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Droning On… (Or What Probably Happened Over the Black Sea)

Guest blogger Coast Watcher uses his history insights and his love of World War II era aircraft to explain the propaganda rolling in from the mainstream media outlets about the downed US drone over the Black Sea. Then he takes a look at a interesting tale spun to explain the Nord Stream pipelines bombing, and why Poland wants to take on Russia itself. It seems that "fiction" isn't always quite as convincing as the propagandists hope it will be, but it sure is strange at times!

The V1 was the "drone bomber" of its day.

Droning On… 

(Or What Probably Happened Over the Black Sea)

by Coast Watcher
Ned Price, US State Department spokesperson, piled derision on the heads of the Russian pilots responsible for bringing down the unmanned American MQ9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea recently.
“It probably was the result of profound incompetence on the part of one of these Russian pilots,”Price said.

Incompetence? I think not.

Pilots were using similar techniques to bring down pilot-less aircraft as early as the Second World War. The V1 (Vengeance Weapon) Flying Bomb was an ancestor of both the modern cruise missile and unmanned drones. Carrying 850kg of high explosives it could fly at 400 mph at a typical altitude of between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. They were launched from rails at sites across Western Europe to assault Britain and the liberated Belgian port of Antwerp. They caused thousands of casualties and great destruction.
The flying bombs had to be dealt with. Allied pilots found the most useful way was to fly close to the missile and flip it over using the high air pressure between the Allied aircraft and the V1. It brought the weapon down without risking the attacking aircraft and civilian casualties on the ground, and, if brought down on a sandy, silty area such as the Thames Estuary, creating a chance that the device could be recovered reasonably intact so it could be analyzed. 

Looking at the techniques used by the Russian pilots in this incident, it’s pretty clear they were attempting to down the drone without risk to themselves or civilians. The remains of the drone have now fallen into the hands of the Russians. Even if crucial data was wiped remotely from the machine’s computer, the Russians have competent techs of their own who can reconstruct or salvage such data. The Russians would have to have such people, because the mainstream media says so. How else would they be able to "influence the American electoral system" in 2016 as alleged in the Russiagate Hoax?’

Let’s not forget also that the MQ9 was operating close to Russia, not the United States. Leading terms used by American newscasters against the Russians such as harassing and aggressive to describe them patrolling their own airspace seem ridiculous when you realize the vehicle was far, far closer to the Russian mainland than to the United States, over 6,000 miles away. Who’s being aggressive here? Not Russia.  

And let’s return to that mention of "profound incompetence"on the part of the pilots. What do you say about the skills of an American pilot who takes two air-to-air missiles costing around half a million dollars apiece to shoot down… a weather balloon?


We Can Sell You Lies Wholesale!

Of course, it’s all of a piece with Western propaganda. We’re now told to believe that a small sailing yacht was used by "Ukrainian interests" to sabotage the Nord Stream II pipelines. This vessel of around fifty displacement tons supposedly has the capacity to mount decompression chambers, specialized diving equipment, specialized explosives, sophisticated SONAR capable of locating the pipelines and house a minimum of six deep sea diving experts capable of operating at 230 feet depth.

Weeks have passed since Seymour Hersh’s revelation about the United States’ Navy’s mission to destroy Nord Stream II with cooperation from the Norwegian military, and this is the best story they can come up with?

Laughable. In fact, the Powers That Be should’ve gone directly to a Hollywood/Broadway scriptwriter. They would’ve come up with something a little more believable. You know, like what happened in the movie Wag the Dog?

The propaganda isn’t really working too well. Mass protests against the war and its likely escalation are taking place across Europe, yet the official narrative ignores them, just as it ignores the mass protests taking place in France against President Macron’s decision to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. In spite of all this strength of feeling against war, the Powers That Be are determined to escalate, leading us by the hand—or should that be nose—into World War III.

Leaving aside the growing crisis against China (which is a whole other article), we can see the next stage taking shape in Eastern Europe.

Poland has a predominantly right-wing government. It announced recently that if (more likely when) Ukraine loses its war, Poland will attack Russia. All this while Poland’s making a tidy profit out of the estimated 1.3 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing the fighting by charging them costs for housing.

The Polish defense budget has been doubled. Poland’s already in the process of raising an army of 300,000 troops with recruiting centers opening around the country. Any student of history will be aware of the lasting bad blood between Poland and Russia since the Nazi-Soviet pact that saw the country divided between the two powers following the invasions of 1940, and Stalin’s callous refusal to allow Red Army support for the Warsaw Uprising of August 1, 1944 - October 2, 1944.

Just as the United States will fight this manufactured war "to the last Ukrainian," so it’ll fight Russia to the last Pole.

Will all this drag Europe and the world into WW III? It’s possible that cooler heads will prevail, that the public outcry—already pretty strong—will grow to the point governments cannot ignore it, or face losing their positions, and possibly lives.

Let’s hope so.

BIO: Coast Watcher is incredulous that the propagandists can pull the wool over everyone's eyes all at once, everywhere, all the time. But it does seem like they've got a lock on the content coming out of the mainstream media outlets. The poor history education most Americans receive in school doesn't help matters any, either. Still, he's hoping that the truth will prevail.


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