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The Quiet Part

 “...We will continue to actively engage in the hard work of direct diplomacy on the ground until we reach a final solution.” --Remarks by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield at the UN Security Council Stakeout Following a Vote on the Situation in the Middle East  
“I am happy to be a fascist!”--Israeli Minister of Culture Miri Regev  

[Palestinians] are beasts, they are not human.” --Israeli Deputy Defense Prime Minister Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan (2013)

"There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. Everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly.” — Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant
Biden Repeatedly Confuses Ukraine & Russia & Iraq

The Quiet Part

by C.A. Matthews

Some days you have to pinch yourself. Did she really say that? (Yes, she did.) Did he really say those dehumanizing and racist things? (Yes, he did.) Did our president confuse Ukraine and Russia and Iraq? (Yes, he has mixed up these sorts of things on several occasions, but it has nothing to do with his cognitive decline issues we're told.)

Why are they saying  (or acting) the “quiet part” out loud?

It hit me about eight years ago that the corrupt American status quo doesn’t waste time on niceties anymore. They don’t try to hide the fact that they couldn’t care less about the working classes. They don’t care if their mindless “puppet-president” is just that obvious nowadays. Our electeds don’t even pretend to be on our side as they take yet another wad of cash from AIPAC and send billions of dollars in bombs to Israel to assist with a genocide of the Palestinian people.

The smug establishment is saying the “quiet part” out loud. For this reason alone we should take them at their word. Push all those doubts out of your mind. The US is gladly helping Israel with their “Final Solution to the Palestinian Question.” Our UN ambassador just said it out loud, didn’t she?

No doubts about it at all—the US government doesn’t care if the Israelis wipe out the entirety of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank to take their land, natural gas and oil resources. And why should it? We’ve done it ourselves before, haven’t we?

Whose land do you live on, “American”? The original inhabitants’ land—not the white settlers’ stolen parcel. Don’t give me that, “I paid for it—it’s my property!” nonsense. All property is theft. You did not create the land out of thin air, did you? It belonged to someone else before you. And probably before them as well if they were of European heritage. Wiping out entire indigenous peoples and language groups and replacing them with white Anglo-Saxon culture is as American as Dutch apple pie and German frankfurters, a.k.a. hot dogs.

Don’t grieve if this makes you look complicit with genocide by association. The quiet part needs to be said out loud from time to time to keep us honest. So kudos goes out to United States Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield for keeping it real. Even if it was a faux pas on her part or a poorly worded statement she read without editing first, she still made it. Now the world knows exactly why the US continues to veto a ceasefire in Gaza in the UN Security Council. We’re helping the Israelis with their “Final Solution” according to a senior US official, so that makes it official.

The term “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” was a euphemism used by Nazi Germany’s leaders  according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Most of us know enough history to understand what the Nazis were up to at their concentration camps during the 1940s. They weren’t holiday camps. They didn’t expect the people who walked in through their gates to walk out ever again. “Final” meant just that. No more problems can be expected from people who aren’t breathing any longer.

“It’s all so...shocking, isn’t it?” I’ve heard this line many times over the past four months. “The US is openly supporting a genocide in Gaza and turning a blind eye to the war crimes their ally Israel is proudly committing. Who would have thought this was possible in the year 2024? I blame [insert villain of the week the duopolists are shouting about here].”

My response to this line of nonsense is this: “I don’t know where you’ve been most of your life, but what is so shocking about how the US has never learned its lesson and has decided to support white settler-colonialism on their ‘world’s largest aircraft carrier in the Middle East’? How long did legal chattel slavery of Africans exist in the US? We slaughtered
Native Americans both before and after our blessed independence from Great Britain in the 18th century, did we not? Please stop trying to blame others for the war crimes Americans have done, continue to do and condone others for doing.”

