editor reserves the right to reject all submissions that do not fit the blog's theme or objective or are not written in understandable English for general audiences. 

That is not censorship--it's called editorial control. All publications exercise it. Act professionally, please.


If you're reading this page, then we're assuming you're interested in submitting your thoughts to us and want to know more. Follow these simple guidelines and you shouldn't have any trouble. If you have trouble or questions, email us at and we'll do our best to help you out. Good with that? Okay, on to the guidelines...

 Submission Guidelines

Content Particulars:

There is but one rule you must follow: BE POLITE.

Yes, it's that simple. This is a family friendly blog, so we want to make it clear upfront that we don't want mud-slinging, name-calling, finger-pointing, cursing or profanity in any way, shape or form. If you want to rant and rave and spout nasty epithets and hint at hurting others, then you've found the wrong forum. I'm sure there are many other places you can do those activities online, so please go there to do it. We just don't want any of that unpleasantness here.

 What we do want is your thoughts, ideas, opinions and dreams of what is happening in your life as an ordinary American and how you feel/believe progressive policies might help you achieve your goals and help us all experience a better America. That's a wide open topic, and we can't wait to see what all you have to share with us.

Note:  Remember, progressive candidates and causes should be the topic of your piece--not someone or something else.

We are aiming for at least one new blog posting per week. That's why we need you to share your visions with us. We know we're not alone in supporting progressive, and we want others to see how many supporters he really does have.

Submission Particulars

We'd like to see blog articles of approximately 500 words in length. If you write a shorter piece--fantastic. If you write a little bit longer--that's good, too. Our reasoning is that most blog readers enjoy shorter essays, so the 500 word mark is a good target to aim for. If you find that you cannot explain your vision in approximately 500 words, go ahead and send it along. We might be able to divide it into two or three blogs if that's okay with you. 

(No novels, please! We're asking for short, heart-felt essays from real people and not fiction. There are plenty of other markets out there for your magnum opus.)

Self-edit your work carefully, then copy and paste it into the body of an email. No document attachments please.  Type "Blog Submission" or something similar in the subject line so we don't miss it in the inbox.

Write us a short one or two line bio and place it at the end of your piece so everyone can know who you are and why you're supporting progressive candidates and causes. If you don't wish to give out your real name, you can use a pen name/avatar name or your initials instead. We really don't want a bunch of "Anonymouses" in the blog bylines. 

Be proud of what you write and what you share. Be proud you're a progressive and/or Bernie supporter!

Yes, we will consider blog submissions from non-Americans, ex-pats, spouses of Americans, our men and women in uniform overseas, etc.  It's good to see how the world views the USA and our chief executive-to-be. English language submissions only please.

If you have any photos or graphics you've created yourself that help illustrate your piece, please send them along. A photo-journalism styled blog posting would be pretty cool--especially if you get a shot of you and Bernie together on the campaign trail. Poetry? Why not. If you like to write it and it fits our blog topic, go for it.

Send your blog and short bio to us in the body of an email to this address:

Decision of the editors on what is accepted and published on the blog is final. We will edit for grammar, spelling and clarity of expression (and possibly length). We're not looking for Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism. We're looking for something the comes from the heart and is shared in your own words. (Don't sweat the small details. Don't swallow a thesaurus, either. Use everyday language. The copy editor will help your blog shine. That's what she does for a living.)

Copyright will belong to the author of the blog piece. We reserve the right to post excerpts of your work on other web sites to show others what is being published on the blog, but we will not sell your work out from under you. (No way. That's happened to the editor before, and it's not very nice.) You are free to submit your writing elsewhere, and you are more than welcome to state that it has been published on The Bernie Blog. (Be sure to share the link.)

This is a solely volunteer-run enterprise and there is no payment for accepted submissions at this time. Sorry. 

Good luck! Now get to writing that wonderful article!



  1. It's imperative that we change our thinking about many Democratic constituencies from "voters" and "beneficiaries" to "candidates" and "our leaders." There simply are not the number of good candidates the party will naturally generate, to turn the country around. We've got to turn especially to our minorities and women and be doing recruitment at the local level. I realize this kind of campaign has no great funding to spread around county and town contests, but anything you can do with moral support such as volunteer power, campaign coordinating with local ethnic or issue organizations that are already in operation, it's sorely needed. And for every new local candidate who looks and lives like main street instead of the village, they've got neighbors and relatives they'll bring to the GOTV project as well, so it's win-win. Make the people the party, make the people the government. We've got no other asset and no more time to lose.

    1. "We the people..." is how one important document begins. We've got to start taking it seriously and do our part or otherwise it'll become "We the corporations (who are "persons" according to Citizen United)..."

    2. Has Bernie endorsed the D running in Georgia, Jon Ossoff?

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  3. Please check out my blog on Bernie as well.

    1. Good luck with your blog, We the People for Bernie. Great idea. :)

      (Please, folks, leave comments on the blog posts on the home page of The Bernie Blog and not on this submission FAQ page. Thank you.)

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    3. This is the "how to submit" page. Please leave comments on the individual blog postings and keep with the topic. Thank you. :)

  4. I have an idea that might help Berie. I saw his speech that he gave in New Hampshire, it hit on all his great ideas and I think that everyone that would hear that speech would be convince that he is the person we need in the White House. So I think if he put his speech on a DVD and send them out to all dem’s and independents he could wrap this thing up. It would been different and maybe even cost effective, just about everyone has a DVD player and everyone in the household probably would look at it more then once! I heard that it can cost $4.00 to convince someone to vote for them from an ad, sending out DVD’s would be much cheaper.

