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(And check back often for updates of upcoming progressive events.) 

A listing of activist opportunities, marches and events in NW Ohio and S Michigan updated regularly at the Toledo City Paper:

The Resistance Calendar lists activist opportunities, marches and events all over the US (and world): https://www.resistancecalendar.org/

 Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio Events 

Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio meets weekly on Wednesdays (usually) in the Toledo area. Look for announcements on their Facebook page. (Link above)

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 6 - 8 p.m. Maumee Library, Panel on protesting, how to resist/respond. Organized by Jeremy Bernstein

Wednesday, Sept 27 6:30-8p.m., Point Place Library, 2727 117th St, Toledo  Fired Up! Ready to Go! Road Show, focused on gerrymandering education and petition signature training/collecting

September 29: evening (time and venue TBA). Move to Amend Barnstorming Presentation - Two members of Move to Amend's National Board of Directors, George Friday and Laura Bonham, will offer a presentation on " Corporate Constitutional Rights in the context of Racism and Corporatism" to be followed by general discussion and actions to be taken.

September 30: 3 p.m. 808 Village Trail, Maumee, Toledo Move to Amend. Final meeting on Strategies and plans for building a culture for people, not for corporations. People, not profits.

October 3: 6:30-8:00 p.m. Fremont Birchard Public Library,  423 Croghan St  Affordable HC group.  PPT and Q and A. 

October 9:  6 p.m. Discussion on Issue #2,  137 N Main St, Swanton.  


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