Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Give Peace A Chance!

 All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance!
by Cindy A. Matthews

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein made this statement on a recent C-SPAN Town Hall:
Are you okay with the nuclear war (if Hillary is elected)? Six months from now, we could be in a nuclear war with Russia thanks to Hillary's foreign policies.

We have seen what Hillary can do in Libya. She says what she wants to do in Syria (establish a no-fly zone that puts us in direct conflict with Russia). It's important not to drink the Kool-Aid.
Don't just be a victim of the propaganda. You really need to look at the track record and make a principled decision. What we say is--the biggest wasted vote is a vote for more of what is throwing (us) under the bus. Invest your vote in a true social movement for real change.

Simply put, and to quote John Lennon's lyrics: "All we are saying is give peace a chance!" (And vote for Jill Stein. The Greens take a strong stand against taking military action when diplomacy works better.)

Many Americans have become depressed and worried that we'll be at war with Russia any day now. (This article shows you which candidate worries the experts the most and why they're worried.) How in the world has it ever come to this in an election year of all things? 

Oh, right... It is an election year. That's exactly why this saber-rattling has begun in earnest. The candidates from both factions of the establishment party (the Demo-Reps) want to look "tough" and "macho," no matter their stated gender. Somehow threatening to start a war is supposed to make a politician look like a "leader" as opposed to a "warmonger?"

The outlandish behavior  of accusing Russia for hacking into the DNC emails has come about because Obama and company are desperate to hide  the lies and election rigging the DNC perpetrated upon the American people during the primary season. Their criminal behavior and manipulation of the media caused the likely winner of the Democratic primaries, Senator Bernie Sanders, to endorse the candidate the corporate-owned Democratic Party leadership wanted to install all along. 

And now their chosen corporate puppet (Hillary Clinton) has become the most disliked and mistrusted candidate in American electoral history. She might even qualify as most disliked and mistrusted human being ever before this if over. (The more of her emails you read, the more disgusted you feel.)  Even Donald Trump, who many feel was elevated to the Republican nomination by DNC machinations because he was considered unlikable, has a slightly better likability rating than  Hillary Clinton. Odder still, it was revealed in Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta's leaked emails that Trump had been the preferred choice of the Democratic Party all along to run against Clinton. 

Ouch! The DNC can set up a buffoon in the guise of the Donald to run against Hillary, but they can't rig her likability rating as they did the primaries? To quote the wisdom of the Beatles: "Money can't buy me love." (Perhaps the Super PAC hundreds of millions are for buying Clinton votes instead?)

The DNC, Hillary Clinton and President Obama assume if we're all in a dither about nukes raining down upon our cities and towns we won't have time to ask hard questions and demand the election-rigging/voter suppressing culprits at the DNC (including Clinton) receive punishment. After all, Clinton allegedly told a Wall Street audience exactly how she sees ordinary Americans--as a "bucket of losers."  We're simply not smart enough to catch on to her and her corporate-owned party's dirty tricks. 

But to risk a nuclear war? It's unthinkable... unless you're a politician on the take, or so it seems. (Watch We're Not in a New Cold War--It's Far Worse): https://youtu.be/bLd__ANjHUg)

These shenanigans are enough to make an older voter miss the honesty and sincerity of Richard M. Nixon. No, I'm not being sarcastic, just nostalgic. Nixon at least had the decency to step down when he was caught doing something illegal red handed. (Maybe Hillary wants to cover up how she and Bill sold uranium to the Russians a few years ago? https://youtu.be/AHiuGbwvDww)

To further understand the rationale behind the Obama Administration's/Clinton Campaign's blaming the Russians for the DNC's problems, read the following article by A. J. Matthews. You'll see how this "extremely dangerous old trick" has been used time and time again in history whenever a politician finds himself/herself in hot water--and the only people who get scalded are ordinary people.

An Extremely Dangerous Old Trick
by A. J. Matthews
“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.” --Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany.

Lately we've witnessed the unedifying spectacle of the US president and the Democratic Party contender blaming the Russian government for hacking into the party's computer systems and interfering with the election process. It's another incarnation of a political trick as old as time.

Government, do you suffer from conflict and division at home? Blame all your troubles on another country and pick a fight with them! That way you can rely on good old patriotism to bring everyone back into line.

Otto von Bismarck did exactly this in 1870 when his newly-unified Germany showed signs of falling apart due to internal dissent. He picked a fight with France, then considered the most powerful nation in Europe, won the war and reshaped the course of history.

