Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Women Power!

Sheena Barnes and Stefania Czech

Women Power! 
observations by C.A. Matthews 

It's exciting living in America in the year 2019, and it's not because we're never sure we won't wake up some morning to a giant mushroom cloud exploding over  the horizon because Trump has a tiny-handed finger resting on the nuke arsenal button. It's exciting because in the last two years we've seen a huge surge in progressive first-timers entering into the political arena both at the local and the national level. Here are some images and thoughts on two such women, both single moms, taking on the establishment and running for office to make changes for the better for both theirs and others' children.

Sheena Barnes is running for Toledo Public School (TPS) Board. She is raising three kids so she knows what's really going on in public schools and what should be happening to provide brighter outcomes for all Toledo public school students. Running for school board in a large city (over a quarter million residents) isn't as easy as you might think, but Sheena is up for the challenge. She first needs to secure 300 valid signatures in order to gain ballot access. It's imperative that she raise a war chest to promote herself in what will probably be a large field of already well-known (and better off financially) candidates.

 Stefania Czech like Sheena is also a single mom, living in subsidized housing
and attending school full-time. She's an activist with Toledoans for Safe Water, the group that brought forth the successful Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR) citizens' initiative, and a college student studying environmental science. Stefania feels that Toledo City Council doesn't take the new law to protect drinking water seriously. The council current non-support of LEBOR in the face of lawsuits from Big Agriculture demonstrates how council members seem more intent on pleasing their corporate sponsors than their constituents. 

Stefania wasn't about to sit idly by and watch her young son's future be jeopardized by a future of toxic blue-green algal blooms on Lake Erie. She decided to run for city council, district 2, and unseat the current city council president, Matt Cherry. Mr. Cherry is known primarily as a trades union leader who voiced opposition to LEBOR. He isn't even particularly well-liked by members of his own party, the Lucas County Democratic Party, but he will be listed on the ballot as their "endorsed" candidate with a large war chest to fall back on. 

Can an activist-mom running as a Green-Independent take on an icon of the corrupt establishment? Stefania knows she can, but she also knows it's not going to be easy. Luckily she has another powerful young woman, Monika Perry, helping to run her campaign. Sheena's campaign manager is the power-filled Kwinlyn Tyler. Women power is found in all roles--from those running for office to those who work behind the scenes to bring these candidates to the public's eye.
Kwinlyn and Monika discuss their campaign strategies.

Some other instances of Women Power witnessed recently... 
 The right to freely access abortion health care is being denied in Ohio. Activists have taken to the streets once again to express their disgust with the government interfering with a woman's right to make decisions about her own body. Recently Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed the 6-week abortion ban. The protests will continue. Pro-choice women have the power and the voice, and they're not going back to coat hangers in back alleys. Be sure to sign the link below to show your support.
Who do you know is a powerful woman in your life? What gives her that power? How do you support her in the fight for justice and equality? Let us know in the comments section. Power to the people--all peoples, of  all gender identities!




Add your name to the Declaration for Reproductive Freedom:


"We, the undersigned, pledge to build an Ohio where reproductive health and safety are guaranteed, where Ohioans from all walks of life have equal access to a full range of reproductive health care, and where we are united in our commitment to health equity for all Ohioans, to reproductive freedom, and to safe and legal abortion.


"As Ohioans, we believe in our right to make decisions about our own bodies, and we believe that reproductive rights are human rights."


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Revealing the Real "Out of Town Extremists"

The David vs. Goliath story of the century continues when a revealing campaign finance report is finally released to the public. This is what we're up against in our fight to save our planet from further environmental degradation--the endless pockets of Big Oil. But We the People have too much at stake to stop now.

Press Release from Toledoans for Safe Water:

Campaign Finance Report Sheds Light on Corrupt Corporate Influence Against the Lake Erie Bill of Rights: Report Reveals True Election Meddlers and Outsiders

Toledo, OH: Yesterday (April 5), the post-election campaign finance reports from the February 2019 Special Election revealed that out-of-state opponents of the Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR) spent almost 50 times as much as Toledoans for Safe Water, the group trying to protect Lake Erie. Toledo Jobs and Growth Coalition, which formed to oppose the LEBOR, led a well-funded campaign against the citizens initiative during the special election. Nevertheless, more than 61 percent of Toledo voters voted in favor of Lake Erie. 

