Monday, May 23, 2016

Sorry for the Inconvenience: We Are Changing the World

Sorry for the Inconvenience: 
Thoughts on the Political Revolution

Sometimes things get messy before they get better. If you've ever been in a birthing suite and watched a birth or given birth to a baby, you'd agree. Things worth waiting for in life aren't always neat and tidy and convenient. Good things can cause a lot mess and inconvenience, but deep down mothers know the birthing pangs are worth the wait.

We're witnessing the birth of a Political Revolution. We are changing the world. For the better. For all of us. It's not going to neat and tidy. And it sure as hell isn't going to be painless. We revolutionaries don't apologize for the inconvenience. We ask you to come along with us for the ride... The ride to a New America, a New World, a Better Place for Humanity. 

Yes, some things must die in the process so that other things may live and flourish. Change is never easy, but it is often necessary. Living things change and grow. Grow along with us. Cast fear aside and simply grow.

It's a world worth changing, a world worth healing. Welcome Bernie Sanders to the White House. Be a part of the change.


"I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them." — Harry S. Truman

It's been a rough week, what with all the unpleasantness in Nevada at the caucus, but you have to admit there was great news as well. Congratulations to Bernie for his big win in Oregon and his "statistical tie" in Kentucky. Onward to California and the other June 7th primaries!

To give you an idea where Bernie's campaign is at this point, check out this fun web site of facts:

We are changing the world, and things might become inconvenient for us--for a time at least. So, before we dive into the messy stuff, let's lift our spirits with an inspirational piece...

St. Bernie of Earth
by River Ananda

This is a piece inspired by Bernie's compassion towards the poor, elderly, the underdogs of the world. His commitment to truth and his service to elevate the suffering of others regardless of race, caste or creed is the hallmark of a true Saint. 

To be a saint is not necessarily to be perfect, but a perfect tool for the people of the times. To walk the razor's edge in truth at all cost for others who cannot. I believe Bernie is a true Jedi master full of wisdom. As he walks the path of righteousness he has to negotiate and associate with the Dark Side of the corporate slavery visited upon us. Our truth has substance, and their fear is a illusion hollow by nature. Truly he is a master alchemist and diplomatic genius. 

Perfect balance to bring us out of the darkness and to transmute suffering created by greed, war and a lack of compassion. The more responsibility he has, the greater our ability to heal the planet. As the leader of the free world, together we shall rise in unity.

He is We.
Wonderful and great is the Saint of Vermont,
Bernie Sanders

Bio: River Ananda is a devotional singer, songwriter, graphics design artist, environmental consultant for humanitarian organizations and a blessed father.

Now we look at an "inconvenient truth" of our broken political system.

Postmortem:  The Democratic Party
by Samuel Wolf

The Democratic party as we know it needs to cease to exist.

It is no secret that in 1992 Bill Clinton was involved in a think-tank concerning the future of the Democratic party.  The belief then was that the party was too idealistic, and it was not a good recipe for winning elections.  Bear in mind that we had just come through twelve of the most devastating years for the poor and middle class due to the billionaire friendly policies of Reagan and Bush.

The conclusion of the Clinton-involved think-tank was, in order to retain  power in America, the Democrats had to move to the right and befriend the policies of Reagan.  This was in response to the Republicans moving to the bizarre-religious-extreme-right, a group now known as the Tea Party.

We had suffered through three long horrible  Reagan/ Bush administrations noted for the bankrupt idea of "trickle down" economics, massive deregulation, arrogant neglect of the poor and middle class, subtle but very real racism, the "war on drugs", the rolling back of the social contract initiated by Franklin Roosevelt known as the New Deal, and attacks on environmental protection.  We must not omit an unconscionable embrace of the fanatical Christian "Born Again" evangelical movement. (Do we not have a Bill of Rights separating church from government?)  "Greed is good," was their credo.

I was ready to welcome back the Democrats who, I hoped, would begin to right the egregious misdeeds against the American people perpetrated by the Reagan/ Bush national nightmare.  At least I hoped the social guarantees instituted by FDR could be renewed and strengthened by the party in which these progressive ideals were born.  Sadly, I was deceived and quickly proven wrong.

The Clintons oversaw an era during which more wealth was transferred from the poor and middle class to the very wealthiest people, banks, and corporations in such a short time than ever before in the history of the world. This benefited corporate profits while allowing these greedy criminal anti-American corporations to export decent American jobs to China and other unfriendly nations to save money. 

 In another exercise of  "subtle" racism, the Clintons championed a draconian crime bill. (Remember the Reagan "War on Drugs"?)  America has become the nation of the most incarcerated persons, mostly people of color, for terms commonly ten years or more.  In 1997 Bill Clinton's FDA chief modified regulations to permit advertising of prescription drugs on TV, a disgusting and immoral practice not allowed elsewhere in the civilized world.  

Perhaps worst of all, in 1999 Bill Clinton supported a Republican initiative to repeal Glass-Steagall, a law instituted to prohibit commercial banks from involvement with speculative investments, insurance and other non-banking activities allowed by investment banks.  The law was passed in 1933 to protect depositors and instill confidence in the banking system.  The repeal of Glass-Steagall led directly to the banking abuses, causing the Great Recession of 2007-2008.  The economic fallout from that greed-induced disaster is still felt today in our sluggish economy and a decade long period of historically low interest rates, which  hurts people who rely on income from savings.

Somehow, between 1992 and 2016, Bill and Hillary Clinton who both came from modest circumstances have managed to amass a fortune which puts them in the top one tenth of one percent of the wealthiest Americans alongside guess who--Donald Trump.  By the way, over the years the Clintons have not been shy about accepting generous contributions from the same Donald Trump.

