Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Away In A Baby Jail (Save Democracy!)

This just in: Democracy in America is officially dead--unless we work to save it! 

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR), a Rights of Nature citizens' initiative to protect the lake's ecosystem and the drinking water of millions, needs your help. It was voted onto the February special election ballot by an ordinance of the Toledo city council last Tuesday afternoon, only to be shot down yet again by the Lucas County Board of Elections the next Monday morning.  A city attorney stated that he received a "last minute email" protest from two individuals, Shaun Enright, Secretary and Business Manager of the Northwest Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council, and Joshua Abernathy, member of IBEW Local 8, via McTigue and Colombo, a law firm that is known for representing Ohio's natural gas and oil lobby among others. (More details here.) (And even more details here.)

The lawyer responsible for presenting the protest to the Board hid behind a pillar throughout the fifteen minute proceedings. The chair promptly gaveled the meeting closed after that, giving the public no opportunity to comment or ask questions. Two individuals were allowed to file a protest 30 minutes before the B. of E. meeting, delaying a decision on LEBOR until a "special hearing" called for December 20. 

Never mind the fact over ten thousand individuals signed the petition calling for a Lake Erie Bill of Rights. Never mind the entire metropolitan Toledo area's water supply was shut off for three days in 2014 due to unacceptable levels of blue-green algae pollution. Never mind the Supreme Court of Ohio was ambivalent about their decision earlier and united only once Big Money came into play. An attempt to shut down the whole movement to protect Lake Erie has been instigated by two individuals acting on behalf of Big Business.

Toledoans for Safe Water are not giving up. They will campaign for the February 26 special election as planned, as it's possible the measure will be allowed on the ballot at the very last minute (a tactic that's been used to kill similar citizens initiatives in the area).  TSW is now accepting donations via Paypal and used clothing locally to sell on as a fundraiser to purchase signage and ads. 

Help these valiant activists raise money to promote the Lake Erie Bill of Rights to the public against the deep pockets of Big Ag, Big Oil, and other lobby groups. Power to the People--not the Polluters! Please donate today to help get LEBOR on the ballot. Together we'll set a Rights of Nature precedent in North America!

And now on to our regularly scheduled rant.
The best thing about being on the censors' "shit list" is that you can pretty much say anything you like without fear of getting on said list since you're already there! It's never been a big concern for us here at The Revolution Continues in the past, but now with the outright blocking of this site, it's a challenge to see what other ways we can get on the corrupt establishment's nerves and drive them over the edge. So without further adieu...

Away In A Baby Jail
by C.A. Matthews
(Can be sung to either familiar tune of Away in a Manger. Or not.)

Away in a babe-jail, no crib for a bed--
The migrant babe Jesús lays down his sweet head.
ICE and border guards gassed Maria as she ran
And step-dad José was locked up in the can.

The racists are crowing--the poor baby wakes.
It's migrant babe Jesús Betsy DeVos takes!
A torrent of rich whites want "abandoned" brown kids--
To use them as slaves like their ancestors did.

This is America, freedom is a sham.
We've turned on our principles as sure as we stand.
We hate the poor and natives--genocide is the plan.
We've lost all our honor. Sieg heil orange man!


Disgusted? I meant at our current situation, not just the bad poetry. If I made you angry at both, then I've succeeded in my purpose.

Closing our eyes and pretending what the US is doing to asylum-seekers isn't happening won't make things right. Watching endless holiday bowl games and spending a million bucks in the mall shopping won't erase the harm and evil that has been perpetrated in our names. 

"My name?" you cry. "I don't have anything to do with those ICE thugs tear gassing women and children!" Sorry to break this to you, but you pay taxes, correct? Your US tax dollars are going toward building a border wall and more baby jails and paying private adoption agencies like the one Education Secretary Betsy DeVos owns. Your hard earn money even goes to paying the salaries of the twenty-first century American S.S. equivalent, ICE agents. There is blood on all of our hands and guilt cast upon our names a-plenty.