BP Corporation North America, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, is listed as the sole monetary donor to the anti-LEBOR campaign, donating $302,000 with a wire transfer on February 12, 2019. Toledoans for Safe Water spent a total of $5,899.57 to advance the LEBOR. 

Toledo Jobs and Growth Coalition list campaign payments to Yellowstone Associates for consulting and New Troy Strategies for targeted direct mail, phone calls, radio ads, and text messages. Both organizations are based in Virginia and registered to Mary Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, according to the Virginia Secretary of State website. 

“The time has come for corporate-owned politics to take a backseat to the citizen-led efforts and movements for change. We want to be the ones who influence and shape our communities to reflect our values and protection for the city we call home,” stated LEBOR organizer Julian Mack. 

Although voters in Toledo approved the Lake Erie Bill of Rights in February, this David vs. Goliath battle continues in the courts. Drewes Farms Partnership, another outside interest, sued the city only 12 hours after the passage of the law by Toledo voters. The City of Toledo agreed to a preliminary injunction against enforcing the Lake Erie Bill of Rights.

“Lake Erie is the lifeblood of our community. Without a healthy lake, we the people of Toledo, not Columbus or Virginia, will suffer the consequences of health problems and economic loss. LEBOR shows how people can and should address the democracy problem that creates and fosters the major environmental issues we have been powerless to stop. These campaign finance reports, plus the lawsuit filed by another large corporate entity reveal the system and structure that has to be changed if a livable future in Toledo will exist at all,” commented Bryan Twitchell, LEBOR organizer. 

The reported contributions and expenses are listed below. 

Contributions: $313,205
CrossRoads Media, LLC. - $3,705
BP Corporation North America, Inc. -
$302,000 - Monetary
$7,500 - In-Kind
Monetary Total: $305,705
In-Kind Total: $7,500

Expenses: $305,645
Yellowstone Associates (Virginia)
$10,000 - Consulting

Shumaker Advisors (Ohio)
$10,000 - Consulting

BP Corporation North America Inc (Texas)
$12,708.61 - Donation Refund

Chain Bridge Bank (Virginia)
$140 - Bank Fees

Battleground Strategies, LLC (Ohio)
$25,000 - General Campaign Consulting

CrossRoads Media, LLC (Virginia)
$105,444 - Radio Ad Production and Placement

DDC Public Affairs (Washington, DC)
$10,000 - Digital Ad Production and Placement

Langdon Law, LLC (Ohio)
$10,000 - Legal Fees

New Troy Strategies (Virginia)
$122,352.39 - Campaign Outreach
$82,987.36 - Direct Mail, Targeted Voter Data
$16,500 - Radio Ad Production
$2,857.08 - Direct Mail
$10,514.82 - Text Messages, Phone Calls
$9,493.13 - Text Messages, Phone Calls

Now, an activist speaks out on this latest revelation.

BP: "Those meddling activists! I would have gotten away with it!"

The Real "Out of Town Extremists"
by Sean Nestor

Yesterday was the deadline to submit campaign finance reports disclosing how much money was raised and spent on the February 26 special election in Toledo. This was Toledo's FIRST opportunity to see who the mysterious "Toledo Coalition for Jobs and Growth" was - and the results are interesting.

It turns out the "Toledo Coalition for Jobs and Growth" -- the entity behind the flood of radio commercials alleging that our group, Toledoans for Safe Water, was made up of "out of town extremists" -- was, in fact, the only entity made up of out of town extremists.

This entity is neither from Toledo nor even a coalition; it was BP North America out of Houston, Texas - and they spent $302,000 pouring lies into the heads of unsuspecting Toledoans about the Lake Erie Bill of Rights. And, in spite of that, they still lost.
It's nice to know that sometimes, democracy still works. The Lake Erie Bill of Rights passed with a landslide 61% approval in spite of these fake ads, and two of our organizers are heading to New York City next month to give a speech about the LEBOR in front of the United Nations.

