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Shutting Down The Bullies

"We Have Blood On Our Hands" (original painting by Caitlin Johnstone)

Shutting Down The Bullies

by C. A. Matthews

Israel to Punish West Bank After 3 More Countries Recognize Palestinian State

Blinken suggests the World Food Program could be defunded to protect Israel

Indeed, there is no comparison: Israel's crimes are far worse than Hamas'

Israel Massacres Children, Which The Western Press Says Is Fine

What do the above headlines (articles) have in common? If you guessed “Israel,” you’re partially correct. If you guessed “Israel’s Zionist actions”, give yourself a point. But if you said, “These articles show how Israel’s Zionist actions are used to bully, intimidate, and frighten others into giving into their unreasonable demands,” give yourself ten points and an aspirin.

Why the painkiller? It’s because you know just how much of a headache Zionists can be and how big a migraine their sycophantic lap dog, the US, is as it conspires with Israel in its genocidal rampage against the Palestinian people while providing cover for them on the international scene.

Notice how I’m not limiting Israel’s intentions to strictly wiping out the population of Gaza. The first article will tell you that no person of Palestinian heritage is safe in the West Bank as well, and the second article shows you that the US isn’t afraid to withhold food and starve people worldwide in order to protect their “ally”.  

Or is that the Americans’ “battleship” in the Middle East? One wonders how friendly any country can be with such a bully as the ethnostate of Israel. It certainly stinks of an abusive relationship with a side order of sadism thrown into the mix, especially when you considered what Israel did to the USS Liberty in 1967. Not a healthy relationship for sure.

I’ve given a new moniker to Zionists who use the antisemitism card to excuse their violent tactics: zio-bullies. It goes well with my term for those who suffer from “zionarcissism.” (Read all about it here.) The zio-bullies are led by Benjamin “I’m calling the shots when it comes to violently shutting down college protests” Netanyahu with major assistance from the de facto leader of the United States Antony “Get a load of my high up Zionist connections” Blinken.

Genocide Joe “the Butcher” Biden is only serving in a support role at this point in time, as his recent incoherent babbling while addressing a crowd demonstrates. He still thinks he saw photos of beheaded babies back in October, an incident proven to never have happened. Well, not until recently, that is, when mass graves filled with the bodies of patients—including tiny incubator babies—were discovered at the bombed-out Al Shifa Medical Center in Gaza. Perhaps Joe was given an explanation of what Netanyahu’s zio-bullies were planning, and he got confused into thinking it had already happened?

If you’ve ever dealt with bullies before—and anyone who has ever attended K-12 schools in person in the US probably has—you know there’s only one way to shut a bully down. You refuse to give in to their terror tactics. You don’t stay quiet about their abuse. You snitch on them to the authorities and inform the public what the bullies are up to and shame them for their violent actions. You don’t suffer in silence or pay the bully off to prevent them from attacking you again because that will only encourage the bully to keep doing what they have been doing all along.

What does this mean in regards to Israel and its “buddies” like Blinken who cover for their war crimes? It means that we keep sharing information about their zio-bully actions. We share this info as widely and as frequently as we can. We share it online and in person via discussions, demonstrations, and protests. (Last week's post was on this topic, “To Proclaim Loudly”.) We don’t hold back on not reporting their atrocities in hopes the zio-bullies will learn their lesson and have a sudden change of heart. That kind of tactic won’t work.

Why won't it work? Well, it's simple: A zio-bully doesn’t have a “heart” or a conscience to begin with. Face it, how can a greedy racist who intends on wiping out the entire indigenous population of Palestine and stealing their lands and resources possess a conscience? How can an IDF solider who shot a ten year old on a bicycle in the back of the head look at herself in the mirror? If zio-bullies had even the inkling of a conscience, it would bother them all the time, and they wouldn’t be doing such horrendous things.  

So, there’s no need to feel shy or guilty about snitching on these evil bastards. Keep sharing their war crimes and horrible policies with everyone you know and then some. The light of truth needs to shine into the zio-bullies’ darkest corners until it kills all the malevolence growing there like sunshine kills mold on contact.