An old trick--except this old trick is extremely dangerous in the age of nuclear and biological weapons.

Last week, President Obama officially pointed the finger of blame at Russia, accusing it of committing cyberattacks against political targets in the U.S. These cyberattacks exposed the corruption within the Democratic National Committee by first making public emails from former Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other top officials. 


The disclosure of the preference among the DNC chair and her allies for Hillary Clinton over Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries prompted the Florida congresswoman to resign just days before her party’s nominating convention in Philadelphia. Her resignation was a cosmetic exercise only. Wasserman-Schultz received a sideways promotion to head Clinton's campaign.

Because of these accusations the world is entering a new and deadly phase. Mainstream media glossed-over or actively cheered Hillary Clinton's advocacy for killing civilians and starting a war with Russia during a recent presidential debate. Her announcement that she would enact a no-fly zone over Syria to further her aim of removing Syrian President Assad from power sounded alarm bells across the world. 

US Peace Council says Syria not a civil war but an invasion (video):


It's quite plain Russia is Clinton's real target by implementing such a policy. The Russian government has deployed antiaircraft missiles to Syria to prevent this kind of operation specifically from hindering its own actions there. If Clinton gains the White House and enacts her espoused policies, America will be facing a new and major war.

Conflict in Syria and Yemen is threatening to spread and grow. Aside from the anti-aircraft missiles in Syria, Russia has also deployed nuclear-capable ballistic missiles to its Kaliningrad enclave, missiles capable of hitting Berlin and Copenhagen. There are reports of Russian Prime Minister Putin ordering the families of diplomats to return home. Four hundred million Russians recently participated in civil defense drills associated with nuclear war.

Since the start of the Ukraine crisis in 2014, Russia has flexed its muscles with a series of war games involving tens of thousands of troops in areas bordering the NATO Baltic states. One Democrats Abroad delegate I spoke to at the DNC convention told of Russian troops pouring across a bridge where she was visiting friends in the Eastern Ukraine only the week before she left to attend the convention in Philadelphia. The passage of these troops took three days to complete, such were their numbers. NATO has responded to the movements by agreeing to deploy four battalions in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as of next year to bolster its eastern flank.

It's a blatant lie that the Russians pose any kind of threat to American domestic issues, yet Clinton with the active complicity of President Obama seem determined to blame Russia. Is the need to hide wrongdoing in an election between two corrupt and despicable candidates worth starting a war over?
Bismarck once said, “The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.”

In later life, after three wars which unified the German states (Danish War 1864, Prusso-Austrian War 1866, Franco-Prussian 1870-71), he admitted: 
"Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war."

Why do our leaders seem to think the world has to keep reinventing the wheel? Why do we have to keep fighting wars only to learn in the end how terrible they are?
The United States has been in a continuous state of war since 9/11. In spite of nuclear weapon control treaties, both the US and Russia have somewhere in the region of 7,000 nuclear warheads apiece. An escalation in the current tension could well see the nuclear nightmare of the 1950s and 60s come true. With the military personnel made up of the 99%, you can bet the 1% will be staying snug in their shelters dotted around the world while we, ordinary peoples, suffer the fallout, both radioactive and otherwise.
Time to take that step back from the brink.
Bio: A. J. Matthews is an armchair historian/historical re-enactor, and a Brit living in the US who closely watches developments on both sides of the Atlantic.


We have a very special guest blogger this week. I've worked with Eddie at Bernie2016 TV/Political Revolution TV this past year, and he is a remarkable young adult with a great deal of insight in the current political process.  (Warning: The following contains some use of adult language. Reader caution is advised.)

We May Have Nearly Witnessed WWIII 
Happen Before Our Eyes
 (and, of course, the Clintons had something to do with it)

by Eddie Alvarado

Sounds like a stretch living in the murder machine we call life and a world power like the United States, but this time we may have gotten there. The new wolf for the United States to cry about has become good ol’ Mother Russia. (Disclaimer: I don’t support hacking unless it is the case of whistleblowing such as Snowden or organizations like WikiLeaks.) 

Ms. Clinton and President Obama, as well as certain aspects of the Justice Department, have formally accused Russia of the hacks into The Democratic National Committee, John Podesta’s emails, and being responsible for Guccifer 2.0. Apparently these Russian hackers are trying to alter and affect the election for the benefit of the man with an overgrown chinchilla for hair who thinks grabbing pussy is the same as reading Braille.

