Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Buster Chats with Readers About “Socialism”

We wish you all a happy and healthful Thanksgiving Day.

When I talk about the democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, many readers love to quote Margaret Thatcher who said, “Socialists are happy until they run out of other people’s money.” Margaret, bless her silly heart, clearly misunderstood the concept of “taxation.” Government is in the business of Spending Other People’s Money. They’re gonna take your money no matter what. That’s a done deal. The question is how do you want them to spend your money? Right now, most of it goes to war machinery and subsidies and tax breaks for the rich and the corporations who have bought our Congress. Is that okay with you?

It kind of makes sense to me that we take some of that money and put it toward rebuilding our infrastructure, which will create a ton of private sector jobs, investing to make sure our kids are educated for the jobs of the future, and asking profitable businesses and corporations to stop expecting the taxpayers to pick up the tab for food stamps and medicaid because they are not willing to give their workers a living wage.
“Socialism” is just a word that scares you because there are people going out of their way to scare you. This ain’t Russia or Cuba or China or Nazi Germany or even Greece. This is America, and the basic things that Bernie is talking about are things we all had in the “glory days of the 50s and 60s when America truly was exceptional. What’s wrong with that?

Buster Brown Town is a professor of odd human behavior at Dogville Academy. Buster blogs for Bernie, bites billionaires and will bark for food. His web sites:
Professor Town is also the founder of Dogs for Humanity, a not-for-profit with the motto: “We may not be human, but we are humane.  We asked Mr. Town to tell us why he’s supporting Bernie:

“That’s easy!  I’m a dog. We’re Man’s Best Friend. We don’t care if you’re rich or poor.  We don’t care if you’re white or black or brown or yellow or red; we don’t care if you’re straight or gay or male or female or young or old; we love you all. Also, we’re pack animals. We want everyone in our pack to do well because that’s how the pack survives. Bernie is the only candidate who thinks like a dog. We refer to him affectionately as Saint Bernard.”

Watch Bernie Sanders describe what he means by democratic socialism and find out what other U.S. presidents have been labeled as "socialist in his talk to the students of Georgetown University. (Bernie's remarks begin about the 1:33 mark on the timeline.) Click on the You Tube video link below and feel the Bern! 
Bernie Sanders's New Deal Socialism is a very good article which also explains Bernie's position.


  1. Well said, Buster B_T! I'm British, and remember 'Saint' Margaret all too well. I was in a low-paying seasonal job at the time when the infamous poll tax was instituted. In spite of this, I was refused any kind of relief from the tax and had to pay it in full. Dear 'Maggie' sure stole most of the money I'd managed to save over several years! None of it went to any kind of public project. Instead she sold off public utilities such as water, gas and electricity production to the highest bidder. It took a public uproar and rioting in the streets for the poll tax to be rescinded, and dealt a fatal blow to Thatcher's reign as Prime Minister. The day she fell I couldn't get the smile off my face if I wanted to.

  2. Buster really makes a good point when he says that government is in the business of "Spending Other People's Money." When we live in a society, we play by its "rules" and we support essential services through our taxes. Do ordinary Americans want to continue supporting "Corporate Welfare" for corporations who truly do not want a free market economy? These corporations just want things set up for them to make nothing but profits with no risk to their huge CEO bonuses. Why can't we use our joint monies (taxes) to send people to college, finance health care for all, and rebuild our crumbling bridges and roads and airports? Then EVERYONE benefits and not just the tiny handful of billionaires.

    Bernie Sanders is saying the pretty much the same things Eisenhower said in the 1950s--and no one ever labeled "Ike" a "socialist". We've got to stop listening to the corporate politicians who are bought and paid for by the Corporate Welfare Takers (oligarchs). There is no "trickle down economics"--it's just "trickle out" into tax havens in the Caymen Islands for the obscenely wealthy. We the ordinary working people have to make up our own minds. We need to vote for our best interests. We need to vote for Bernie in 2016. #FeeltheBern


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