Stop lying to yourself. Denial is the name of a river in Egypt.  Egypt--you know the place. It's the land that Mary, Joseph and Jesus fled to because of the wrath of King Herod, a tyrannical despot who makes even Mr. Trump look benign.

What can we do about this horrible situation? Stop paying taxes? Possibly, if we all did it, all at once. That just might get the establishment's attention. But you could be locked up for not paying your taxes--and then how would you fight back against injustice from behind bars? Could that be the reason why the elites throw people into prison on the flimsiest excuses, such as the color of their skin or their socioeconomic status? They know we can't affect change if we're locked up?
Let's not give them the satisfaction. We need everyone in the fight. We need to speak out and make a lot of noise. Our voices need to be heard by the powers-that-be. The establishment needs to know how angry and disgusted we are. Our silence is killing human beings. We can no longer remain silent and simply wish this awful reality away.

This holiday season don't forget to speak out, demonstrate, protest, write letters to the editor, Tweet at your representatives, etc. Make the reason for your anger clear. Tell them to stop ICE and the Border Patrol from tear gassing and locking up of families and the separating of children from their parents simply because they're poor and running away from violence our government has helped to create in their countries over the years. Let's follow our own laws and render due process for those who seek asylum.

Then take your righteous anger and channel it into doing as many compassionate acts as you can for those who are hurting in your community. Feed the poor. Pay someone's heating bill who can't afford it this month. Watch a friend's kids so she can go to the doctor's or attend an important appointment, such as a job interview. Every act of kindness will make you stronger and ready to take on the evil establishment when the time comes.

This is the season of hope, peace, joy and love. Spread those positive vibes, and all the while keep both your ears and heart open to learning all you can to prevent future injustices from occurring.

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Reuters Photojournalist Talks About Photo of Children Fleeing Tear Gas at Border in Mexico

From The Poor People's Campaign:

Today, the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, the Kairos Center and Repairers of the Breach answer the call from the California Poor People's Campaign and the American Friends Service Committee to join faith leaders at the U.S.-Mexico border. Together, we demand a clear and just immigration system that prioritizes family reunification and the demilitarization of our communities on the border and the interior.

Watch the livestream of the interfaith service here.
The startling heartlessness with which our immigration system treats migrants is a rejection of human dignity. As we watch these families walking everyday closer, we see the same faces as those in our domestic refugee crisis from homeless encampments in Chico to the wildfires throughout Northern California. The haze of tear gas choking migrant children goes hand in hand with the armored cars deployed in Ferguson, Missouri. 

We have a moral obligation to uphold our nation’s promise to welcome the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. We cannot succumb to hateful rhetoric and conspiracy theories. Now, more than ever, we must stand for all those with whom we share a common suffering and hope. 

We’re here today at the San Diego border to demand the demilitarization of our border communities and an immigration system that recognizes the shared humanity of migrants seeking safety and refuge. But we can’t do this without you: Share our petition now to support the movement, wherever you are, and demand Congress take action.

Somebody has been hurting our people and it’s gone on far too long. And we won’t be silent anymore. 
Forward together, not one step back, The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
Tell the United Nations to investigate U.S. human rights violations of asylum seekers.
The petition to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights and High Commissioner on Refugees reads: "Launch an investigation into U.S. human rights violations of asylum seekers."
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►

Tell the United Nations to investigate U.S. human rights violations of asylum seekers.
Tear gas and rubber bullets should never be used to attack asylum seekers.

Yet, Donald Trump's deportation force used these weapons against unarmed refugee children and families. It also recently closed a major port of entry. And now, his hateful administration is considering a new rule that would require many refugees to pay an asylum fee.1

These actions are in gross violation of international law. More than 100,000 CREDO members recently demanded that the United Nations send observers to the border. Now we need it to go one step further and immediately launch an investigation.

Tell the United Nations to investigate U.S. human rights violations of asylum seekers. Click here to sign the petition.