Still, our law is battling for its life in the courts, where high-powered lawyers are hard at work trying to make sure large corporations can remain unaccountable for the pollution they dump in our drinking water. The fight continues.

I'm proud to know that our scrappy grassroots group, Toledoans for Safe Water, managed to beat a large multinational corporation in an election despite being outgunned 50 to 1 in fundraising. This just goes to show the power of committed citizens working together to fight for change.

More in the news...

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights to be honored by the United Nations

Rights of Nature--A New Paradigm Shift

Can A Lake Have Rights?


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Power to the people--not the corporations! 


From Climate Hawks:

Once again, Donald Trump issued an executive order to expand his poisonous fossil fuel agenda -- this time expediting the Keystone XL pipeline.

Once again, Trump’s executive orders expanding his poisonous fossil fuel agenda fail in court -- this time, drilling in virtually the entire Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

We can’t rely on the courts to strike down every bad idea coming from Trump. We, the people, need to seize action.

Within just a couple of hours of each other, Trump signed an executive order supposed to expedite construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, after his prior executive order had been stricken by a court; and, separately, a judge struck down a Trump executive order revoking a sweeping ban on oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

You might think that we can simply lather, rinse, and repeat judges striking down everything illegal done by this corrupt administration. But you know that with Mitch McConnell packing the courts, we can’t count on judges to save us. We, the people need to stand up. We must resist every single time Trump tries to resurrect this zombie pipeline.

The pipeline will not only damage the environment but residents along the pipeline route also don’t want it! That’s why I’m writing to implore you to sign the pledge. The ask is simple:

"I pledge, if necessary, to join others in my community, and engage in acts of dignified, peaceful civil disobedience that could result in my arrest in order to send the message to President Trump and his administration that we will not permit the construction of the Keystone XL or other climate-killing pipelines."

Your fellow climate hawk,
RL Miller

"Trump Sidesteps Court Order, Issues Edict To Build Controversial Keystone XL Pipeline," Huffington Posthttps://www.huffpost.com/entry/keystone-xl-pipeline-trump-presidential-permit_n_5c9ee89ae4b00ba6327d620a
"Federal judge declares Trump’s push to open up Arctic and Atlantic oceans to oil and gas drilling illegal," Washington Posthttps://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2019/03/30/federal-judge-declares-trumps-push-open-up-arctic-atlantic-ocean-oil-gas-drilling-illegal/?utm_term=.ed972fbdaf7d

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A Sleeping Giant

What will it take until average Americans say, "We've had enough!"? Billionaire Betsy DeVos' recent antics have once again riled up many, but are they enough to wake "the sleeping giant" of the 99%? Coast Watcher provides us with a few insights this week. (Below you'll find a link to where you can sign a petition to have Betsy fired from her job as Secretary of Education. Let them know in D.C. that we've had enough of her!)

A Sleeping Giant

by Coast Watcher 

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. ~ Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto regarding the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

That infamous attack on peacetime America woke the country to war with Japan. Senator Bernie Sander’s call to arms during the 2016 presidential election woke the people of the United States to another type of war—the class war waged by the 1% against the rest of us.While it may lack the outright violence of total warfare, the conflict is still real and often deadly. 

Sheer greed is causing death through insurance companies withholding medical treatment from those in need. It’s causing death through the pharmaceutical industry’s indiscriminate promotion of opioids. It’s causing death through the usage of cancer-causing pesticides and herbicides such as Monsanto's Roundup. It’s causing death through dumping of toxic waste and floods of disease-ridden effluent from CAFOs into our water supplies. The 1% even post their mercenary police forces to guard useless and dangerous oil and gas pipelines from protesters, but those same police are nowhere to be seen when the pipelines burst and destroy the countryside.

