Tuesday, October 11, 2022

We Are Smarter Than They Think

Apples don't fall far from the tree...
We Are Smarter Than They Think (Much Smarter) 

by C.A. Matthews 
Once upon a time there were two farmers. 
Farmer A owned a lovely apple tree that stood a couple of feet away from the edge of Farmer B’s land. Sometimes fruit would fall from the tree’s branches and land on Farmer B’s property. Farmer A was okay with Farmer B keeping the apples and told him so, but Farmer B didn’t want them. Farmer B secretly hated apples and despised how they rolled into his field, and he became jealous of how other farmers admired the quality of Farmer A’s apples.

One day when Farmer A was away Farmer B took an ax and crossed over to Farmer A’s field. He chopped down the apple tree and carted away all the fruit and wood. When Farmer A returned home, he was shocked and saddened to see his apple tree gone. When he asked Farmer B what had happened to the tree, Farmer B told him, “You must have chopped down your own apple tree so you could blame it on me. You’re trying to make me look bad.” Farmer A simply bowed his head sadly and said, “Yeah, right.” 
No other farmer in the area believed Farmer A would ever do such a terrible thing, especially because what appeared to be Farmer B’s footprints were found in the mud near the apple tree's stump. But Farmer B kept insisting and insisting that Farmer A was to blame for his tree's demise. Farmer B even talked to the local press about how crazy Farmer A was and how he chopped down his own apple tree to make Farmer B appear to be a liar. Eventually everyone believed Farmer B’s story because it was too hard to argue with him, and they were afraid he’d cross over into their fields and chop down their apple trees as well.

This silly parable is my way to illustrate how the US government believes how We the Little People, the workers, think. We’re pretty stupid in their opinion. We’re supposed to believe incredible statements as “Putin blew up his own Nord Stream pipelines!” and “Nuclear war is winnable!” The US government thinks we’re not smart enough to look at the evidence and come to our own logical conclusions. 

Working class Americans are not without intelligence. That's why the mainstream media is running propaganda puff pieces night and day. So, in order to exercise your brains, here are some facts for your consideration:

On February 7, two and a half weeks before Russia launched its intervention in Ukraine, President Biden told a news conference at the White House, “If Russia invades, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream II.” An ABC News reporter asked in response, “But how will you do that, exactly, since the project is in Germany’s control?” Biden stumbled briefly before replying, “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

We cannot yet claim any certainty as to who is responsible for the four undersea explosions near Bornholm, a Danish island hard by Germany’s Baltic Sea coast. Let us not forget this. But we have a motive, a beneficiary, and a very considerable gathering of persuasive circumstantial evidence indicating that the operation, which required sophisticated undersea technology and involved devices with the explosive power of 1,100 pounds of dynamite, was the work of the US. in apparent collaboration with Denmark, if not also Germany.

Numerous reports detailing this evidence, all of them carried in independent media, indicate that the US. Navy was active in the area of the explosions shortly before they occurred. This fleet reportedly included the U.S.S. Kearsarge, which carries unmanned submarines capable of planting undersea explosives. Satellite tracking indicates the presence, shortly before the explosions, of US. military helicopters over the zones where the devices detonated.

--Patrick Lawrence: Sins of Silence or Silence by Design 

So the US has the means, the motive, and our president even gave the world a hint back in February that the US might shut down the Nord Stream pipelines at some point. Yet, the mainstream media is running stories about how “crazy Putin” blew up these very expensive LNG pipelines instead of simply switching them off and stopping all sales to the EU. Even more damning evidence is that a new pipeline from Norway to Denmark to Poland has just opened, and it’s ready to send LNG throughout Europe from American-friendly fossil fuel corporations (who’ll probably charge more than the Russians did).

These suspicious attacks came mere hours before NATO members Norway, Denmark, and Poland officially opened their own natural gas pipeline, called the Baltic Pipe, which was built with European Union funding in order to compete with Nord Stream. 
--Ben Norton, Who Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipelines? 

The timing of this new Baltic pipeline opening is so coincidental to be laughable. They must really think we’re missing a few brain cells not to put two and two together and come up with five. When you can’t compete on prices for natural gas, you simply blow up your competitor’s pipeline or so it seems. And the American military-industrial-Congressional complex has been itching to stick it to Putin from day one of this proxy war, haven’t they? What better way to make your point and make a lot of profits for fossil fuel stock holders?

