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When The Whole World Comes Together...


 When The Whole World Comes Together...
words and photos by C.A. Matthews

We start to act--4 million of us in 150 countries showed up for the first global Climate Strike this past Friday. 500,000 demonstrated in the US alone. On Monday, fifteen young persons began a landmark climate lawsuit against five countries. Now, that's some action! 

But we need to do more. We know we can do more. We can't let up now. Greta Thunberg, teenage leader of the worldwide climate resistance, protests every Friday to call attention to the latest travesty committed against our environment.  We should do likewise. Pick a corner, a courthouse step, a mall parking lot and make your stand. Some photos, memes and  slogans follow below to give you inspiration for your signs and banners.

The whole world comes together and hope is born. We need to use that hope to save our planet. There is no Planet B--but there is a world of hope out there. It's time to come together and save the world.  The clock is ticking. As the banner says: "Our home is on fire!" We can't wait to put it out.


More Great Climate Strike Sign Slogans

You will die of old age. We will die of climate change.

Use less paper (written on a hand-sized sign)

Greed (crossed-out "d "and red "n" written over it) Economy

We are skipping our lessons to teach you one.

Don't Burn My Future

People Change Not Climate Change

This planet needs you to give a shit.

Denial is suicide.

Make Love Not CO2

It's so bad introverts are here (seen at a climate strike event).

Make the Earth cool again. 

I speak for the trees.

Where are the trees? What will I breathe?

Nurture Nature

Keep it in the ground.

You cannot eat money!

Dead planet soon, act now! System change not climate change!

 We're rising up so the sea level won't.

Our home is on fire!

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Bald eagles, grizzly bears, California condors, gray wolves, American alligators... The Endangered Species Act (ESA) successfully brought these and other iconic species back from the brink of extinction. That's pretty amazing.

But the Trump administration just released new rules that undermine endangered species protections to benefit the oil and gas industry and other corporate interests.

Which would you rather have, Florida panthers or more dirty oil wells?
Tell Congress to stand up to the Trump administration and protect the Endangered Species Act.
Big Oil and Gas has wanted the Endangered Species Act out of the way for a long time. And now it has an administration willing to make it happen.

The new rule changes are slated to go into effect this month, and they include weighing economic impacts when deciding if a species gets protection and making it harder to factor in climate change’s impact on at-risk species.1

Let's not mince words: this attempt to weaken the Endangered Species Act is driven by money. Big Oil and Gas and other corporate interests want to be free to rake in profits regardless of the harm they cause in the process. And the Trump administration has been more than happy to roll out the red carpet for them.

The rest of us have other ideas.
Take Action
Projects like the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines, for example, are facing strong opposition — including court challenges and the revocation of permits — because they threaten endangered bats, salamanders and other at-risk wildlife.

This rollback in wildlife protections isn’t a done deal. These new rules can be challenged in court, as well as by legislators via the Congressional Review Act. Make it clear that you expect Congress to oppose and confront the Trump administration’s attack on this bedrock environmental law.

This is just the latest in a long line of reprehensible actions where the Trump administration has no problem rolling back environmental and climate protections all for fossil fuel profit. But it's important to remember that significant public outcry and bad publicity have torpedoed some previous regulatory rollbacks before — and we can do it again!

Fossil fuel interests shouldn’t get to determine which species survive and which go extinct. Will you stand with me now to protect the Endangered Species Act and the wildlife whose survival depends on it?

Take action with us and our allies to protect the Endangered Species Act!

Onward together,

Wenonah Hauter
Founder and Executive Director
Food & Water Action and Food & Water Watch

1. U.S. Significantly Weakens Endangered Species ActNew York Times, August 12, 2019.
Tell Congress:
"Pass the TPS for Victims of Hurricane Dorian Act to allow Bahamians to work and live in the United States without fear of deportation."
Hurricane Dorian just devastated the Bahamas. Many of those who survived are now climate refugees, trying to make their way to the United States.
Donald Trump’s racist anti-immigrant hysteria is stopping them.
Every member of Congress must make a choice: Will they enable Trump's hate and help close our borders to Black climate change survivors or lead with moral clarity and pass policies that welcome them? Speak out now to make sure they do the right thing.
With great power comes great responsibility. America has a moral responsibility to the victims of human-caused climate catastrophe.
Storms, droughts and floods will only become more extreme as our planet warms and climate deniers like Donald Trump consolidate power. That means climate disasters will displace more and more people around the world, and fast.
How we respond now will set the tone for the next generation of climate refugees. It’s up to us to ensure that the world stands together to fight the climate crisis together instead of putting up walls and blaming other nations.
That means not only coordinated decarbonization efforts, but justice-led movements to help the victims of the climate crisis.
Thank you,
Mike Phelan
Progress America


Unite Behind The Science


Yesterday was historic. Four million people of all ages, and led by young people, went on strike for climate action in more than 150 countries. Thank you! Together, we are making a difference. Now is the time for all our movements to keep building.
Today, at another historic gathering for the first United Nations Youth Climate Summit, we called on people, organizations, and communities everywhere around the world to mobilize on Earth Day, April 22, 2020 to stand up for science.

April 22, 2020 not only marks the 3rd anniversary of the inaugural March for Science, but it is also the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day when 20 million people took to the streets to advocate a sustainable environment on behalf of future generations. 

Half a century later, this call to action grows only more urgent as our planet is under siege from greedy corporations, selfish polluters, and short-sighted governments that choose to disregard the scientific consensus. We must immediately act to combat climate change, protect our environment, and safeguard our communities.

These activations will take place around the world in mediums and forms chosen by local communities, such as walk-outs, marches, concerts, teach-ins and more. 

To make a transformative impact on April 22 and beyond, we need everyone’s leadership. To uplift and support community organizers all around the world, later this year we will release the first version of a dynamic international tool kit of best practices and lessons learned from social movement leaders who’ve led activations around the world, including March for Science, March for Our Lives, the Global Climate Strike, the Women’s March, and more. 

Let’s keep going! Together, we are turning the tide and changing our future.

- The March for Science Team

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