Tuesday, July 25, 2023

What Planet Are You On?

What Planet Are You On?

by C.A. Matthews 

Reality isn’t to everyone’s tastes.
This is most evident in the the comment sections of blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. When someone responds to your carefully thought-out comment with a string of curse words, or worse, a nonsensical tirade that begins, “Climate change is a vast Russian-financed conspiracy begun in the seventeenth century by the horse antibiotic pharmaceutical manufacturers working for anti-vax Illuminati sex traffickers led by the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein,” you gotta wonder. What planet do they live on?
Can’t they observe the severe rise in summer temperatures and wild changes in the jet streams? Can’t they see how much money is changing hands behind the scenes so politicians are more than willing to bend over backward and protect blatant pedophiles? Can’t they understand that Sleepy-Creepy-Jim-Crow-Joe-Warmonger isn’t a “charismatic and dynamic president”? (Yes, some poor deluded fool actually wrote that on a post on Facebook. No, I don’t think they were joking.) Perhaps when you’ve been convinced that, “War is peace,” and “Ignorance is strength,” you don’t really exist in this reality after all?
Here’s my attempt to write a protest song from the ear worm that crawled into my mind and kept repeating itself this week: What planet are you on?
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What Planet Are You On? (a protest song)

Verse 1

Some days it’s bad—everything seems wrong

But folks say “So what?”

What planet are you on?


Verse 2

Cluster bombs fall like rain—we act like King Kong

But why should we care?

What planet are you on?


Refrain 1

When up means down and left means right

The propagandists sleep well at night

It makes no sense to fight their lies

Just plug your ears to crush those cries

erse 3

The temps in May hit one-twenty-one

I say this is Earth

What planet are you on?


Verse 4

A governor moved guest workers along

Now no one picks crops

What planet are you on?


Refrain 2

When Neo-Nazis do as they please

We give them arms and tanks as a tease

A proxy war makes money by shootin’

Raytheon rakes in profits, blames it all on Putin


Verse 5

When CNN gives no word from across the pond

Who needs to know facts?

What planet are you on?

Verse 6

When journalists are jailed for oh-so long!

What’s “freedom of speech”?

What planet are you on?


Refrain 3

They’ll keep us scared and fed with lies

With no responsibility or alibis

We’re folks with no morals or scruples

Benedict Arnold calls us his pupils!


Verse 7

When nukes start flying, the bells ding-dong

Build my own bomb shelter?

What planet are you on?


Verse 8

Oceans rise, tsunamis ring Earth like a gong

There’s no climate change?

What planet are you on?


Refrain 4

Smoke and pollutants fill hazy skies

That choke and maim your kids—makes you cry

But billionaires continue to do as they please

Cause capitalism depends on war and greed!

Verse 9

When folks ask me what’s up with this song

I'll look askance and shout—

What planet are you on?


Verse 10

If killing and fighting makes us strong

Then we don’t belong here

‘Cause the planet has been wronged!


Refrain 5

It’s time to march—take to the streets

Our planet to save, our souls to keep

The future’s ours if we all get along

Then we’ll never need ask, “What planet are you on?”



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  1. The evidence of drastic climate change is all around us, yet we still see posts by people who flatly deny anything's wrong. Too much of an 'I'm all right, Jack' attitude will lead us to disaster unless we put a stop to fossil fuels and billionaires.

    1. Only a handful of billionaires, the US military, and like 71 corporations make the most pollution in the world. Let's just shut them all down permanently and both our pollution and war problems are solved.

    2. That seems doable--shutting down the world's worst polluters and the war hawks. The rest should clean up their acts in hopes they can remain open. This might not fix everything right away, but it would certainly get us on the best path to doing so.


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