Why am I connecting the candidates to WikiLeaks and the butt hurt of a nation? Because the Hillary Clinton campaign has something to do with the hoopla. With emails showing and confirming that she believes her "opponents" (environmentalists, political opponents of her policy) were supporting the
Kremlin and has Russian ties. It isn’t helping her struggle to win over Millennial voters, who are against her neo-conservative policies, since she is wooing more Neo-Cons and hardcore right wingers.

With Russia apparently telling their diplomats, citizens abroad, etc.,to come home and be with their loved onesand prepare for the worst, it sounds iffy enough, especially after the allegations on Friday. The US and Russia are cutting negotiation attempts in the drama involving Syria. And to top it off, there are reports coming in from the Independent and the Wall Street Journal stating, “Russia shipped a sophisticated nuclear-capable missile system toward its territorial enclave bordering Poland, according to Western government officials, introducing a powerful military asset into an already tense region and prompting expressions of concern by allied officials.”

What are you crying about, this isn’t the end of the world?  Or is it?

Hopefully not. But let me not be the fearmonger of the group. We have Hillary taking that role. This is where progressives of the Bernie movement come in. Why? Because the environment was already the driving force between the current life and death situation with a possible war with the third or second most invested military in the world. It makes the situation even worse since hell could break loose because Russia could do something we don't expect. Instead of us taking the battle to them, they come to us. 

Yeah, we dealt with this before, but that happened when we used to be forest men and our neighbors used to live two miles away from us, so we could hide and have less casualties. But we are urban now, and I don’t think I need to describe the possible implications an invasion or actual WMDs from Russia or their allies being used on the US.

But for HRC, it is an economic opportunity for lobbyists. Corporate America is praying for something like this to happen so we can get in those fighter planes and warships for good ol’ Murica. They earn money from our suffering. We'll  suffer a weaker economy because most of our resources will go to war efforts, which will not be good for our GDP nor our stocks--unless you’re Boeing or a private prison that takes POWs. War will erode our ties to China, one of Russia’s allies, and Baby Il’s country, North Korea. We don’t have a good stance there, but as long as we keep getting our stuff being made in China and allies affiliated with them, we are kind of f***ed.

You can complain as much as you want, saying, “Oh my God! Do you want Trump? Hillary is more qualified and is better than him. He eats babies and she doesn't!” But this isn’t the article for that sort of complaint. Ask Bill Maher or Sarah Silverman for it.  I will agree that Sec. Clinton is  more qualified than Trump, as she has held elected office, but again, it isn’t the point of this article. 

Now, let’s get to the emails. 

New revelations and emails are being revealed almost every day until election day, or until the archive is complete.  WikiLeaks has proved that Secretary Clinton does not hold the interest of the American people--just the people who feed her. Recent emails show she does use the blame game on the Russians to push the narrative that we need to make those super hackers heel. But without those same people, we wouldn’t have known the DNC was actively working with the Hillary 2016 campaign to sabotage Bernie’s name and campaign. Without them, we wouldn’t have known. The Bernie supporters wouldn’t have had confirmation the primaries were rigged and federal crimes were committed. 

In previous dumps, top Clinton aides mock Christianity, after they were caught attacking major religious groups. Where the hell is the outrage? I can’t make a joke about religion without getting sh*t on. Dump round six of the emails released by WikiLeaks shows Clinton actually deserves indictments under the Espionage Acts. The emails prove intent with Brian Fallon saying the retroactive classification excuse was bullsh*t confirmed by him. 

From hrod27@clintonemail.com to John Podesta, on the top area of the email it shows: “Note: Sources include western intel, US intel, and intel in the region.” This means it could contain classified information. (Editor's note, Mr. Podesta did not have a classified clearance at the time of the email.) Clinton has escaped indictments. (FBI Director) James Comey chose to be her judge, jury, and the judicial process. 
Confirming the debates were intentionally made to limit viewers and to keep other Dems unnoticed:  https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5688#efmASYAcT

Bill Clinton's NEA Chair: We wanted to make a citizens more compliant, so we wanted to raise "unawareness":  https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/3599#efmARJAWn 

Here are three more paid speeches Clinton made to Goldman Sachs: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/11011

"Boo hoo, these emails don’t give you basement dwellers an excuse to leave Hillary," some might say. As you know, Clinton is getting more and more anal regarding Russia, and the more incriminating emails show she is nowhere near aligned with her public positions.  This shows that she isn’t for the American people. The Bernie supporters were right and are justified for not voting for her.
You can’t go around demeaning and dehumanizing a group of people for more than a year and a half and then disenfranchise the voters who wanted to vote for Bernie, and then use a whole convention not to discuss policy.  Instead, it's about fear and hate-mongering against Donald Trump than actual debate and working to get those delegates (who were later stripped of their credentials for participating in democracy) and giving  them chance to find a better candidate.  

