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A listing of activist opportunities, marches and events in NW Ohio and S Michigan updated regularly at the Toledo City Paper:

The Resistance Calendar lists activist opportunities, marches and events all over the US (and world): https://www.resistancecalendar.org/

 Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio  
Calendar for Spring 2017  
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IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN PROTECTING OUR WATER - Toledoans For Safe Water will be doing an overpass light brigade this Wednesday, March 22 from 5-7 PM and 7-9 PM over ProMedica Parkway. If you can help hold up illuminated letters encouraging people to sign the Lake Erie Bill of Rights, contact Toledoans for Safe Water. https://www.facebook.com/ToledoansForSafeWater/

Health Care Rally

Taking action for Health Care Justice!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Time: 5:30 to 7 pm
Location: 420 Madison Ave, Toledo, Ohio

Everyone frustrated with the American Health Care Act are invited to the Rally.

Let Senator Rob Portman know how you feel.
We will have inspiring speeches, cheers and jeers, and call for actions.
Bring home-made signs.

Find out about the alternative health Care systems that has been proven to cover everyone at half the cost. Universal Health Care is Medicare Expansion and Improvement.

Find your voice for a Health Care Rally. Learn, shout, and become active in our democracy!!

Letters and post card to sign, training and signups for personal visits with your Representatives and Senators.
Elected officials invited.

Sponsored by Single Payer Action Network (SPANOHIO.org)

Contact: Dennis Slotnick, Region 2 Coordinator: 419-704-1863.

 Our Revolution in NW Ohio combines forces again with SPAN OHIO on the same day that Healthcare-NOW, PNHP, PDA, NNU * are calling for a National Day of Action for Improved Medicare for All!

Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Part 2:

April 8, 2017 3:30-5:15 PM

Maumee Public Library, 501 River Road , Maumee, Ohio.

Public invited. Refreshments provided. Elected officials invited.

Informational sessions on pros and cons of different health care systems. Open discussion with Public policy experts. Question and Answer session with elected officials. Allied Groups participating. Tips and techniques for building your democracy skills. Sign petitions, write letters, make phone calls train for talking with legislators.

Cosponsored by: SPAN Ohio ( SPANOHIO.org) and Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio.  Contact: Dennis Slotnick 419-704-1863

* Health-NOW (Healthnow.org) - a national organization for single-payer health care. PNHP is Physicians for National Health Program (PNHP.org).

NNU is National Nurses United (Nationalnursesunited.org). PDA is progressive Democrats of America (PDA.org) 

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