The Trump administration has treated members of the migrant caravan like enemy combatants. It has launched tear gas and rubber bullet attacks against them, extended the military occupation at the border and authorized troops to use lethal force.2 Caravan members are unarmed refugees fleeing extreme poverty, violence and oppression. We should be welcoming them, not using violence and slowdown tactics to force them to give up and turn back.

The Trump regime's "metering" system is causing major delays, confusion and chaos at the border.3 It severely restricts the number of asylum seekers who enter the country every day. International law requires the United States to review every application for asylum. This system is preventing refugees from even applying. Now, the Trump administration is considering a new rule that would require many refugees to pay an asylum fee, adding yet another barrier to the process. It is also conspiring with the Mexican government to send these asylum seekers back to the countries they fled.4

These actions violate the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees under which the United States government has obligations. There is enough evidence for the United Nations to launch an investigation. It's up to us force it to act.

Join us and our friends at Presente, Puente and Mijente to demand that the United Nations investigate human rights violations at the border immediately.

Tell the United Nations to investigate U.S. human rights violations of asylum seekers. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Thank you for all you do,
Nicole Regalado, Campaign Manager CREDO Action from Working Assets
Add your name:
Sign the petition ►
  1. Michael Burke, "Trump mulling charging immigrants a fee for applying for asylum: report," The Hill, Dec. 4, 2018.
  2. Wesley Morgan, "Mattis extends border troop mission until end of January," POLITICO, Dec. 4, 2018.
  3. Jonathan Blitzer, "The long wait for Tijuana migrants to process their own asylum claims," The New Yorker, Nov. 29, 2018.
  4. The Guardian, "Mexico to deport up to 500 migrants who tried to cross US border," Nov. 26, 2018.

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From Friends of the Earth Action:
Earlier this year, Trump’s FCC gutted net neutrality. It took steps to give Big Cable companies like Comcast and Verizon even more control over the Internet.
Net neutrality is the principle of a free and open Internet. Now, thanks to Trump’s actions, Internet providers could soon start throttling speeds and creating fast and slow lanes online. But Congress could stop that from happening.

The Senate voted to overturn the FCC’s decision this summer after activists like you spoke out. Now, we need your help to push the House of Representatives to act before the end of the lame duck session. 

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers like Comcast and Verizon should not control what we see and do online. In 2015, the FCC enacted strong protections for net neutrality. They prohibited Internet providers from blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization -- "fast lanes" for sites that pay, and slow lanes for everyone else.

Thanks to the FCC’s recent decision, it will soon be easier for Internet providers to pick which stories you see online. It could force people to pay extra to see content that is critical of Trump or his corporate friends and Big Oil cronies. And it paves the way for fast lanes for the rich and slow lanes for the rest of us. 
Those who can pay to promote misinformation -- like the fossil fuel industry -- will get a new fast lane. And Comcast and Verizon’s power grab would let them decide what stories you get to see about Donald Trump’s attacks on people and the environment.

This could make it harder for people like you and me to organize online to stop him. We can’t let that happen. 
Take action now: Tell House Representatives the internet belongs to people, not Big Cable!

The FCC's massively unpopular decision has sparked a national movement to keep the Internet open and fair. Millions of people across the political spectrum are taking action in the streets, at their statehouses, outside the FCC, and before Congress. 

Net neutrality is vital to free speech, small business, and communities that might not otherwise have a voice in the mainstream media. There’s NO EXCUSE -- every lawmaker, both Republican and Democrat, should support net neutrality.

We need to make sure your Representatives hear from grassroots voices like yours, not their wealthy donors like Comcast and Verizon lobbyists.
As of now, more than 170 representatives in the House have supported restoring net neutrality -- but we still need at least 41 more members. We’re so close to a victory, but we still need your help. If engaged Friends of the Earth Action members like you speak up again, we can push the House of Representatives to restore net neutrality during the lame duck session.

Help us reach 50,000 signatures: Demand the House of Representatives restore net neutrality NOW!

