Monday, June 27, 2016

Power to the People!

Power to the People!
by Cindy A. Matthews

 "Anybody knows that the people have the power. All we have to do 
is awaken the power in the people." - John Lennon

Our Revolution has begun.

Bernie gave a masterful speech in New York City entitled "Where do we go from here?" and outlined that we have much to do to bring about a future to believe in. His live stream address last week asked if we were ready to run or help others run for office to bring about real change and over 20,000 individuals responded they would. (You can still respond to the call at )

Yes, that's twenty thousand Americans willing to break the bonds of fear and apathy and become leaders of our democracy. We are the people, and we have the power!

The People's Summit in Chicago this past week also brought forth many great leaders and speakers who encouraged us all to do more than just take to the streets in Philadelphia in July (information about the March on DNC can be found on our page on the sidebar). Nina Turner's speech at the summit energized us with her admonition to become "Doers of the deed!" I believe she meant that now isn't the time to sit back and lick our wounds or fall into a funk--it's time to get out and fight hard to restore our democracy. As John Lennon said it's time to wake up. As Rosario Dawson points out we can't "un-know" how powerful we are once we've discovered it. We're awake and we're powerful and we've been given our orders.

See you in Philly. Power to the people! 

Take a stand and join the political revolution like our bloggers this week. Check out the "how to submit" page for instructions on how you too can support your fellow revolutionaries by writing for and donating to The Bernie Blog. Thank you.

 Fighting for our Democracy
by Dirk Droll 

Friends, we are in the fight of our lives, the fight for our country and our future. Let there be no doubt: The foremost battle we need to win in this fight is the battle for our democracy. All our hoping and voting will do us no good as long as the crooks controlling the electoral process can simply make up the election results to the cheers of our corporate media, accompanied by our quiet resignation when too many of us dazedly believe their fabrications and never push back. The fraud is real and massive. But so is our ability to fight back!

For many, election fraud in our country is hard to believe because it is so sophisticated. But haven't you noticed a few things?

We are not stupid. We are simply too busy to notice or fight the small stuff. Sly as they are, the enemies of our democracy come for our vote in multiple attacks. They steal a piece here, another there, hoping you won't notice or raise more than an eyebrow. Remember the rumors you may have heard about purged or switched voter registrations, mysterious absentee votes completely flipping the night's results at the last minute, Clinton's late-arriving votes bringing the number of votes above the number of voters, the night's tally of one candidate (Bernie's, of course!) actually going down instead of up, and official counts disagreeing totally with exit polls way beyond the margin of error? Usually, where there is so much smoke there is a fire. Many small fires make an inferno. (Editor's note: Check out the article links on our Election Fraud and Voter Suppression Page for more information.)

By these many small to mid-sized attacks our elections die the death of a thousand cuts. Each instance is easily played down by the corporate media and easily dismissed by each of us as a minor glitch which won't affect the total outcome. However, they add up to hand the nomination (and possibly later the presidency if the GOP doesn't cheat even more efficiently in November) to a certain Hillary Rodham Clinton. As Secretary of State, if the reports are true, she  made dozens of arms deals with corrupt foreign regimes in return for bribe money she uses now to  buy herself the presidency. Will she be prosecuted? We will see. In the current state of our nation, criminals in high places usually go scot-free.

If this election fraud surreptitiously had not accompanied the primaries and caucuses from day one, Bernie would already be our Democratic Party nominee. Hillary's race would have been over months ago, exposed for the unpopular power grab from above that it is. It is high time we fight back!

I have compiled a list of their machinations and how we can stop them, adding of which would unfortunately exceed the desired word count on this blog. You can find it in the full version of my article on my own little blog where I have no word limit. Read it and act. Let's stand together.

When we act, the 99% are too big to fail!

~ Dirk Droll, aka Beanstock, has had a long string of careers and writes in his spare time about life, the universe, and everything, both seriously and in jest. Sometimes even both.


An Open Letter to the DNC: 
You are on Notice

by Bern Notice 

To the DNC:

At the beginning of this primary season, you were sure that everyone was ready for Hillary. You, and the corporate media were 100% certain that your candidate would breeze to the nomination without a real challenge. I'm sure that you thought that this year would be another year to simply herd the masses behind your pre-packaged candidate. In some ways, I'm sure that you still think you can simply wave your hand and say, "Follow our candidate! You have no other choice."

Well, that plan is going to be more difficult than you thought. If you think that this is over, you couldn't be more wrong. I have a saying, "The greatest threat to government corruption is a well-informed electorate." Up to this point, you have been able to have your way because of either the lack of awareness or the apathy of the general public.

That apathy has now turned into anger. Prior to this point, many on the internet focused more on cat videos or other recreational pursuits than anything else. Now, the internet is being used as it should be--a tool to advance discussion and a resource to undercut the spin and lies you try to feed us whenever you want us to follow you like a bunch of lemmings.

As we share information and show the actual historical footage and documentation of what happened, we open the eyes of yet another person who thought that you actually represent "the working class citizen." I don't know whether someone has told you or not, but let me you: You haven't represented us at all, and we are hip to your game.

You represent your own selfish craving for wealth and power. You represent the corporations and multi-millionaires. You only represent us when it is convenient for you. You put on a front trying to be this shining light for the working class citizen while getting your pockets lined by the wealthy lobbyists and donors who control your puppet strings.

Make no mistake, some of the blame for your failures fall on us, the voter. We made it easy for you to ignore us because we didn't vote you out of office regularly enough and replace you with fresh faces. Some of us voted straight down the party line instead of checking your voting record and holding you accountable for it.