    1. Good idea, Sal. Lots of people don't have Internet and haven't seen a full Bernie stump speech. If you have the capability of recording a speech, I'd do it and share it around.

      Remember this is the "How to Submit" page, so please write up your blog piece and email it to us. This isn't a page for general comments. (Comment on the individual posts, please.) Thank you.

  5. hey guys and gales vote for Bernie here it's a right-wing sponsored page but Bernie's beating everyone but Trump, come-on lets take over the poll ;>)

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  7. HI from Charleston SC! We are excited about Saturday's Primary, please send us some positive energy and prayers that the voting process will be fair.
    We need to focus on writing letters to the Super Delgates telling them to give thier support to Bernie. The list is on Wikipedia, it's very shocking to see how many Super Delgates have already given thier vote to Hilary. Senator Alan Grayson of Florida has asked for the public to tell him who to give his vote to. He's a another great human like Bernie who cares about Democracy.
    Thank you for your Blog and please look at the list of Super Delgates and tell them to support Bernie.

  8. Please support me in getting this pro bernie video VIRAL please please Share. It parallels MLK jr's and bernie sanders. PLEASE HELP THERE IS LITTLE TIME LEFT AND THIS CAN HELP WIN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN VOTE

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  11. Bernie is the only real person in the political arena, who has the ability to take America to the next level and make it the greatest country in the world. Now we just need for the people to wake up and understand that their future is on the line

  12. Here is a simple idea. Feds stop making pennies, nickels, dimes. Every transaction you but something it's rounded up to next increment of .25. You buy something that cost you 19.61, then the extra .14 cents goes into Pell Grant Fund to go towards college education for everyone, not just rich kids or those taking on massive student loan debt. There is bound to be a way to give people a tax credit for all the extra money that is applied when rounding up purchases. This is basically a flat tax. The more you spend, the bigger your tax credit at end of year.
    Savings to Feds ... millions in not minting currency that can't buy anything. Benefit to students who can apply for grants out of money put into education fund. Benefit to consumers because they get tax credit.
    Ok, this idea might get picked apart, but it can be tweaked. At least it's better than building a stupid wall.

  13. April 6th> corp media including CNN, MSNBS are trying to destroy Bernie ,every interview is trying to crucify this man today I am shocked by what I am hearing,they now are seeing that he is a real threat that has to be taken down immediately and they are wasting no time doing this . their two attcking points are , is he going to break up the banks or his lack of knowledge on HOW to do it comparing him to trump saying there is no substance to his ideology and 2 his position on Sandy Hook gun lawsuits . Both of these are nothing ,just smoke and mirror assaults that amount to nothing but Clinton and the Corp. Media have nothing concrete to use so they are pretending these are major flaws in the Sanders campaign , don't let this go unanswered !

  14. Some one please say it is not she changes individual votes for money, it is that she and entire establishment take money for speeches and campaigns and that money allowed a few thousand to steal from millions of folks and do not time in jail yet a kid with weed does time, he does not pay money...

  15. Hillary's success is about the establishment political machine at the state levels. Have Bernie advocates to advocate voting not just against Hillary but against the Hillary national and state ticket might get the state DNC committed and super delegates to pause.

  16. Here is a letter that outlines my political thoughts at the moment. I sent it to Senator Durbin this morning.

    Mr Durbin:

    I was a supporter of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

    I am retired now but was a market analyst and money manager for many years in Chicago.

    This year I have been and still am a supporter of Bernie Sanders. My thinking is simply:

    1) Hillary’s economic direction is just more of the same and would continue the current instability created by the FED, the Administration, and Congressional Fiscal inaction.
    2) At the moment there are two prominent Democratic party economic thinkers dealing with the inequality that US economic policies create. Those two people are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, neither of which hold Hillary’s economic policies in high esteem.
    3) The strongest economist in the country who analyzes and writes about the issues that drive Warren and Sanders is Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel prize winner.
    4) Obama’s economic policies have been a mixed bag, supporting the biggest manufacturing sector in the U.S., the autos during the great recession, was probably his biggest plus. On the other hand his naming of Timothy Geithner to be Treasury Secretary was a huge mistake for many reasons which are already public. Supporting a follower of Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, was his second big mistake. If one’s goal is long term economic growth, Yellen has to go and a FED chair who believes in normal economic interest rates and a end to artificial rates needs to replace her. Cheap rates only work for short periods of economic instability, less than two years.
    5. Getting back to Hillary, she has stated that she will lean on Bill for economic input. That is a non-starter, Bill and his friend Robert Rubin, both of who were involved in the shutdown of Glass-Steagall, along with Ronald Reagan earlier beliefs are the founders of the inequality forces crushing the U.S. consumer.
    6. And lastly, Hillary’s closeness to Wall Street and Goldman Sachs is a huge negative.
    7. So what is the answer, the only way I would support Hillary is if she would announce that she would follow the Sanders / Warren Economic Direction and name that policy verbatim in her platform and then follow up with appointments to her election committee that espouse that policy. Just to be sure, she needs to also say publicly that Bill and Bob will not be part of her economic team.


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  18. I think Sanders supporters need to stand up and push back. Make it a real revolution. DEMAND a new vote count for nominee.

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