The 1% have made strenuous efforts to suppress any and all information about their activities from reaching the general public. With 96% of all media in the hands of a few plutocrats it’s not difficult. When you compare independent news shows such as  Redacted Tonight, The Jimmy Dore Show and programs produced by Abby Martin with the output from mainstream media it’s not hard see the pattern emerging. PBS, the supposedly-neutral broadcast network has been so starved of funding by government over the years that it’s had to go cap in hand to oligarchs like the Koch brothers and the Walton family. It shouldn’t be necessary to point out that these people will dictate content, guiding programming away from areas of their corrupt businesses they don’t want the public to know about.

Unfortunately--for the 1%--the suppression of net neutrality isn’t 100% successful. Lee Camp, Jimmy Dore and Abby Martin are still out there, uncovering stories that the oligarchy doesn’t want you to know of. This humble blog is another outlet, correlating stories and information from across the globe in an effort to keep the public informed. The more the public learns about how the 1% is trying to make them go back to sleep so the oligarchs won’t be exposed for the world-wrecking gang they are, the more the public is angered by the duplicity.

A sleeping giant, once woken, has immense strength. In Jonathan Swift's Gulliver’s Travels the Lilliputians attempted to tie down the sleeping "giant" Lemuel Gulliver, but they found all their bonds failed when he sat up. So it must be that the 1%’s attempt to tie down the 99% will fail once we sit up and take notice. The Lilliputians are attempting to tie us down again, to make us go back to sleep. We must not allow that to happen. The Earth--and all that’s on it--is at stake. Stay woke. Stay alert. Fight the 1%.

BIO: Coast Watcher is determined to stay alert and ready by pouring lots of strong coffee to keep the rest of the 99% awake until the political revolution is firmly underway. He asks, "Would you like some cream and sugar with your revolution?" 


You're not seeing double. 

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From Network For Public Education Action:

For the sake of America's school children, Betsy DeVos must go. It was clear during this week's budget hearing that Ms. DeVos is not a responsible advocate for America’s children and taxpayers, but rather an ideologue who sees no place for public dollars and public institutions in the promotion of the public good. 

Tell Donald Trump it is time for Betsy DeVos to be fired. Sign the petition by clicking below.

Ms. DeVos’s request to cut funding for the Special Olympics Program horrified our nation.

At the same hearing, when confronted by Congress with the enormous waste that is generated from the Charter Schools Program, as documented in our NPE report, Ms. DeVos expressed no desire to investigate their concerns. Instead she replied, “We need more charter schools, not fewer.”

Ironically, her proposed $60 million dollar increase to create more charter schools, which would bring the program’s funding to a half billion dollars next year, would pay for Special Olympics funding more than three times over.

It is time to put ideology aside and put American children first. Let's speak with one voice--and demand that she be replaced.

After you sign, please post this link to your social media account.
Thanks for all you do.


Everytown for Gun Safety

Congress has the opportunity to protect women from gun violence. Sign the petition now >>

Next week, the House of Representatives will be voting to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) — a critical, multi-faceted piece of federal legislation that provides survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking with access to justice and social services. And this year, the VAWA bill includes provisions to reduce gun violence against women by: (1) expanding federal law to keep guns away from abusive dating partners and stalkers and (2) alerting local law enforcement when domestic abusers attempt to buy guns.

The extreme NRA leadership is opposing these common-sense bipartisan policies. But we need our representatives to place a higher value on the lives of women than on an abusive boyfriend's access to guns. And we're letting Congress know just how much support there is for these gun safety provisions. Add your name to our letter urging Congress to pass the Violence Against Women Act.

When a gun is present in a domestic violence situation, it's five times more likely that the woman will be killed by her abusive partner. Now's the time to address the deadly loopholes in federal law that let violent dating partners and stalkers keep their guns. Why would the extreme NRA leadership want guns in the hands of abusive boyfriends when we have the chance to save lives?

While the NRA tries to pressure lawmakers to vote against gun safety, we need you to take action and get this message to Congress: Protect women and save lives. With one click, automatically sign our petition urging Congress to protect women from abusive dating partners and stalkers.

