Monday, July 25, 2016

We Are Seeing YOU in Philly!

We've made  it to Philadelphia--along with many thousands of other Berners!

It's been a long and very exhausting first day (with record high temps) so the writing will come later. For now, enjoy some photos of some of the excitement we witnessed on the streets and in FDR Park today.

We witnessed the Clean Energy March and some of the rally in the park. Alas, Bernie wasn't there. Word on the street says that we could see him Monday, so we're holding onto that hope.

In the meantime, try to find us in the crowd, the marches, the rallies (or the jail) and talk to us. We'd love to hear from progressive thinkers and discover what they really want to read in future editions of  Our Revolution Continues --The Bernie Blog.  (The how-to-submit page link is on the right sidebar--and so is the "March on DNC" page link. Click on it for info about the various happenings in Philly.) 

You can watch many events and marches on Political Revolution TV this week, so we encourage you to do so. You might even see us on You Tube at PRTV.  If so, sign in and chat with us live or leave a comment if you catch us after the fact. 

DemocRATS are making this "rat" angry. He says "Write-in Bernie."
 Philly is a big place and we're not sure what all is going to happen and who we'll bump into, so sit back and enjoy the ride with us. #OurRevolution has begun in earnest. Power to the people!

Peace, love and progressive thinking be with you always. -- Cindy 

 Sally, a 92 year old Bernie delegate from New Mexico, sang us an original tune at the rally in FDR Park. Awesome!

Here's an update from Ohio Delegate Dennis Slotnick:

My friends and political activists. 

Receiving this message from me means you made it to the select list of those who will be getting regular feedback from the delegation. As unfiltered  the mainstream media. As a Bernie delegate I will do my best to convey what I see and hear during the DNC convention. As a scientist I will do my best to be objective ( but that is virtually impossible in the political realm).

If at any time you would like to not get these or comment on these, let me know by reply.  
Here we go!  already we have challenges going in:  VP pick is not sitting well with many Bernie people.  superdelegates may not be eligible to vote, TPP is hottest issue, may get minority mic time.

Attorney general just got notice that Clinton campaign interviened in the election process, biases in DNC in Hillary leaks are breaking news.  

Realize anything can happen here. Especially with information technology like never before.  

 Feelin' the Bern 

Dennis Slotnick,  CD #5 delegate, Ohio 
A Berner who brought his llama to talk about the treatment of farm animals. Yes, that's an actual llama in the middle of downtown Philadelphia... Berners go the extra mile to get their message out! Feelin' the Bern indeed!

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  1. It was quite an experience. The sheer energy and enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein amazed me. We'll take it the next step. The GOP may have its racist, misogynistic fascist candidate, the Cl!nton party its criminal corporate tool, but we have Bernie and Jill, and we're going to shred the old way of doing things. #StillSanders


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