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Updated 1-26-17:

From Shaun King:

It’s time for us to step up again, but for legal aid. As you likely know, Donald Trump issued an executive order yesterday ordering that construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) continue. The order not only violates the rights of the people of Standing Rock, but it also violates the current order from the Army Corps of Engineers to halt construction while a true environmental impact study is completed.

With that said, I see 3 ways we can stop the construction of this pipeline.
1. Courageous protestors physically stop the construction.
2. Banks pull their funding of the pipeline.
3. Legal decisions order the halt of the pipeline.
We are backing all 3 of these strategies, but TODAY I am asking you to throw everything you have behind option #3. We need you to donate your best donation. We need you to ask everybody you know to join you.

Ask them in person. Ask them on the phone. Ask them on Twitter & Facebook. Ask them via email. Forward this email to them if you need to ok? But in such an email, make the request personal.

As always, 100% of your donation goes directly to the legal aid. Just know, that as you read this email, Energy Transfer Partners, and all of the banks behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, have hired the top law firms in the world to defeat us. I have sources inside some of those law firms who have reached out to tell me just how hard they are prepared to go.
Here are your options:
DONATE to the Water Protector Legal Collective.
DONATE to the Lakota People’s Law Project.
DONATE to the Red Warrior Defense Fund.
DONATE to the Red Fawn Legal Fund.
DONATE to Earth Justice.
Over the past year, most of these funds you will see on the various websites have already exhausted the legal aid that they have raised. That is why we are even in the position we are in today where the pipeline construction has been halted.

Let’s make sure that they have EVERYTHING they need to fight off the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Let’s make sure they have every type of attorney they need. Let’s make sure that they have the funds to fight this battle on the front lines and in the court room.

They are counting on you. Give your best gift today, please. And encourage everybody you know to join you.


#NoDAPL water protectors need you to Write to the North Dakota Supreme Court Right Now!

You can support Water Protectors in a meaningful way
from your phone or laptop - right now by writing to the
ND Supreme Court expressing your comments in favor
of the court allowing legal services from out of state
lawyers to help Water Protectors. You have to write in
by no later than 4:00 p. m., Friday, December 30, 2016.
Written comments may be emailed to Penny Miller,
Clerk of the Supreme Court, at or addressed to 600 E.
Boulevard Ave, Bismarck, ND 58505-0530.
The courts and number of lawyers willing to help Water
Protectors are strained.
The lack of lawyers, who are both willing and able, to
help Water Protectors means that Water Protectors
risk going without adequate legal counsel and,
therefore, may not receive a fair trial.
The likelihood of a fair trial occurring in Morton County
is already very narrow. Water Protectors need legal
Counsel in order to have a fighting chance.
In response to a petition to the court, the North Dakota
Supreme Court is considering a motion to allow out of
state lawyers to offer legal counsel, temporarily, to
Water Protectors who are facing charges.
The Court has also officially decided to allow public
Comments from "any person wishing to comment on
the proposed amendments."
Those who are opposed to the #NoDAPL movement,
the Water Protectors, and Native Americans in general
will also be able, and probably very eager, to write the
Court to express their opposition to anything that might
help the Water Protectors receive adequate legal
counsel and a fair trial.
We need your positive voice and comments to the
court right now.
You can help, right now, by sending your comments to:
Be respectful if you want to be helpful and if you want
your comment to be taken seriously. This is not the
time or place to express disrespect, ridicule, or critical
critiques of law enforcement or the courts.
Instead, we are trying to help ensure that our Water
Protectors receive legal counsel and a fair trial.
That is the mission. Please help now.
See the notice from the North Dakota Supreme Court
here: notice.htm
Below is an example (originally written by Dallas
Goldtooth) of a template that you could use to send
your comment to the court if writing is not necessarily
your thing or if you are concerned about expressing
your message in a good way. You may copy and paste
this message and email it to the court.
To: Penny Miler, Clerk North Dakota Supreme Court
The following is a comment in support of the Petition
to Permit Temporary Provision of Legal Services by
Qualified Attorneys From Outside North Dakota.
There is an emergency afecting the North Dakota
legal system resulting from the high number of arrests
related to anti-Dakota Access pipeline matters. There
is an insufficient number of qualified and interested
criminal defense lawyers in North Dakota currently
licensed to represent the over 500 people arrested.
Many criminal defense lawyers have already maxed
out their public defender allotments. Many others have
declined to take on these cases. often due work load
capacity, time constraints or conflicts of interest
related to the pipeline industry. Furthermore, any
requests for change of venue have been denied.
These defendants. self-identified as Water Protectors.
deserve fair trials and I am concerned that due to the
reasons stated above, the North Dakota court system
is currently strained in its capacity to ensure that
defendants receive these fair trials.
As such, I request that the North Dakota Supreme
Court accept and approve the Petition to Permit
Temporary Provision of Legal Services by Qualified
Attorneys From Outside North Dakota.
Please help al parties ensure that defendants are able
to obtain the legal counsel they need to be given their
fair day in court.
Thank you.
(Your name here)


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