Supporting a monster like Clinton is saying, "I will support the corruption happening constantly. I support the degradation of this planet," because we know damn well she wants fracking out the a** and will expand it if she makes it to the presidency. She'll also continue the atrocities going on in the Middle East, allowing and supporting the war crimes in Israel against Palestinians.

I do no support Trump, and I never will, but I will never cast my support for her.
What's happened to Julian Assange? Nothing serious has happened to him. Apparently according to WikiLeaks, a state party has intentionally severed his internet connection. I’m surprised Hillary isn’t congratulating that "state party" for taking him down. 


An Annual Gathering of Greens

The Lucas County (Toledo, OH) Green Party Annual Meeting was held at the Frederick Douglass Community Association on October 16.  There they celebrated another year of Greens in action in their community and gave out the annual "Anita Rios Award" for service to Green activism to Doug Jambard-Sweet for his work on the Move to Amend ballot initiative.

Some of the highlights of the evening included hearing from Green Party US Senate candidate Joseph DeMare. He said grassroots momentum is growing and the Green Party was polling at 5% statewide (and possibly higher). Joe tried to get into the US Senate debate in Youngstown, but he wasn't allowed in by the establishment parties (no surprise). More protests are planned at upcoming Senate debates in Columbus and Cleveland. He was allowed to speak at the Cleveland Plain Dealer's editorial board candidates' interview recently along with incumbent Senator Portman (R) and Democrat Ted Strickland. (Joe said he made some great points, particularly at Portman's expense.)  You can follow Joe DeMare on Twitter at @Demare4Senate.

Doug discussed the Move to Amend ballot petition (getting big money out of politics). Sean Nestor (of Toledoans for Safe Water) talked about the Lake Erie Bill of Rights, a petition that would allow the citizens of Toledo to sue polluters and hold them accountable for ruining our drinking water.  You might recall the algae bloom problems on Lake Erie that caused the Toledo area to be without drinkable water for some time a couple of summers back. With the rate of climate change increasing and more agribusiness chemical run-off, this sort of problem isn't going away without action.

Perhaps the best quotes of the night came from Danny (a man wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years) who said, "We gotta educate people!" (about the Green Party), and Shannon (a recovering Democrat) who said, "This election is too important to not vote third party!" 

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka will be speaking at the Frederick Douglass Community Association in Toledo on October 29. More details on the "Our Revolution in NW Ohio" Events page (link on the sidebar or click here).

The Green Party's principles (above) and Why Jill Stein is running for president (below). More reasons why progressives are voting Green!



  1. We are seeing the slow motion corporate takeover of the United States, courtesy of those supposedly elected to represent its people. Cl!nton has so much dirt against her name that real criminal charges are not only possible but must be enacted against her. Yet here we see the President, the Attorney General and the FBI all conspiring to run interference on her behalf. I've seen polls that show her neck and neck with the orange-faced guy. Given the amount of vote rigging and electoral fraud we saw during the primaries, I'm sure that if she wins the election it'll be down to more of the same. The desk chair in the Oval Office won't even have a chance to grow warm before President Cl!nton signs the TPP and consigns democratic government to the trash can of history.

  2. It's unbelievable that anyone would risk waking up the "bear of Russia" just to cover up their own lawbreaking, but shillery clinton seems willing to do it to save her own neck. Obama goes along with her tricks because she's got enough on him to assure his cooperation. It's enough to make you sick. We should amend the Constitution and label the chief executive the "chief liar and manipulator in chief". Her corporate paymasters will be laughing all the way to the bank--in the Cayman Islands, of course.

    It's time to vote for Jill Stein! Green Party represents progressives and wants a future for all Americans that's safer, saner and healthier. Let's evict the establishment. Vote Green!

  3. Vote green! I agree all of them.



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