Tuesday, July 26, 2022

More Warfare! Less Health Care! What Bad Air?

 More Warfare! Less Health Care! What Bad Air?

Some observations on too much media consumption by C.A. Matthews 

If I were an active consumer of American mainstream media (i.e., CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, Wash. Post, NY Times, etc.), I might come to some odd conclusions on what all is happening in the world and what is really important to Americans. 

I might assume that Americans love continual warfare since we're spending $800 billion plus on our defense (offense, more likely) budget. I might assume we don't care much about brown or black people since we give military and economic aid to countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel who are set on genociding the Yemenis and Palestinians. 

I might assume we're good with supporting fascists since we've given massive amounts of military hardware to the Azov Battalion, an openly Neo-Nazi militia. I might assume that America means for all these weapons to wind up on the black market to be sold to terrorists around the world, since that's what's happening to the arms we've sent to Ukraine. I might assume that money laundering through these black market arms sale is agreeable to those who profit the most from them, the top one-percent who own shares in Raytheon and their ilk.

If I were an active consumer of mainstream media, I might come to some odd conclusions about the importance of health care in the US. I might assume that all Americans have private health care and love it. I might assume that we don't place much value on women since we seem to like taking away their rights to bodily autonomy. I might assume that we place zero worth on women of color in particular since their infant and maternal mortality rates are so high. I might assume that the life of a pregnant person is worth less than a fetus since many states have already passed laws declaring it to be so. I might assume that Americans have little empathy for victims of rape and incest--particular the youngest and most vulnerable.

I might assume that it's okay for people to go bankrupt whenever they have an expensive healthcare emergency since the majority of bankruptcies in the US involve some form of medical debt. I might assume that homeless persons do not have the right to health care and especially mental health care since we seem more preoccupied with pushing them out of our cities than in getting them the help they need and a roof over their head. I might assume that COVID-19 was no more, and it no longer posed a threat to human life on the planet. I might assume we'll never have to worry about another pandemic ever again in spite of reports about the spread of monkeypox.

If I were an active consumer of American mainstream media, I might assume there's no such thing as the "climate catastrophe" or climate change since these kind of stories are seldom reported on major outlets. I might assume there's no such thing as "greenhouse gases" and that CAFOs--concentrated animal feedlots--are wonderful and don't dump tons of animal wastes into watersheds. I might assume that Americans don't care about the suffering of animals raised under these horrible conditions. I might assume toxic blue-green algae is rather pretty  and its washing up on the lake shores doesn't poison drinking water for millions.

I might assume that this summer's record high temperatures are just an aberration. I might assume that wildfires in the south of England are a regular event along with their roads melting. I might assume that coastal erosion and sea level rise are just myths and that a huge icy chunk of Antarctica didn't break off and start melting into the sea. I might assume that Glacier National Park was named after something other than giant ice fields.

I might assume that millions of people suffering from lung disease have nothing to do with the rise of pollutants such as ozone and heavy particulates in our air. I might assume that there's no way microscopic bits of plastic have become a part our drinking water and are now a part of all our bodies thanks to the fossil fuel and plastic industries promotion of non-recyclables.

So, what's wrong with taking mainstream media at its word? If you said, "Everything," then you'd be correct. These erroneous assumptions that American mainstream media encourages demonstrate how propaganda skews our worldviews. Mainstream media propaganda causes more harm than good. People who don't have access to differing viewpoints can form skewed and sometimes dangerous opinions and actions. They need to know that non-violent options exist. (Check out Rad Indie Media for different viewpoints.)

As I sit here at my laptop, listening to the Annual Meeting of the Green Party US this weekend, I hear speakers conversing on related topics that don't support any of these assumptions. In fact, they paint very different pictures and tell very different stories--and give very different responses on how to deal with challenges. Greens don't take corporate money and don't listen to billionaires and do their bidding. Their visions are clear and not clouded by money, unlike members of the establishment factions.

We can't believe the fairy tales our corporate-sponsored,  status quo/duopolist politicians promote any longer. We just don't have the time. The earth is heating up. Crops are failing. People will starve. People are dying in the US now because we don't provide universal health care, and guaranteed food and housing. 

People are dying around the world because the military industrial complex wants the US Empire to grow. The US Empire wants to force other countries to give us their natural resources, whether they want to or not. It's profits over people. The Empire will bomb other countries until they hand their resources over.

When will Americans realize they've been lied to and stop these horrors? Would obvious lying and voter suppression caught on tape perpetrated by the party in power convince them? If not, what will?

How about when they announce it's time for World War III let's all just be like "Nah, we're not doing that."

And then let’s build a healthy world. -- Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. And now Pelosi's going to Taiwan, in spite of China telling her it'd be inadvisable. Nothing like poking the sleeping dragon, eh?

    1. Why not provoke a nuclear war on two fronts? We can nuke Europe from Ukraine and nuke Asia and the Pacific from China. Then the capitalists really "win" because they will have taken out ALL their competitors! And who really needs those pesky "consumers," am I right?


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