When the US government spends massive amounts of their tax payer dollars on military budgets, it expects to win after all. You can’t expect the US to “win” if it doesn’t have the best in armaments and locations to launch its military strikes from, can you? Israel has been the site of many American operations in that corner of the world, operations to secure and steal petroleum resources. Iraq, Kuwait,  Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq again… We’re in it together! Why should Americans worry about brown-skinned “human animals” getting wiped out in our journey to gain control over more of the Earth’s black gold? The Israelis certainly don’t act squeamish about it.

Sure, being painted with the same brush as Adolf Hitler and friends makes our consciences (what’s left of them) twinge a bit, but this genocide is all in a good cause. What cause is that? Well, our cause, of course! Saying the quiet part out loud should be of no concern to Westerners who have come to depend upon petroleum-powered vehicles and plastics, plastics, and more plastics to maintain their high standard of living.

The choice is simple: It’s our lavish lifestyles or the lives of strangers dying under tons of rubble in an open air concentration camp called the Occupied Territories. How many Westerners are going to give up their BMWs or Cadillac Escalades for the sake of saving little children from having their bomb-damaged arms and legs amputated without anesthesia? 

Hands up all those willing to give up their lifestyle to save others? Anyone? Hmm, yeah, I thought so.

The quiet part said out loud recently in the West has been known by the vast majority of non-Western humans on this planet for decades now. They are not surprised at all. Ask a Cambodian or a Vietnamese person about how Agent Orange dropped from American aircraft in the 1970s changed their lives and the lives of their loved ones forever with its mutative effects. 

Southeast Asians understand white settler-colonialism even if the whites didn’t come and take their land away from them directly. Destroying their villages and their health with cancer-causing chemicals pretty much made the point clear: Americans didn’t and still don’t give a shit about anyone’s health and safety. It should come as no surprise to you that the Global South sympathizes wholly with the Palestinians and not at all with the Israeli occupiers and their allies.

That’s the funny thing about saying the quiet part out loud. It’s only “shocking” to those who have benefited materially, financially, and socially from not hearing the words said out loud before. To everyone else it’s just, “Oh, yeah, we knew that all along. Why didn’t you know about it?”

So, why didn’t you know? Why have you been keeping the quiet part quiet in your own conscience? What do you have to lose by admitting out loud to others that your country is taking part in a genocide? What do you have to gain by being honest and acknowledging the truth of the matter? Will others expect you to fight back against it if you admit it’s a bona fide genocide? Will they expect you to give up your white settler-colonialist privileges (even if you’re not considered officially white in your Western society) in order to bring about an end to this genocide and the occupation of an indigenous people’s land and resources?

Will you have to *gulp!* actually change the way you think, speak, and act from here on out?

Change can be scary. But so is a genocide for the innocent civilians suffering through it. Why should you be allowed to remain quiet and unchanging, uncaring while others are dying in Gaza, Congo, Sudan...?

Say the quiet part out loud and take action against it. Today.

The biggest insult to the memory of the Holocaust is not denying it but using it to commit genocide against the Palestinian people. --Norman Finkelstein


Rest In Power, Aaron Bushnell 

Active duty US airman Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire outside of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC on February 25 protesting Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people. He has since died from his injuries. He is the second person to have self-immolated in extreme protest to bring awareness to the genocide in Gaza. A woman on December 2, 2023, self-immolated outside an Israeli consulate in Atlanta. Aaron’s last message on social media explains why he was protesting:

His last words spoken were "Free Palestine!"

Caitlin Johnstone summed up Aaron's protest in this way: "I would never do what Bushnell did, and I would never recommend anyone else does either. That said, I also can’t deny that his action is having its intended effect: drawing attention to the horrors that are happening in Gaza." --from Aaron Bushnell Burned Himself Alive To Make You Turn Your Eyes To Gaza

Rest in power, Aaron. May your sacrifice not be in vain. #FreePalestine

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  1. Well said. I think the Establishment got a rude shock at Aaron Bushnell's incredible act to the point even their stenographic mainstream news had to report it. Perhaps the cracks are finally starting to widen.


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