Yeah, I just compared a bunch of murderous sociopaths with mold. Please forgive me, mold. I still enjoy bleu cheese crumbled into a salad from time to time.
American zio-bullies like Secretary of State/President de facto Blinken and most members of Congress are also in need of some bright lights shown into their despicable lives. I’d line them up under klieg lights and do a thorough interrogation until they confessed how much money AIPAC has given them and what other naughty things they might have gotten up to on Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express and private island that Mossad is holding over their heads. I’d also make them give back their Israeli passports before they pull a stunt like former US spy Jonathan Pollard did to flee justice and stop paying taxes. (

Of course, American zio-bullies Blinken and the others wouldn't be able to do the heinous things they're doing in the first place, like providing bombs to Israel to commit a genocide, if they didn't have henchmen. I'm talking about America's IDF-trained militarized police departments, cops who have been taught to crack open heads of protesters first and don't ask questions later. In fact, the cops are even allowing zio-bully vigilantes to do some of the head cracking for them. How neighborly of them!

And with the zio-bully cooperatives in the US mainstream media, all this violence is dismissed as easily as The Atlantic magazine can say legally killed child to describe the mass murders of children by the Israeli forces raining fire down upon a refugee camp in Rafah filled with families sleeping in tents.

Considering their love of violence, dare we consider fighting back against zio-bullies through means of physical force? Sometimes violence is the only language a bully understands. The last eight months have revealed how the zio-bullies aren't willing or able to stop their genocidal destruction of Gaza. The Netanyahu regime has always turned a blind eye toward Israeli settlers’ violence against the indigenous population in the West Bank as well. If exposing their war crimes and embarrassing them in public doesn’t stop zio-bullies, perhaps we will be forced to use their kind of bully tactics against them in return until they get the message.

However, fighting back doesn’t always have to be conducted through the use of military might. It can include intense economic sanctions and boycotts of Israel's products and services. The BDS Movement has been a thing for some time now, but it hasn’t shut down apartheid Israel yet. Perhaps the boycott/divest/sanction movement needs to be put on steroids to increase its effectiveness? Every country on the planet needs to quit doing business with Israel, not just a handful—no exceptions.

The student encampments in solidarity with the Palestinian people have been working hard to get their individual college campuses to divest from Israeli corporations, and it’s working. There have been some big successes within the University of California system. We need all Western schools of higher learning to do likewise.

Protesters with the group Palestine Action shut down Israeli military contractor Elbit Systems in Leicester, England, and were able to make their case to a judge and be let off charges. Think if we could replicate their success a hundred-fold. Good-bye zio-bully war machine!
Shutting down Elbit Systems and the like is going to make the military-industrial complex billionaires antsy. Israel is one of the biggest distributors of armaments in the world. Can you believe it? A place the size of New Jersey with a zio-bully population not much more than New Jersey is distributing killing machines and ordinance to everyone and anyone who will pay them hard cash.

That’s why I find it rather disingenuous of Israel to claim it’s “afraid” of everyone in the Middle East and needs to commit a genocide of the Palestinian people in order to 
remain safe. It’s been selling its Arab neighbors armaments for years! And tell me who has successfully invaded them since the Zionists took Palestine away from its original inhabitants in 1948? Buehler?

Zio-bullies are a strange lot. Manipulating others and hiding their motives about what they’re actually doing (not what they say they’re doing) seems to be their thing. They apparently enjoy causing endless chaos if it gets them what they want. And what’s that? At the end of the day, all they really want is the indigenous people dead or gone so white Israeli settler-colonizers can steal 100% of the Palestinians’ land to create the perfect apartheid ethnostate.

“All for me and none for thee,” sums up the zio-bullies' motives. I guess that’s why they appeal so much to the rulers of wannabe apartheid states like the US. Imagine how turned-on Blinken, Biden, Sen. Lindsay Graham and others must be thinking about getting rid of all us Americans who are the wrong race, wrong religion, wrong gender identity, wrong politics… They probably figure if their “ally” the Israelis can commit a genocide, why can’t they?

I doubt zio-bullies really know what to do with themselves if they aren’t constantly playing their zionarcissistic victim card. Theirs is not a mentally healthy society. Don't stand too close to them because their sickness is contagious. 

And ultimately terminal. It's time to shut them down. Permanently. By any and all means necessary. Today.

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