Standing with you,
Liz Butler,
VP of organizing and strategic alliances,
Friends of the Earth Action

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

"Morally Indefensible War"

Let there be peace on Earth during this "season of peace" many of us pray. Unless you're the United States of America, that is. Then by all means unilaterally drop out of the INF Treaty and continue bombing innocent civilians in foreign lands, because that's how you spread freedom and democracy around the world, right? Even if we've forgotten how to show compassion to our fellow human beings, deep down we know there is another way... a better way. There are others who are willing to lead humanity on the road toward a lasting peace and justice for all. You might be one of them.
"Morally Indefensible War"  
by C. A. Matthews 

Dear Readers--

We thank you for being here today. It's hard to know how many of you actually will read this message, as Google--along with Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social media platforms--has been actively blocking access to The Revolution Continues webpage since the week before election day. Obviously, we touched a raw nerve with the corrupt establishment somewhere along the line. 

Up until the recent election, every indicator showed that our reach was growing, and more and more new readers were accessing the blog. Today we can't tell whether or not if the counters have been interfered to make us believe we were losing readership, or somehow we've lost thousands of readers just like that. (If you're a computer guru and want to help us determine what's up and how to stop it, please email us at thebernieblog2016@gmail.com Thanks!) It does seem a bit strange to lose 90% of our average weekly page hits overnight right before the mid-term elections. We have to assume there's been some kind of foul play.

Much love and thanks go out to our regular blog readers and to my fellow progressive bloggers, You Tubers and activist acquaintances worldwide. Even if it's just you guys who can reach this blog site, it's still worth doing. We all knew we were in it for the long haul, and it wasn't going to be easy. Power to the people--especially on those days when we wonder if it's worth all this stress! (Follow the Six Progressive Self-Affirmations in the meme and you'll feel better.)

When Barb McMillen and I started this blog back in 2015, we agreed we wouldn't give up on the blog until Senator Bernie Sanders was elected president. That didn't happen, and it nearly broke Barb's heart. (It didn't do  much for mine, either.) Barb was a Bernie delegate to the DNC convention in Philadelphia and a life-long Democrat. She took the primary rigging and the outrageous actions against Bernie supporters at the convention by the corporate Dems hard. It didn't do her fragile health any good.
RIP dear Barb
As a life-long independent, I backed Bernie's campaign because he was an independent thinker--a democratic socialist, no less--and stood up for what was right often in the midst of ridicule and derision from the status quo. (Who can forget his speech against the invasion of Iraq to a nearly empty House chamber?) While it hurt to see Bernie standing on a campaign stage trying to whip up support for corporatist candidate Hillary Clinton, I didn't dwell on the pain. I moved on and returned to my eco-socialist roots, as did many other Bernie supporters as witnessed by the increasing numbers of "Dem Exiters" and new Green Party members since 2016.

Times change and we have to be willing to take different paths in order to build that "future to believe in" that Bernie talked about. I don't necessarily believe that all of Bernie's tactics have been the right path to take for the good of our country and our world, but most of the time they have been sound and reasonable ones. You generally know where you stand with a guy like Bernie Sanders who speaks his mind and wears his heart on his sleeve. He didn't (and still doesn't) sully his integrity by taking money from corporate lobbyists. It's what attracted so many people to him to begin with during the 2016 primary season.  It attracted about 30,000+ in one arena where we heard him speak alone! And he did this day after day, week after week, and all the while the mainstream media ignored him at the behest of the corrupt establishment duopoly and their Wall Street bankster buddies.

There's no denying that it takes strength, courage and determination to do what Bernie did in 2016. It takes a person with clear vision and faith in his own sense of agency to accomplish his goals. That is what I will always respect about Bernie Sanders, even if I don't always agree with his current choice of political bedfellows.

So, when Bernie recently stood up in the Senate and introduced a bill to end the War in Yemen (and yes, it is a war--an undeclared one), I felt proud to have said I'd canvassed for him. He has kept his promise and fought for his goal to put an end to the endless wars for oil and to shut down the military-industrial complex. Sure, he doesn't have a spotless track record on this subject. He has voted to keep tax-payer money flowing into a military airplane plant in Vermont to keep it open, but in the end, he does seem to care about human beings on the whole and wants to ease their suffering. (This earlier video proves this.) He's willing to gamble his political future away by being outspoken for the oppressed. He's willing to put his neck on the line for them.