Thank you for adding your name,
Sarah Trumble
Director of Federal Legislative Campaigns
Everytown for Gun Safety

From Progress America:
Seema Verma, Trump’s choice to run Medicare, spent millions in taxpayer money to try to improve her own public image - and wants to massively cut your Medicare benefits because she falsely claims they are unaffordable.

The hypocrisy couldn't be clearer. Verma is another Trump Administration hire who, like former HHS Secretary Tom Price, sees our government as a private piggybank. Like Price, Verma should resign in disgrace immediately.

Here’s a free tip for Seema Verma: If you want a good public image, don’t try to cut people’s Medicare and Medicaid. Don’t try to throw 20 million people off their health insurance. And don’t be a part of the most corrupt Presidential administration this country has ever seen.

It’s hard to stay shocked in the face of the shameless hypocrisy and public looting that goes on every day in Trump’s government. But it’s important that we not become numb to the corruption.

This isn’t normal. And the only way we can stop it is one piece at a time, until Trump and his Republican enablers are driven out of Washington.

Let’s start with Seema Verma.


Mike Phelan
Progress America

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Evil Empire Strikes Back


You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?  You didn't think the corporations that want to continue stealing and polluting our water would give up that quickly, did you? But the activists aren't taking this lying down...

Below is the latest press release from Toledoans for Safe Water about the recent legal challenge to The Lake Erie Bill of Rights. If you're not up on the continuing saga to ensure an algae-bloom-free lake and clean drinking water for 11 million+ human beings, here are some links to articles on their struggles.


The Little Mermaid helps field questions from reporters.

Lake Erie and Local Residents File Court Motions to Defend Rights of Lake

Industry lawsuit seeks to overturn will of voters to protect Lake Erie’s legal rights

TOLEDO, OH: Today, Lake Erie filed a motion to intervene in federal court to defend its legal rights under a law adopted by the people of Toledo, Ohio, on February 26.

Lake Erie filed a Motion to Intervene in the lawsuit Drewes Farm Partnership v. City of Toledo. The lawsuit, seeking to overturn the legal rights of Lake Erie, was filed by a large corporate law firm in Columbus less than 24 hours after the Lake Erie Bill of Rights was adopted.

The Motion to Intervene, if granted, would permit Lake Erie to become a party to the lawsuit and directly defend its own rights, now recognized in the Toledo City Charter, to “exist, thrive, and naturally evolve.”

Toledoans for Safe Water (TSW), the grassroots group that proposed the law, joined Lake Erie in filing the motion to become an intervening party. They also filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) assisted TSW in drafting the Lake Erie Bill of Rights and is representing Lake Erie and TSW in the motions.

Photo by the Little Mermaid of Lake Erie
In securing legal rights of Lake Erie, the people of Toledo join the growing “rights of nature” movement. Today, there are more than three dozen communities across the U.S. that have enacted rights-based laws that include provisions for rights of nature. As well, rights of nature laws and court decisions are in place in Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, India, with tribal nations, and elsewhere. The Lake Erie Bill of Rights is the first rights of nature law in the United States that specifically recognizes the rights of a distinct ecosystem to exist, flourish, and evolve.
"The people of Toledo proposed and passed the law, following years of inaction by government and industry to take meaningful steps to restore and protect Lake Erie. We recognized the need to elevate the protection of Lake Erie by securing its legal rights, moving beyond conventional environmental laws that permit pollution of the lake and deny the people any ability to protect it,” stated Crystal Jankowski of TSW.

“We proudly join with Lake Erie, and the people of Toledo, to defend the lake’s rights against efforts to undermine them,” stated Terry Lodge, the attorney who filed the intervention documents.

Explained Markie Miller of TSW, “If you’re going to court to try to overturn the legal rights of the lake, that means either you don’t support Lake Erie’s right to exist and thrive, or you want to conduct environmentally harmful activities that will violate those rights.”


We the People can take on the billionaires bent on ruining our environment!
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Power to the people--not the corporations! 

From Credo:

Just days after Trump took office, the EPA started erasing the words “climate change” across its website.1 The goal was clear: Hide the climate crisis so that oil, coal and gas companies can keep making billions.

