Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Armageddon

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Armageddon

by C.A. Matthews

Bill, a.k.a. “Bill S. Preston, Esquire”, shuffles into a suburban garage music studio where his friend, Ted “Theodore” Logan, is busily grinding his ax. That is, he’s playing an electric guitar, loudly and poorly.

TED: (Puts down his guitar.) Dude! What did Rufus say?

BILL: (He throws his backpack to the side and sits behind the Wyld Stallyns drum kit and hits a few beats in frustration.)You’ll never guess this, dude, but Rufus says he needs us to time travel back to the dark ages.

TED: You mean to the time where the princesses came from?

BILL: No, Ted, even further back. He wants us to go back in history to 1961 and borrow President Eisenhower and help him write a more excellent farewell speech before he leaves the White House.

TED: Whoa...1961? That is dark! But Bill, Rufus knows we can’t spell, so that’s not going to happen.

BILL: I told him, but Rufus says we gotta do it to save humanity or something like that. He gave us a copy of the speech he wants Ike to give.

TED: Awesome! (Frowning.) So, who’s like “Ike”?

BILL: Ike’s the president’s nickname, like yours is “Theodore.” 

TED: (Shaking his mop head.) I like Ike!

BILL: I do too. Well, it’s a bodacious speech that could stop a lot of egregious stuff and do a lot of good according to Rufus, so I told him we’d do it.

TED: No way!

BILL: Yes way!

TED: What’s this speech supposed to be about?

BILL: It’s about how we shouldn’t trust the military-industrial complication something or other. All they want to do is start wars so they can sell more bombs and guns and stuff and make lots of money by killing people.

TED: Whoa. That’s totally bogus, dude. Killing people should not be making anyone rich.

BILL: Right you are, dude. (He hits a few beats on the skins and then hits on the cymbals.) That’s why I told Rufus we’d agreed to do it.

TED: (Shakes his head repeatedly.) Okay. So we travel back and give Ike the speech he needs to give in 1961 and everything will be totally gnarly, right?

BILL: Correctomundo. (He puts down the drumsticks.) We just gotta be extra careful not to forget to tell Ike to not forget the last couple of paragraphs that Rufus told me to tell him. They’re real important.

TED: What are these so-called “paragraphs,” dude?

BILL: Rufus said that we should tell Ike to tell the folks not to trust the government when it lies to them about why the wars are starting all the time. Ike has to say, “I’m lying because I’m the government, and I’m caught up in all the military-industrial complications that make a lot of money for rich dudes. Don’t believe me.

TED: Dude, that doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t we suppose to like Ike and believe him because he’s the president? He wouldn’t be lying to us, right? He wouldn’t want us all to be heinous and go around killing people for money.

BILL: (Scratching his chin in thought.) You make a good point there, Ted. I was a bit confused with what Rufus said about the censorship-industrial complications and how the government would make up stuff just to keep folks from shutting down the wars and killings and all. Let’s skip that confusing part about the government lying. I don’t have enough room in my backpack for all the papers Rufus gave me anyway.

TED: Excellent, dude! Should we get going now so we can get home in time to rehearse with the princesses when they get home from their jobs later?

BILL: Right you are, Ted! We don’t want to keep our most bodacious babes waiting a second longer than absolutely necessary.

(Bill picks up his backpack. The duo exit the garage and head toward a beat up phone booth sitting askew on the driveway.)

TED: Wyld Stallyns will be burning up the airwaves before too long once we get 1961 all straightened out. Won’t we, Bill?

BILL: (Gesturing widely.) Dude, we’ll make an explosion of sound that will wipe out all this “Don’t trust the president and the government lies” heinous stuff in the speech about making money and killing people in starting wars.

TED: (Shaking his head energetically.) Rufus will be so proud of us this time.

(The two look at each other and smile as they play a riff on their air guitars.)

BILL and TED: Excellent! Party on, dude!




To see where Bill and Ted went wrong in their mission to save humanity, check out President Eisenhower’s actual speech above. 

To understand more about how the censorship-industrial complex works currently (and it is complicated), read Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: The Top 50 Organizations to Know, by Matt Taibbi and company. After you check it out, you'll see how easily Bill and Ted got confused.

Americans are indoctrinated from childhood to believe that authority figures would never lie to us and only have our best interests in mind. To be told that the public needs to be warned against trusting everything they’re told by government officials and spokespersons goes against our earliest training. Throw in a scary scenario like 9/11 and you'll get the Patriot Act before you know it.  

If anyone had told Eisenhower back then what we now know about how US government disinformation agencies work to keep the public in the dark about the machinations of billionaire capitalists in the 21st century, I doubt Ike would have believed it. I know it’s hard for me to believe even with that excellent graphic in the Report on Censorship-Industrial Complex article and reading all about the Homeland Security's new "Political Police" program to teach us all how to snitch on our neighbors. The sheer lack of ethics evident in these Behind The Curtain styled machinations is mind-boggling. 

George Orwell's 1984 couldn't have put it any better!

Consider where we’d be today if Americans had learned in 1961 not to trust every government narrative on world events. Would we have continued warring in Vietnam as long as we did if we had known the truth of what was really happening there? Knowing the US military-industrial complex's self-serving goals, would Americans have considered going along with invading Grenada, Iraq, or Afghanistan? Would we have sponsored the Maidan Coup of 2014 that kicked out a democratically elected president and set up the current money-laundering/people-killing operation in Ukraine? Would Americans have agreed to harsh economic sanctions in places such as Yemen, Iran, Cuba, Syria and elsewhere that have starved and killed more people worldwide than our outright military interventions have?

Time travel as a sub-genre in science fiction has always intrigued me. The temptation to go back in time and “fix things” or to journey into the future and see if we’ll even still be here, alive and well on planet Earth, is so tempting. Until we’ve perfected time travel, however, we’re stuck living a linear existence.

We can’t take back what we’ve said or done to provoke a war. But we can do the ethical and compassionate thing and sit down at the negotiations table and discuss peace terms. We can halt the current wars and prevent any future conflicts from ever starting. We can cooperate and work together with our neighbors on this globe to gain and maintain harmony.

If only Americans weren’t quite as “brilliant” as Bill and Ted! If only we used our critical thinking skills instead of blindly swallowing whatever false narrative those in authority want us to swallow. We’d be living in a peaceful world now, today, and not vainly wishing for a chance to go back in history to do it over again in order to garner better results.

Armageddon need never come then—just excellent adventures of the most awesome and bodacious variety. It’s time we put down our air guitars and journey forth from our garage studios and spread truths to counter the lies. Right, dudes?

No matter how paranoid or conspiracy minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you can imagine. ~William Blum


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  1. The US ideals are 'freedom and democracy' on its terms. Those terms aren't what the majority of nations recognize as freedom nor democracy. Thankfully the world is waking up to how shallow and greedy the American Way is. Hopefully we'll reach a fairer more equitable world without some a-hole touching off WW3 out of spite.

    1. I believe as more people realize how much they've been "lied into war" we'll eventually be able to be "truthed into peace." (Julian Assange's quote, paraphrased.) The disinformation and narrative control agencies of the US government's "censorship-industrial complex" have got to go. They work hand-in-hand with the military-industrial complex. They create wars in order to generate profit. It's past time we exposed these evil entities so we can save the planet. Nothing else will work. Truth > Lies


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