Bernie has proven this time and time again with his support and campaigning for a national single-payer health care system (the new and improved Medicare for All). He's proven it by rallying the troops in the "Fight for $15" strikes to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. He's proven this by taking a stance for free college education for all and for not deporting asylum-seekers and DACA kids.

Because Bernie cares, he's openly against warfare. He stands out like a shining beacon of morality in an immoral Senate. But wouldn't any half-way decent human being be against bombing school buses full of Yemeni children? Wouldn't any self-serving politician say he was against bombing school buses if he knew it would get him votes? Could he have an unspoken agenda that isn't necessarily a positive one?

While we can't read a person's mind or probe the deeper recesses of his heart for answers, we can look at a person's words and deeds. Bernie's actions have been consistently on the side of people, planet and peace over corporate profits. In that respect, Bernie Sanders is in line with the Green Party's platform, even if he won't join the party itself. It seems safe to say he's genuine when he says he wants to put an end to the War in Yemen.

But would Bernie be for stopping all wars--and never allowing the US to start another one ever again? Would he be against regime change and sponsoring coups in other countries when we don't agree with their choice in a leader? It remains to be seen. Word on the street says Bernie will run for president in 2020. We might actually get the chance to find out how he'll act when confronted with the full force of the military-industrial complex while sitting in the Oval Office. 

Until then, we must have faith that we are backing the right candidates. We must keep fighting the good fight against "morally indefensible war."  It takes more than just one straightforward senator to make the world a better place, after all. It takes all of us.

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However, there's a loophole in Bernie Sander's Yemen bill that allows continued US involvement:

US provides military aid to more than  70% of world's dictatorships:

Bernie speaks on national strategy call to win Medicare for All: https://medicare4all.org/event/nov13call/  

Bernie Sanders puts forward program that could split the Democratic Party:  https://blackagendareport.com/bernie-sanders-puts-forward-program-could-split-democratic-party


Bernie Sanders

Earlier this week, the United States Senate took the first step toward ending our country’s active participation in a morally indefensible war in Yemen — a war most Americans know little about and that Congress never voted to authorize.

Over the last several years, our support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen has been one of the great moral stains on our nation resulting in the worst humanitarian crisis on earth. During the last several years more than 85,000 children in Yemen have starved to death, while millions more of the people there face imminent starvation. With the water infrastructure destroyed by Saudi bombs, 10,000 new cases of cholera occur each week as people are unable to find clean drinking water.

And what my bill, offered with Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Chris Murphy of Connecticut, says is that instead of being part of the killing in Yemen, on behalf of a despotic Saudi regime, we should be doing everything possible to create a peaceful resolution to that war and provide the kind of humanitarian help Yemenis so desperately need.

With 63 votes in favor and 37 against, this is the first time in the history of the United States that the U.S. Senate has voted to advance a resolution withdrawing the United States Armed Forces from an unauthorized and unconstitutional war.

And our success has a lot to do with people at the grassroots level making their voices heard on this important issue.
But we still have work left to do.

Next week, I expect that we have another procedural vote and then a final vote on passage of the resolution. So we cannot stop now. Not if we want to see this victory through to the end and limit our engagement in Yemen to the humanitarian and diplomatic aid needed to relieve the suffering of millions of Yemenis. Add your name if you’re with me:

For decades and under presidents of both parties, Republicans and Democrats have abdicated their Constitutional responsibility to debate and decide whether or not our country engages in war.

It is not the president who gets to decide whether or not we go to war in Yemen, or Syria, or anywhere else. It is Congress.

And our vote earlier this week was a big step forward in reasserting that constitutional responsibility.