But making the words vanish didn’t make the crisis disappear. And just because we know that Trump's EPA officials are corrupt does not mean we can let them off the hook. The EPA serves the public. We need the agency responsible for environmental protection to tell the truth about climate change. 

It’s time to tell EPA: Stop censoring science. Put the facts about climate change front and center on EPA.gov now.

After two years under the Trump administration, the EPA website is riddled with missing links and redirecting pages that obscure once easily found information. One section that provided local communities with resources for fighting climate change disappeared for months. When it reappeared, it included just 175 of its 380 pages.2

Public information on climate change matters. Without it, many people won't recognize the severity of the crisis and will not be motivated to act – which is part of why the EPA wants to hide it. Pretending the climate crisis doesn’t exist also helps the EPA to justify ignoring it in policymaking. The sustained attacks on our environment over the past two years are enabled by an agency burying its head in the sand. 

The website changes reflect a broader attack on science and scientists under the Trump administration. Government climate scientists report being prohibited from attending conferences or speaking publicly about their work.3 Scientific advisory boards have been disbanded.4 Funding for research has been cut. 

The ultimate effect of this censorship is to suppress scientific information when we need it most. Since the EPA's move to censor climate science from the public, temperatures keep rising. Hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey inflicted billions in damage. Wildfires in California devoured thousands of homes and tragically took over 100 lives.

It’s time for the EPA to stop trying to hide the truth of how our climate is changing and how burning fossil fuel is behind this crisis. 

Tell the EPA: Stand up for science. Put the facts on climate change back on the EPA website. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for fighting back,

Brandy Doyle, Campaign Manager CREDO Action from Working Assets

Add your name:

Sign the petition ►


  1. Laignee Barron, "Here's What the EPA's Website Looks Like After a Year of Climate Change Censorship," TIME, March 1, 2018.
  2. Ibid.
  3. Hannah Waters, "How the U.S. Government Is Aggressively Censoring Climate Science," Audubon Magazine, Summer 2018.
  4. Ibid.

From Corporate Accountability: 
This World Water Day, hundreds of thousands of people like you took action to advance our human right to clean, safe water at rates all people can afford across the U.S. and around the globe. In the U.S., hundreds of thousands of you raised your voices in support of the WATER Act. And in Lagos, Nigeria, our close allies at Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria sent a strong message on the need to support public water solutions.

One thing is clear: the grassroots movement for water justice is only growing stronger. And as a supporter of Corporate Accountability, you are part of this movement.

Just look at what we’ve already accomplished together. For years, Corporate Accountability has organized alongside local groups and communities to stop private water corporations like Veolia and Suez from taking control of public water systems in U.S. cities like Baltimore and St. Louis. We’ve challenged the bottled water industry’s abuses everywhere from small towns in Michigan and Florida to our most cherished national parks. And we’re poised for so much more: My team recently attended an international water justice summit in Abuja, Nigeria with organizers, experts, and activists from around the world to strategize and advance the global campaign for the human right to water. 

Help advance water justice for all with your gift today
In order to advance public solutions that put the human right to water first, we know we need to call for more federal investment in our water systems. And we have our work cut out for us.
Water corporations like Nestlé and Veolia have spent decades undermining public confidence in tap water, contributing to a dramatic decline in federal public water funding. Claiming to solve these problems, private water corporations often target our cities with privatization schemes that are designed first and foremost to generate profit for the corporations -- not improve water systems.

The WATER Act would reverse the decades-long trend of dwindling investment in crucial infrastructure. It’s exactly what we need to rebuild our public water systems and ensure people across the U.S. have access to clean, safe water at rates all people can afford.

More than 8,000 activists just like you have already signed on to our petition asking their representatives to support the WATER Act. To build on this momentum, we’re asking our most dedicated supporters like you to support water justice for all with a donation today.

Water is not a commodity to be bought and sold: it is a human right. Your donation today will ensure Corporate Accountability can continue to challenge the corporate takeover of our water and advance water justice for people in the U.S. and around the world.

Alissa Weinman Onward,
Alissa Weinman
Senior Organizer
Corporate Accountability