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Digital McCarthyism

Digital McCarthyism

by C. A. Matthews

It was bound to happen sooner or later. And it did—a self-proclaimed “very important person in government” would impugn the integrity of a journalist who—gasp!—actually posts his/her/their work online for others to read. That this government VIP is Congress-thing Debbie Wassermann-Schultz of Florida comes to no surprise to anyone who followed the Bernie Sanders saga on this blog. 
Yes, it’s the same disgraced Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, former DNC chair, who ultimately took the fall for screwing Bernie over in the Democratic Party primaries of 2016. Somehow she always lands on her feet—unlike her boss Joe Biden, who has been filmed tripping both up and down stairs lately.
So, here we are in the year 2023 and Miss Debbie and her Democratic Party friends find it suspect that an award-winning journalist like Matt Taibbi has a Substack page and edits a digital magazine. The nasty implications the Dems leveled at Matt at a Congressional "Weaponization of Government" hearing this week reveal just how terrified the establishment is that We the People might actually wake up and learn the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from a Tweet or a Substack post.
The Dems acted so contemptuously that even a non-voting delegate from the US Virgin Islands called Matt a “so-called journalist” and didn’t even apologize for her rudeness. That’s rich coming from a “so-called Congress member” who doesn’t even have voting privileges! By comparison, the Republicans on the committee came off sounding like angels as they questioned Matt and his fellow journalist Michael Shellenberger. (Guess the Dems' billionaire donors told the Dems it’s the Red Hats’ time to win, so go ahead and act like ill-mannered brats, huh?)
The nasty implications
the Dems leveled at Matt reveal just how terrified the establishment is that We the People might actually read a Tweet or Substack post and realize how corrupt the US government truly is and how far they will go to censor this truth. In this instance, Matt and Michael, who both worked on The Twitter Files, discovered and revealed nefarious attempts at social media censorship by various US government agencies and related organizations working on their behalf to censor tweets they didn't like. These censorship actions could possibly get folks in the current administration into big trouble.
But nothing good ever comes from revealing the truth, now does it?
I couldn’t care less what Miss Debbie and her buddies in Congress have to say except they’re in positions of power and have recently come up with such criminal designations as “domestic terrorism” to describe what environmental activists (such as the ones at Cop City/Welaunee Forest in Atlanta) do whenever they hold a protest to protect the Earth
That designation really hurts. Just because we want everyone to have clean air, land, and water doesn’t make us domesticated at all. Far from it. And I apologize for any “terror” having drinkable water and less pollution in our food, skies, and bodies of water causes you, but there you have it. 
I’m one of those crazy people like Matt Taibbi who make pointed observations about our society and publish their thoughts online. We have an overwhelming desire to share information with others so they can know the truth and learn to think for themselves. Miss Debbie and the Kool-Aid Drinking Cult of Democrats will just have to get over their terror of We the People finding out what’s been going on behind the scenes in the world of government propaganda and censorship as well as the running of the government itself.
The Ministry of Truth—or the
DHS Bureau of Disinformation or whatever it’s being called nowadays—worked overtime to cover up their disinfo operations in “Russiagate.” They are royally ticked off to have had their manipulations exposed, which possibly explains Miss Debbie’s surliness. All the smart kids now have no excuse to believe Russia had anything to do with the 2016 presidential election thanks to Matt and others revealing this in The Twitter Files. The “Censorship-Industrial Complex” has been exposed.
Even The New York Times recently was forced to reveal that Russiagate was all a big lie perpetuated by a supposed "Russian propaganda tracking" dashboard called Hamilton 68 or Jefferson Airplane 747 or something like that. Matt Taibbi discovered it was all an operation to cloud the issues and confuse voters in order to cover up the simple fact that warmonger/DOMA supporter Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat her good friend, used car salesman Donald Trump, in something called the US 2016 presidential election.
Nothing important really. The billionaires of the US Military-Congressional-Industrial Complex got their war in Ukraine eventually. They even used the four years Trump was in office to further smear Russia’s reputation via the Russiagate hoax and make people forget all about the Maidan Coup of 2014 and the eight years of Ukraine bombing the civilians of the Donbass region. In the end, the arms manufacturers were glad the Orange Man won. They’re rolling in money nowadays.
