There are some things that are best offered as institutions not tainted by for-profit existence:

1. Public education. We as Americans have raised the bar for job requirements or just evolved technologically to the point where we must level up in training, a minimum four years of public college as  in Europe. The Federal government making  a business of enslaving me to student loan debt so I can earn a degree means the government owns me. That is just not cool. If I have the ability and motivation to stay in school and do well academically, why can't I afford it without a loan from the government, private bank or anyone? 

Maybe I am doing something stupid or schools are just charging too much for tuition. Of course, the content of what is being taught comes up for debate. I've learned from experience, formal education, informal education and by being a diligent seeker of knowledge. In order to improve my individual situation, I decide what I want to do because I have the liberty to do so. I stop and help others along the way. It's the kind thing to do.

2. Health and rehabilitation when there are for-profit reasons, "for-humanity" reasons, decreases. Healthcare for profit institutions are making it so healthcare costs too much. Can we stop this?

3. Incarceration, physical and debt. The rate of people in prison in America is more than anywhere else in the world. What type of example are we setting? Student loan debt is just as debilitating as a prison record. See #1 again.

Campaign finance reform is a first root solution. One to three are systemic issues, and in order for the individual to be empowered again, we may have to collectively evolve ourselves to be better.

Equality. Don't be fooled by the wool being pulled over your eyes. Income inequality is what the top 1% want us to have. They throw out drama of other forms of inequality in order for us to lose sight of income inequality and pettily argue among ourselves. We must unite.

Bio: Effie says, "I was born in Connecticut. My parents were born in Greece, but we are all American or Greek-American, however, it gets labeled :)

I had an Indian-American this weekend get started with phone banking. He did excellent on the phone and we joked how he sounded like a Dell Customer Support rep. 

Lots of diversity, even an Irish-American has been over to my place to phone bank. Lots of cool accents and voices supporting Bernie over the phone and on social media. Bottom-line, we are all human and have to behave in a way that sets a positive example for humanity."
Voters in KY, OR, CA, ND, SD, MT, NM--get to the polls! 

 Everyone else--phonebank, Facebank, text, canvass and share Bernie with your friend and family in these states. No excuses! July is just around the corner.

And introducing
Bernie Sanders only needs two things to win in California: phonebankers and donors. Pledge to donate 1 to 5 cents for every caller who makes 30 calls for Bernie at