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The Economy Demands Sacrifice!

The Economy Demands Sacrifice!

by Coast Watcher

COVID-19 is not going away. Waving a hand and saying it is does not make it so. The increasing spread of the Delta variant shows that the vaccination program must be stepped up and a new lockdown put in place to contain the disease. Yet in the middle of all this, schools are opening across America. Why? Because the Establishment has decreed, The economy demands sacrifice!

Big Business has jerked hard on the strings of their political puppets to ensure no more lockdowns will take place. The last efforts to contain the disease really hurt the multi-billionaires in their pocket books. That’s why schools are reopening. Who else will look after the future workers—sorry, children? These relatively cheap childcare institutions called schools are so necessary if workers are to go back to work and earn more money for the mega-rich.

The deliberate prevention of counter-measures in some states—I’m looking at you, Governors Abbott of Texas and DeSantis of Florida—is causing endless grief for families affected by the disease. The public is being told to suck it up in order to save the economy. 

DeSantis in particular stated that if schools attempt to institute mask-wearing mandates they’ll "find me standing in their way." Thankfully schools have worked around the governor’s attitude in open defiance in a laudable effort to give kids as little exposure to COVID as possible. A similar edict by Abbott of Texas resulted in schools requiring masks as part of school uniforms.

Why DeSantis and Abbott are throwing up roadblocks to safe, hygienic practices in their schools is a matter for speculation. They both need to sit down and work out exactly which lifestyle choices led them into becoming sociopathic monsters.

Deliberate vaccine misinformation is also answerable for the rising numbers of COVID victims. The fact that intensive care units are seeking to transfer patients thousands of miles across country to places which still have beds available is shocking. And little is being done to curb this misinformation. The Deep South is particularly suffering because of lies and untruths at the start of the traditional school year because children and young people are being hit with the Delta variant far harder than adults.

I have every hope that the upcoming General Strike scheduled for October 15 will hit the multi-billionaires hard. Rather than picket lines outside businesses I’d prefer for workers to put down their tools and stay home, or engage in a "soft" self-imposed quarantine lockdown. The government won’t stand up to Big Business, so we'll have to stand up for ourselves—and the children. 
BIO: Coast Watcher is tired of the  anti-vax/anti-mask bullsh*t being dumped on the most vulnerable of society--the sick, the elderly, the poor, and the children.  He's tired of the billionaires telling us that our lives have to be risked in order for them to grow richer. It's time for all workers to stand up and strike against the sociopathic puppets in power. It's time we stand up to protect our neighbors. The economy doesn't demand sacrifice--but We the People should of those who'd persecute us with their sick capitalist mentality!

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This Labor Day, let's celebrate workers by telling the Senate to pass the PRO Act. Every single worker should be paid fairly, have safe working conditions and time off to spend with their family. They shouldn’t be punished for organizing to join a union and speaking up for their rights.

The PRO Act is historic legislation that makes it easier for workers to join unions and imposes real financial penalties on corporations and CEOs who violate workers’ rights.*

You’ve already taken action to support the PRO Act so we know we can count on you to keep ramping up the pressure to get this bill passed. Can you join us for a virtual phone bank with CWA members and allies on Sept 2 at 6pm ET/5pm CT/4pm MT/ 3pm PT? Click here to RSVP.

You’ll need a phone and a computer to take part. No experience with phone banking? No problem. We provide training and support during the event.

We’ll also be holding an event on Tuesday, September 7 to tell Rep. Tim Ryan thank you for supporting the PRO Act! Join us if you can! Click here for details and to RSVP.

The PRO Act has already passed with bipartisan support in the House of Representatives, but is stalled in the Senate. That’s why we need your help to get more people to contact the Senators who are critical to making sure the PRO Act becomes law.

I hope you’ll join us!

In unity,
Dan Mauer
CWA Director of Government Affairs

*Get all the details about the PRO Act here: CWA.org/PROAct


From Rainforest Action Network:

More than 700 arrests and counting… rubber bullets, tear gas, and police violence against peaceful Indigenous leaders and Water Protectors on their own treaty land. Water Protectors are putting everything on the line to prevent the construction of the Line 3 pipeline, just as Enbridge races to complete the construction and speed up the climate crisis for profit.

As we speak, Water Protectors and frontline communities are at the Minnesota capitol holding space for as long as it takes for MN Governor Waltz and President Biden to get the message: Stop Line 3, stop violating treaties, and stop destroying the climate we need to live. Will you take action to support them and a livable climate?

This is a critical turning point: Only President Biden has the power to STOP this climate-destroying pipeline from being completed.

Scientists have already warned us that we’re on the verge of a tipping point in the climate crisis, and the only way to avoid it is to end ALL fossil fuel production NOW. It’s “Code Red for humanity.” That’s why it’s so critical that President Biden prevents this life-threatening pipeline from being completed.

We’re running out of time.

Help us let Biden know that climate talk means nothing without putting a stop to Line 3.

Photo by Alec Olson

We’ve said it before and we won’t stop until we live in a pipeline-free world: ​​The ONLY decision consistent with acting on climate and respecting Tribal Nation’s treaty rights is to STOP Line 3.