So, forgive me when I say that US presidential elections aren’t all that important. They’re not as important as a journalist revealing the US government's sanctioning of an actual terrorist attack on another country’s LNG pipelines located under the Baltic Sea. Elections aren’t as important as possibly instigating a war with a nuclear power.
An award-winning journalist named Seymour Hersh revealed this truth to the world last month. For his courage and hard work, he is being slandered and libeled by his lesser peers at the behest of the government propagandists that Miss Debbie and her darling Dems keep protecting and accusing Matt Taibbi of exposing in The Twitter Files. One of their biggest smears concerning Sy Hersh’s journalistic integrity and impeccable career is that he first published his Nord Stream 2 explosion article on his Substack, probably because US government propagandists pressured mainstream media outlets not to publish it. 
How can the US government fool We the People into thinking that a small group of “Pro-Ukrainian non-state actors” blew up pipelines of such a grand size, found underwater at a depth only a professional military operation handled by US Navy deep sea divers could have done? The New York Times and Washington Post are trying hard with this rather wimpy story (possibly written by the Disinformation Bureau), but it’s not having as much success as Sy Hersh’s better researched story.
The massive amounts of time and money spent brainwashing We thePeople into thinking the “Uni-party that Goes by Two Names” isn’t corrupt and owned by billionaires is a crime—not what Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger do for a living. Just think of what could have been done with all the energy and resources wasted by our government’s propagandistsMaybe we could have tackled homelessness in America and forgiven thousands of student loan debts. Medicare For All could have been enacted and saved millions of Americans their lives and their personal finances.
realize now those things aren’t important to well-off Miss Debbie and her fellow VIPs in Congress, but they are important to We the People, the workers, the 99%. A whole lot of our family members, friends, and neighbors who suffered or are still suffering from homelessness, student loan debt, and no health care could be alive, healthy, and happy today if Miss Debbie and her kind actually cared enough to work for us instead of their billionaire donors with their insatiable need to shut down indie journos like Matt and company.
Senator Joseph McCarthy became infamous for calling journalists, authors, actors, and others “Communists” in the 1950s. Sen. McCarthy destroyed the careers and lives of innocent Americans with his baseless accusations and all for what? To shut up people he didn’t agree with and didn’t want others to learn important facts from. 
Now we’re living in the era of “Digital McCarthyism” where the politician-puppets working for the billionaires shut down truth-tellers online via shadow-banning and outright closing down of social media accounts. Censorship and destroying the reputations of others was wrong seventy years ago, and it’s still wrong today.
I asked you to do a couple of things a few weeks back in regards to the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment story. Are you still doing them? Are you making notes of how and when the mainstream media ignores big stories or tries to slant them in a way to cover up for whatever billionaire, corporation, or government official might be at fault? Are you still comparing and contrasting news articles/stories by independent journalists with the "so-called journalists" of the mainstream media? Keep it up. 
Watch out for
ad hominem (personal) attacks that are made by those in authority (and their sycophants) against the messengers (like Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Seymour Hersh) of potentially embarrassing messages. Always focus on the message and not the medium (newspaper, TV, radio, podcast, blog, Tweet, etc.) that the message happens to occur in. Do your research and find out who the messenger really works for and what’s in it for them. Are they working to spread propaganda for the government or a private corporation? What has this person or organization got to lose if the truth comes out?
Why do the powerful feel that turning independent journalists into pariahs will keep them, the elites, safe from We the People exacting justice upon them? When the truth reveals itself in time, the shit always hit the fan. And the results aren’t pretty. Why tempt fate?
Guess whatwe’re suspect too! Follow us on Substack at therevolutioncontinues.substack.com It’s where all the cool kids like Matt Taibbi, Caitlin Johnstone, Aaron Mate, Chris Hedges, Seymour Hersh and so many other independent journalists post their work. I’m assuming you’re not living in the 18th century like Miss Debbie and her friends, and are, in fact, reading this article on a computer, cell phone, tablet, or similar device. I really doubt you’re reading this via smoke signals or on the remains of dead trees. Please, replant those dead trees if you are. Our planet needs all the trees we can grow to avert the climate catastrophe to come. We “domestic terrorists” want to save all the trees that we can, like the ones in Atlanta. Thank you.
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