So, with the destruction of the Democratic party and its principles as we know it, in 1992 we embarked upon a de facto one party system with each party representing groups of corporations, sometimes backed by both parties.  The myth of elections these days is a smokescreen for the continual peeling off of wealth from the bottom to the very top where it is needed least.
These years have seen a disgraceful greedy neglect of our infrastructure.  This is perhaps exemplified by the lead water in Flint, Michigan, and other poor places perpetrated by greedy criminal politicians trying to save money in poor neighborhoods and then covering up these crimes.

Another name for a one party system is dictatorship.

Progressives and the Sanders campaign have shown there are many, many of us out there fervently committed to rescuing our country. We need to make a choice.

1.  Bring the Democrats back to their base issues in support of the American people.  The Sanders campaign is an attempt to fulfill this dream.

2.  If the Clintons get a third or even a fourth term, then it is clear the Democrats are already dead and a viable, new party must be born.  There is a natural coalition of progressives, independents, and disenfranchised and alienated Democrats and Republicans who have had enough of this billionaire bullsh*t and who need and want a reform platform.  We are loyal tax-paying Americans who have waited too long for our voice to be heard.  Perhaps the Sanders political revolution has sounded the wake-up call.

As for me, if Bernie is unable to secure the nomination, I pledge to not cast a vote for Trump or for Clinton--birds of the same feather with contrasting styles and similar substance.

Be on notice one-party billionaire crooks: Your days are numbered.

Bio: "My name is Samuel Wolf.  I am 64 years old and a resident of Wells River, Vermont.  Myself, my wife Diane and my two adult daughters are enthusiastic Bernie supporters. We have all been to rallies and donate regularly. I am proud of my daughters as this is their first foray into politics, and they are avid supporters.
I started a blog at called Random Musings of a Berned Out Stoner. I was feeling angry and betrayed when I wrote the piece, which attempts to explain my feelings. I hope readers are enlightened by it and not offended by my somewhat strident tone."

This Woman is Bernie Strong!
a weekly commentary by a female Bernie Supporter

Isn't it about time we voters weren't "inconvenienced" by bought-off politicians? This week's This Woman is Bernie Strong! commentator has come up with a plan that is sure to please most Americans.

$1 Million Dollars and Not a Penny Less
by Florence Lince

Election season is upon us, and as usual, Americans are voting backwards. I mean they are giving their vote away for free to the candidate of their favorite party or the lesser of two evils. The question is, "Why on earth are we giving our vote away without the candidates giving us anything in return?" I mean, would you give $25,000 to a car manufacturer in the hopes you will get a car one day? Of course not. I would hope not. One can always hope.

Before you so freely give away your vote, ask yourself this: When have the American people received the benefit of the many campaign promises candidates spew while they are trying to win over your vote? These candidates all promise us the moon but seldom deliver, always blaming their lack of follow-through on the other political party and their obstructionism. Why don’t they follow through?  

Because they don't have to. 

We continue to vote year after year on the winds of hope and fake promises that are never fulfilled. These politicians are laughing at us and our gullibility. They don’t have to follow through because the American memory is short, and it's getting shorter all the time.

Here is my message to the two presumptive front runners, one who is stealing the election from Bernie Sanders, the best candidate for the job, and the other candidate who is taking their party on a joy ride of epic proportions. If you want my vote in November it will cost you $1 million, up front, in cold hard cash. I will even sign an affidavit stating that you will have my vote in November. We can keep the agreement just between us if you wish.

Let me be crystal clear. Without the money I will not be voting in November. Neither of the establishment candidates have ever done a damn thing for me, and I am too old to take empty promises for what you promise but most likely won’t deliver. If more Americans would take the time to realize we are encouraging our country's bad politics, because we give our vote away before anyone has done anything for us, perhaps more would get done in this country.

For all of you who will pooh-pooh my idea, since paying for votes is illegal, let me remind you that the Supreme Court legalized unlimited campaign finance funding and super PACs. A politician's vote is always being paid for.

I am a female voter, born and raised in this country. My family has been here for several generations. I have no health care and no vehicle, and I have no job. The money (if you so choose to pay me) will be used to get a car so that I can get a job and pay for health care so I can live a long and full life. 

$1 million. I think my vote is worth that much.

It is, Florence. Our votes are all worth much, much more than what we think. Think of your vote and the votes of all the millions of other ordinary Americans struggling to survive...  Money alone can't buy "elections" if we don't back the oligarchs' bought-for candidates. Money can tamper with elections, rig elections, and thwart justice for a time, but it can't convince anyone it is "democracy", now can it? Keep spreading that thought to others and watch the Political Revolution grow! --The Friends of Bernie Sanders

The "yooj" June 7th primary sweepstakes is almost here. Sing some new words to a classic 60s protest song and celebrate Bernie's Eve of Election. Keep phonebanking, texting, Facebanking, canvassing and sharing Bernie with every voter you meet. Don't stop! #FeeltheBern and we'll #SeeYouInPhilly 


  1. The Establishment seem to assume we're going to be docile little voters, like we've been virtually since the 70's. Unfortunately for them, we've woken up, looked around, and decided we don't like what we see, will not accept the situation we're in, and are determined to change it for the better for the majority of the population. #Bernie2016

    1. We've got to stay awake and active. It's what the establishment wants us to do--go back to sleep--and let them run things the way they want to. Now is not the time for complacency! #FeeltheBern and keep phonebanking, canvassing and sharing Bernie with others.


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