We made mistakes, but we are rectifying those mistakes right now. The rest is on you, DNC. When you ignore your constituents calls for action for or against a bill, that is your choice. When you punish average citizens for violations of laws and statutes, then grant a pass to a colleague for the same violation, that's
your choice. When you suppress the vote, or alter results in an election so that you can elect your chosen candidate, that's your choice.

The Sanders campaign that challenged your reign of oligarchy was not a anomaly. It is a warning. If you think Berniecrats will fall in line after what you did in this primary, think again. Loyalty isn't gained through fear and threats. It is earned through deeds and integrity and performing the will of the people. We are far from done.

We will stay active to ensure the mayors, governors, Congress members and other members of the political elite are voted out of office. We will replace them with people of integrity who have a desire to fulfil the will of the working class voter. You have not earned our vote based on your actions. You have earned our contempt and with that comes consequences on election day in 2016 and into the future.

Your "Third Way Democrat" supporter base shrinks while our numbers grow. Your grip on power has loosened as has been shown in this campaign. It is no longer iron clad. It is faltering. We know this because you would not have to go to the lengths that you did in this election otherwise.

This is your wake up call. This is your political warning. Either submit and do the people's work or know  your position is in peril come the next election. You are now on notice!

Bern Notice frequently gives notice online at Google+ and in the chat room at Political Revolution.TV


This Woman is Bernie Strong!

This week's "This Woman is Bernie Strong" commentary is a bit different. The information below is for Berners to join the class action fraud lawsuit against the DNC because they misrepresented how our donations to the Democratic primary  were going to be used. Since most of us did not intend our donations to the DNC and/or Bernie Sanders campaign to be used to finance criminal activity to suppress the vote or rig voting machines and ballots, we have the right to sue for redress.  Email the attorneys below to join. (I did.) Power to the people!

Dear Fellow Citizen:

What is This Case About?

This is a fraud lawsuit.

On June 15, 2016, an anonymous hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 released documents purportedly hacked from the servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the formal governing body of the Democratic party, and the coordinator of the 2016 Democratic Presidential primary race.

The hacked documents strongly suggest that the DNC colluded with Sec. Hillary Clinton's campaign to perpetrate a great fraud on the public. 

This class action lawsuit is against the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and any affiliated persons and entities.

How to Get Started

Thank you for reaching out to us.  As attorneys, we are truly energized by the outpouring of support for this class action lawsuit.  Class actions are, and should be, client-driven lawsuits, where a group of people represent everyone in the Class, and act with everyone's interests in mind.

Please email us at to obtain a copy of the legal papers on how to get involved.

If you have donated directly to the DNC since Bernie entered the race, we would like to speak with you! (Editor's note: I was informed that you can join the lawsuit if you donated only to Bernie as well.)

Time is of the essence, so your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.


We have started a Facebook page to update the public on progress.

 ELIZABETH LEE BECK, ESQ. | Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers


Here's a great quote from Berner Anthony Lewis: "Bernie has said it since day one: We need a political revolution. This campaign is about a political revolution — millions of people standing up and saying, enough is enough."

"We win when people come together. We win when we reject division. We need policies that bring us together and create an economy that works for all of us, rather than a few. Welcome to the political revolution."

Let's end with a rousing anthem--Power to the People! It's #OurRevolution
Get out and fight for democracy this week. You'll be glad you did. 


  1. The cause is right, the time is now. Britain's exit from the EU shows the people of the world are waking up to how the future of ourselves and our children is being stolen by the 1%. Now we will take back that future! #Bernie2016 #OfThePeople

    1. Yes, it's time for the People to announce their needs and demand change. No more of this, "If we're quiet and behave ourselves, the 1% elite will take care of us." They've shown their true colors--they want it ALL. Millions in dollars in their offshore tax havens isn't enough for them--they want billions! It's time to take to the streets and work to restore democracy to our nation and the world. #OurRevolution has begun! #SeeYouInPhilly #WethePeople have spoken.

  2. There is one thing missing from decades of Bernie Sanders audio and video records. This thing we find in abundance in both "Front Runners". It is the foundation on which voter fraud rests. The casual acceptance of this is the Only reason it has the power to effect our elections.It will be used to Try and Destroy our Revolution. It is Easy to spot when one is looking for it. We Will begin Looking for it when we realize it is the Only thing that can stop us.When we realize that it is a matter of life and death. In fact,it is the first step on the road to war. One who commits this act will Never again have credibility. We will recognize it and separate the wheat from the chaff. We will water and nurture the wheat, and it will rise and become the bread of life. We will burn the chaff and disregard the mouths from which it came. It is the Lie.

  3. "Bernie has said it since day one: We need a political revolution. This campaign is about a political revolution — millions of people standing up and saying, enough is enough." inspiring ...

    Does Bernie still got chance ? Bill Maher talking about their Future - Bill Maher On Bernie Hillary Future & Trump 25 june

    1. Anonymous, that's a Hill-bot video really, so are you a troll? It's over a week old and several recent polls show anywhere from 83% to 94% of Bernie supporters saying they will NOT vote for Clinton. Since it looks like she will be interviewed by the FBI soon and possible charges filed against her, it's possible she won't be in the race much longer anyway. So, if you were trying to stir up trouble here, I think it's not working. #FeeltheBern and join #OurRevolution We'll #SeeYouInPhilly

  4. Fix the elections. Take corporations out of them by removing the machines and let the people themselves count the votes. It can and has been done. Without an honest system, we cannot have Democracy. That's where change starts.


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