There’s still hope, but it’s going to take all of us to speak up and demand that Biden back Water Protectors and put an end to this deadly pipeline. It’s long past time for Biden to intervene. With fires, floods and droughts impacting lives across the country and around the world, stopping Line 3 is the only choice for a livable world. If he doesn’t, he’ll be known as the president who failed a nation on the brink of climate catastrophe.

A fossil-free future is possible, but we need everyone in this fight to make it happen.

In solidarity,

Ruth Breech
Senior Campaigner
Climate and Energy
Rainforest Action Network


A petition to President Joe Biden was read aloud in English and Japanese at the White House and at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, August 21, 2021, by David Swanson and Hideko Otake.

The petition and videos from Washington are here.

Sign the Petition.

The text of the petition is as follows:

To: U.S. President Joe Biden

We, the undersigned, wish to convey our strong support for the Governor of Okinawa, Denny Tamaki, and the indigenous people of Okinawa, and their request for the cessation of the building of a U.S. military airbase in Henoko.

On January 13th 2021, Governor Tamaki sent a letter to President Biden (enclosed) outlining the many reasons the airbase construction project at Henoko should be dismantled, including:

Overwhelming opposition by the Indigenous Okinawan people. In a prefectural referendum, 71.7% voted against the project. There have been continuous protests and even hunger strikes by the public.

Engineering unfeasibility. The construction plan requires large-scale land reclamation work, but the seabed that will be reclaimed is as soft as mayonnaise and poses massive engineering problems which has caused the completion date pushed from 2014 to 2030 and the cost from $3.3 billion to $8.7 billion. Some engineers do not believe that it is even possible to build. Even Mark Cancian of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has concluded in a fact-driven report that it is unlikely that the project will ever be completed.[1] Moreover, the site is vulnerable to earthquakes. There is an active fault under the site.[2]

Irreparable environmental damage. The ocean area that is being reclaimed is unique in its biodiversity and is the home of endangered marine mammals such as dugongs.

The United States maintains 119 military facilities in Japan. Okinawa, which makes up only 0.6% of the entire land area of Japan holds 70% of these facilities, which cover 20% of this small island. For decades, the people of Okinawa have suffered at the hands of occupying forces. The U.S. military has already caused grievous harm by aircraft accidents, crimes by U.S. service members and major environmental pollution by toxic substances such as PFAS. The very least the U.S. could do is to stop building yet another base on this besieged island.

Sign the Petition.

Endorsed by Peace for Okinawa Coalition, New Japan Women’s Association Kasugai Branch, Henoko New Base Construction Opposition Concerts in Nagoya, Aichi Solidarity Union, Aichi Sight and Hearing Disability Council, Article 9 Society Nagoya, Society for Solidarity with the People of Okinawa and Korea through the Movement against U.S. Military Bases, Nara Okinawa Solidarity Committee, Green Action Saitama, Mizuho Article 9 Society, 1040 for Peace, Alaska Peace Center, Americans Who Tell the Truth, Antiwar Advocates of Minnesota CD2, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign, California for a World BEYOND War, Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament (CICD), Campaign for Peace Disarmament and Common Security, Caribbean Labour Solidarity, Christian Peacemaker Teams, CODEPINK, CODEPINK Golden Gate, Communist Party Australia Melbourne, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization-CEPO, Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin, Environmentalists Against War, Florida Peace & Justice Alliance, FMKK The Swedish anti-nuclear movement, Gerrarik Ez √âibar, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Global Peace Alliance BC Society, Granny Peace Brigade NYC, Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Hawai‚Äôi Peace and Justice, Human Rights Coalition of the Central Valley, Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, International Human Rights Commission, International Institute on Peace Education, Just Peace Queensland Inc, Kelowna Peace Group, Kulu Wai, Ligh Path Resources, Manhattan Local of the Green Party, Marrickville Peace Group, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, Military Poisons, Monterey Peace and Justice Center, National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, Niagara Movement for Justice in Palestine-Israel (NMJPI), Office of Peace Justice and Ecological Integrity Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, Okinawa Environmental Justice Project, Pax Christi Baltimore, Pax Christi Hilton Head, Pax Christi Seed Planters/IL/USA, Pax Christi Western NY, Peace Action Maine, Peace Action Network of Lancaster, Peace Action of Staten Island, Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois, Peaceful Skies Coalition, Pivot to Peace, Prince George's County (MD) Peace & Justice Coalition, Rethinking Foreign Policy, RJ Cooper & Associates Inc., Rohi Foundation, RootsAction, Sanctuary of Mana Ke`a Gardens, Sisters of Charity Federation, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Congregational Leadership, Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy, Slintak Aviation, Southern Anti-Racism Network, St. Pete for Peace, Sustainable Development Association / Indigene Community, Swedish Peace Council, Takagi School, The Free Minds, The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice, Topanga Peace Alliance, Ukrainian Pacifist Movement, Uniting for Peace, Veterans For Peace, Veterans for Peace - Santa Fe Chapter, Veterans For Peace 115, Veterans For Peace Baltimore MD Phil Berrigan Chapter #105, Veterans For Peace Chapter 14 Gainesville Fl, Veterans For Peace Linus Pauling Chapter 132, Veterans For Peace Spokane Chapter #35, War Resisters International (Australia), WILPFstlouis, Win Without War, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Canada, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Corvallis OR U.S., World BEYOND War, Youth Hands for Development Organization, and YOU?

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