“Gaslighting” is a term for this game of trying to put a falsehood over on another. When you are being gaslighted, you're told not to trust the evidence of your own eyes. Just like Farmer B insisting Farmer A chopped down his own tree, a person who has been gaslighted may come to believe an outright lie since no one will admit they’re lying and they'll keep insisting your beliefs and instincts are just plain wrong. Americans learned a few months ago that we have our very own “Ministry of Truth” propaganda bureau, but these latest bald-faced lies seem too crude to have been crafted by masters of the fine propaganda arts. Maybe they’re all on vacation? 

Still, the US government propagandists will keep trying to sell a proxy war to control a pipeline that no ordinary person asked for or wanted. $65 billion in arms deals and many deaths later, it ranks at the very bottom of a recent Gallup poll of what Americans are most concerned about. Caitlin Johnstone puts it all so eloquently:

If your proxy war demands nonstop perception management at maximum aggression to manufacture public consent for it, your proxy war is probably immoral and bad. If maintaining public support for a proxy war requires nonstop PR spin, aggressive propaganda from the mainstream news media, banning of Russian media, and giant troll information ops amplified by think tanks and government agencies, it probably shouldn't have public support. --A Good and Righteous Proxy War Wouldn't Need Such Cartoonish PR

The amateur Twitter bots name-call people when the weaknesses of their false narrative is made apparent, and they have no hard facts to back their story up. If you can think for yourself and say you're not falling for such nonsense, you might be called a "Putin puppet". More and more frequently if you state that you're not pro-war on a social platform, you'll be called a "Russia lover" instead of simply a pacifist or peace-lover. No, you must be for using nuclear weapons first, according to a recent statement made by Ukrainian President Zelensky. It's sad but predictable behavior from those who have been brainwashed into "learning to love the bomb" as the character of Dr. Strangelove admitted to in the classic Stanley Kubrick film of the same name.

I guess the Golden Rule and loving your neighbor as yourself aren't seen as shining virtues in the West anymore? Maybe our government is hoping nuclear winter will cancel out the climate emergency?

This week’s announcement by President Biden that he would pardon those charged with federal charges for simple marijuana possession is another weak gaslighting attempt to change the public's opinion before the midterms. Most marijuana possession charges are made at the state level, not the federal, so there’s practically no one to pardon. Federal agents charge people for drug trafficking large amounts, not a joint or two. If Biden really wanted to legalize marijuana, he could have it taken off the federal drug schedule, making it like tobacco and alcohol. But Biden is going to leave that decision up to the FDA he said, so nothing substantial will happen anytime soon. 

Did he really think we’d fall for that stunt? 

Americans need to trust their instincts and continue to use their gray-matter if they want to survive under this gaslighting government. Blowing up LNG pipelines that belong to a fellow nuclear power is an open invitation to start a nuclear war. Destroying trade and trust with Europe in order to rake in fossil fuel profits this winter isn't a kind or intelligent move. The distractions of the midterm elections and non-existent marijuana pardons shouldn't persuade us from considering this potentially end-of-the-world scenario our self-centered political leaders have put us all in. We are smarter than they think--much, much smarter. 

I think we're smart enough to let those in Washington DC know that we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take their gaslighting anymore. We see through the spell cast by the military-industrial-Congressional complex, and we understand just how much money goes into politicians pockets to legislate the way that they do. (It's more than $1 billion in the 2022 midterm elections alone!) We'll let our votes do the talking in the midterms. We'll think independently of the propaganda. We'll vote outside the box of the status quo. 

We'll let those in the establishment parties know that we’re intelligent enough to know that nuclear war is not winnable and it's never worth risking for any amount of profits because we are smarter than they think. Much smarter.

Stephen F. Cohen Provides Clarity on NATO Expansion and Russia More than 10 Years Ago (video)



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  1. There's gaslighting, then there's Olympic-level gaslighting. The US would have us believe the Russians sabotaged their own gas pipeline, when all they needed to do was turn off a valve. It's blatantly obvious the US did the despicable deed in order to force the EU to buy America's highly expensive product. If the German government colluded with the US in its sabotage of the pipeline then I'm sure the German people will have something to say when it comes time to heat their homes this winter.

    Insisting that nuclear war is somehow both survivable and winnable is utterly fatuous. Short answer - No, it's not.

    1. You might have a hard time convincing some about how survivable a nuclear war or nuclear winter is. Is anyone teaching elementary physics in high school any more? Radiation seems to be a myth to these folks! But when the price of gasoline and the cost of keeping their homes warm this morning becomes unbearable, then maybe they'll put two and two together and come up with five and figure out blowing up an LNG pipeline wasn't such a great idea after all.


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