Not surprisingly, given our president's deep affection for authoritarian regimes, the White House has threatened to veto this bill if it gets to Trump’s desk. So what I want to do today with this petition is make sure Trump knows that it isn’t just the United States Senate that believes we should end our involvement in this humanitarian catastrophe, but the American people as well.

So add your name:

Enough is enough. Enough killing. Enough starvation. Enough destruction. This is the time to tell Saudi Arabia, and indeed the rest of the world, that we will no longer be a partner to the horrific crisis in Yemen.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

Tell the U.S. Senate: It's time to end the United States’ support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

Help us win the battle against endless war--support those who speak up for human rights and peace!

 The Revolution Continues has set up an easy way to donate to the cause of ending the scourge of the military-industrial complex and keeping it ad-free. Three years plus without obnoxious ads (that many news sites have to cover costs) has been great, but the editor does have to pay for internet, electricity, etc., out of her own pocket, and she would like to be able to pay her contributors in the future.

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Power to the people and not the corporations!

From RootsAction.org:

President Trump has announced plans to withdraw the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), a key nuclear disarmament pact with Russia signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 and approved by the U.S. Senate.

Congress should take action to keep the United States in the treaty. And either house of Congress alone has the power to refuse to fund any weapons prohibited by the treaty.

Click here to email your Representative and your two Senators.

Some members of Congress are already indicating an interest in taking action.

Congressman Ro Khanna has tweeted: "I am alarmed that President Trump is withdrawing from the INF treaty with Russia. This action plunges us back into a nuclear arms race and endangers our troops, allies, & the world, while wasting taxpayer dollars to prepare for a nuclear war that must never be fought."

The INF prohibits the United States and Russia from deploying both nuclear and conventional missiles with ranges between 310 and 3,420 miles. These are among the weapons most likely to lead to miscalculation or misadventure in a crisis.

Following ratification of the INF, the United States destroyed almost 1,000 missiles, and the Soviet Union almost 2,000. "But," writes Jon Schwarz at The Intercept, "arms control treaties are never about weapons and numbers alone. They can help enemy nations create virtuous circles, both between them and within themselves. Verification requires constant communication and the establishment of trust; it creates constituencies for peace inside governments and in the general public; this reduces on both sides the power of the paranoid, reactionary wing that exists in every country; this creates space for further progress; and so on."

Conversely, withdrawal from arms control treaties can feed vicious cycles of distrust, animosity, and militarization.

Click here to stop this disaster in its tracks.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which now shows the Doomsday Clock at two minutes to midnight, points out: "The INF withdrawal is part of a pattern. It is not the first nuclear treaty the U.S. has terminated; at the end of 2001 the United States walked out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty it had signed with the Soviet Union in 1972."

Both the United States and Russia currently accuse each other of violating the INF Treaty. Wherever the truth lies, the solution is not to pull out of the treaty, but to redouble diplomatic efforts to resolve the allegations. 

The United States and Russia control more than 90 percent of the world’s nearly 15,000 nuclear weapons. It is unlikely that any of the other nuclear-armed powers will be willing to engage in negotiations to control or eliminate these extraordinarily dangerous armaments if the United States abandons arms control.

A ratified treaty is a part of the “supreme law of the land,” former Senator Russell Feingold has noted — “which should logically mean that it could only be undone by Congress and the President, or at least by a vote of the Senate.”

Tell the first branch of government in the U.S. Constitution to step up and do its job.

After signing the petition, please use the tools on the next webpage to share it with your friends.

-- The RootsAction.org Team

>> David Cortright, The Nation: “The Peace Movement Won the INF Treaty. We Must Fight to Preserve It.”
>> Russell Feingold, NBCnews.com: “Donald Trump can unilaterally withdraw from treaties because Congress abdicated responsibility”
>> Zia Mian, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: “The INF Treaty and the crises of arms control”
>> Jon Schwarz, The Intercept: “What Trump and John Bolton Don’t Understand About Nuclear War
>> Ira Helfand, CNN.com: “Sheer Luck Has Helped Us Avoid Nuclear War So Far – Now We Need to Take Action”