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Whatever This Is, It's Not A Democracy


Did Not Vote is a powerful majority. Why are their voices suppressed?

Whatever This Is, It's Not A Democracy

by C.A. Matthews 

Some folks running for office can tell their story much better than I can, so here's one in the candidate's (Matthew Hoh) own tweets: 

"In recordings and eyewitness accounts provided to the Green Party and the media, Democratic Party operatives falsely claimed to be representing the Green Party and even the Board of Elections as they bombarded our petition signers with deceptive claims. (This video link shows what happened.) https://www.cbs17.com/news/north-carolina-news/nc-green-party-claims-harassment-amid-pressures-to-be-removed-from-ballot/

"The decision to deny our ballot line comes after a massive voter intimidation campaign from the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee aided by the Elias Law Group, targeting NC residents to pressure them to request their names be removed from our petition. https://www.matthewhohforsenate.org/hoh-slams-democratic-partys-voter-intimidation-campaign/

"At the @NCSBE meeting, the @NorthCarolinaGP's lawyer Oliver Hall of @voterchoice asked if there was any evidence why the NCGP's 15,953 verified signatures should not be certified. SBOE Chair Damon Circosta, 1 of 3 Democrats on the 5-member board, refused to answer the question...

"When the NC Green Party's lawyer Oliver Hall repeated that his only question was if there was any reason not to certify the Green Party petition, given NCGP's 15,953 verified signatures well exceeded the requirement, Chairman Circosta demanded the Green Party’s lawyer be muted.

"After silencing Attorney Oliver Hall, the only representative of the Green Party allowed in the meeting except for observers, the NC State Board of Elections proceeded to vote 3-2 against certifying the Greens’ ballot access petition, with all 3 Democrats voting No. 

 "Please watch yesterday's hearing where we were denied party certification by the NC State Board of Elections in a brazenly partisan manner. Most disturbing, among several concerns to me, was the lack of due process.  (This video starts where the vote to deny party certification begins.)  https://s3.amazonaws.com/dl.ncsbe.gov/State_Board_Meeting_Docs/2022-06-30/State%20Board%20of%20Elections%20Meeting-20220630%201300-1.mp4

 "Allegations that the Green Party committed fraud in the signature-collection process have come primarily from the ELIAS LAW GROUP, a FIRM THAT SERVES AS GENERAL COUNSEL FOR THE DEMOCRATIC SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE (DSCC)."

Watch some of the videos above (and below in the related links) and you'll get more of a feel at just how coordinated this effort at preventing the Green Party from having a senatorial candidate on the NC ballot is. Denying qualified candidates from having their names on the ballot without due process--under the cloud of possible illegal electioneering tactics by the DSCC's law firm--isn't what most honest Americans would expect living in a "democracy."  In case the NC State Board of Elections has forgotten what the word democracy means:

Free elections? The rule of the people is honored? The majority of Americans belong to the party called "Did Not Vote." Using bullying tactics via text, telephone calling, and actual door knocking by Democratic Party operatives to get NC voters to remove their names from Matthew Hoh's senate petition doesn't sound fair, does it? And yet, this unfair behavior is allowed because those currently in power in North Carolina (a.k.a. the Democrats)--who are backed by plenty of money from very powerful, very wealthy people (a.k.a the oligarchs)--want it to happen.

Competition during a very contested election year cannot be allowed by the Dems. In their opinion, the voters do not deserve to have choices at the polls. To quote our Australian friends from The Juice Media, makers of Honest Government Ads, the voters are expected to choose candidates from the "Shit Party" or from the "Shit Lite Party." And then voters are expected to shut up and put up with the whole stinky mess that voting for a "lesser evil" candidate causes.

You can see why the NC Democrats have gone to such extremes to keep Matthew off the ballot. Just by listening to him in the videos you can tell how intelligent and compassionate he is. He has served several tours of duty as a Marine and worked in the US State Department. He seems the ideal candidate--energetic, smart, experienced in government, and a true patriot. So, what's wrong with him? He won't take corporate money and lobbyists' dollars like the duopoly candidates do. He wants to represent the people--not Wall Street.

And the oligarchs can't have that, can they?

So, why won't the Dems even allow Matthew Hoh's name on the ballot for US senate as a Green Party candidate? Just let his name be on the ballot... Well, the biggest problem with that is the Democrats would have to campaign against him. And what bad things could they actually say about Matthew? Not much.

Consider this: How bad would it look for the Democrats to say disparaging things and make spurious claims in commercials and printed materials against a disabled veteran? A veteran who served his country and was wounded in the process… It would be pretty low behavior even by the dirty Dems' standards, the same party who openly screwed over Bernie Sanders in their 2016 and 2020 primaries.

Whatever this voting system we've got in this country is, it sure ain't a democracy.   

We The People who believe in democracy and fair play shouldn't allow stunts like this to happen. No political faction should be able to prevent third party or independent candidates from being on the ballot. Support Matthew's cause to get his case heard in time for him to appear on the NC ballot so voters there have a choice of one decent candidate for senate. Support the Green Party US so they can easily get their candidates on ballots everywhere.

Who knows? These types of shenanigans might be happening currently in your state, too. Why would you want voters stuck choosing between the two "lesser evil" choices? How will We The People ever hope to change the corrupt status quo and make the world a better place if we're stuck choosing between "Shit" and "Shit Lite" candidates? It's time to flush the dirty duopoly tactics down the drain forever!

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  1. If the so-called 'Democrats' were truly confident their party's policies would be a hit with the voting public, they wouldn't fear third parties. As it is, I believe they should be sued for flagrant misuse of the word 'democrat.'

  2. Agreed! I don't think the Dems understand that "fair and free elections" that honor the "rule of the majority" are necessary under a democracy. But they also know they'll get away with their dirty tricks since they've appointed the judges and have them in their pockets. Ka-ching! Money talks and that's how the oligarchy rules us all. But the Greens will keep fighting for real democracy--join them!


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