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To Die On The Job Is To Die For America

To Die On The Job Is To Die For America
by C. A. Matthews

The only things certain in life are death and taxes--and dying struggling to make ends meet while paying those taxes.

Okay, I made up that last part, but it works, particularly for Americans. We've been indoctrinated (programmed) to believe we must give everything of ourselves to our employer--our time, our creativity, our talent, our family life, our social life, our health. It's sad when you consider that in other parts of the world workers don't have to make such difficult choices. They don't have to decide between whether to keep the heat on this winter or pay for a family member's vital medications like Americans routinely do. Workers in most other countries can do both and still have money left over to spend on their guaranteed six weeks of yearly paid vacation.

How did it ever come to this? When did Americans become so brainwashed that they actually believe their employers have their best interests at heart? Why are Americans willing to work until they drop over dead in their tracks? This odd behavior didn't happen overnight. It was centuries in the making. But now that the corrupt economic system called "capitalism" has become a part of American secular religion, why haven't more apostates cropped up?

My thought is that our limited public educational system has made sure young Americans are taught that "democracy" is synonymous with "capitalism," but perhaps the confusion between these words is changing in large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The propaganda line that our employers (and our government) are somehow always looking out for us has crashed and burned in the most spectacular fashion over these past two years of needless death and illness. 

Waking up from centuries of brainwashing in such a rough manner has thrown lots of people for a loop. But it's not as hard to convince workers in the year 2022 that their bosses are selfish, greedy bastards. The news--or at least the social platforms--abounds with stories of bosses firing workers for not reporting in to work while suffering from a potentially lethal illness. The Centers for Disease Control blithely changing their "tested positive, stay home 10 days policy" to only five days at the request of Delta Airlines (among others corporations) further demonstrates that the federal government exists only to serve the capitalists at the expense of the workers.

"Essential" workers like nurses, janitors, daycare workers, teachers, grocery cashiers, restaurant workers, etc., have discovered they are "expendable" workers now that mandatory lockdowns are a thing of the past. If employers can't make the profits they'd like from their workers, then bosses threaten to hire other workers to take their place. Forcing sick employees back to their stations while forcing young students back into plague pits (a.k.a. "schools") so their parents can go back to work in person has only fueled the pandemic and sent more adults and children into ICUs. 

Is it any wonder why the US hasn't vaccinated 100% of our population? Why should American workers trust government officials who change COVID policy at the whim of an airline CEO whose lobbyists keep stuffing filthy cash into these same government officials' pockets? Why should anyone trust private Big Pharma corporations who are making billions selling life-saving drugs and vaccines when they won't even share the formulas with the rest of the world, especially the Global South? Are workers simply guinea pigs to test out new forms of pharmaceuticals and new forms of work coercion on?

The only bright side to this horrible mess we're still in after almost two years is this: More and more Americans clearly see how capitalists do not care one measly bit about the welfare of their workers or their workers' families. And more and more Americans want to see the capitalists pay their fair share of taxes, stop exploiting their workers, and stop destroying the planet with their insane need for profits over peace and life itself. And there are some Americans who are willing to share their skills to provide a patent-free vaccine with the world.

That it had to come to this to open so many eyes is sad, but at least perhaps now we can all rest easy knowing that the almost one million American COVID-19 victims didn't die in vain.

 The CDC Says It's Okay For Workers To Die...

The “individual responsibility” narrative of vax, mask, shut up, and work is beneficial for the ruling class as it exploits our labor and our deaths for profit. In addition to vaccination, there are other safety measures that could reduce risk of infection in a pandemic, such as providing people with housing, workers’ democratic organization of their own schedules and working conditions, and paying workers to stay home if exposed. The ruling class, however, would never allow any of these options because they would cut into their profit margin. --Ending a Global Pandemic Should Not Rely On Individual Responsibility, Mike Pappas and Adnan Ahmed https://truthout.org/articles/ending-a-global-pandemic-should-not-rely-on-individual-responsibility/

Politicians of both parties have jumped on the COVID-19 money train. According to Business Insider, “as the pandemic raged, at least 75 lawmakers bought and sold stock in companies that make COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and tests.” That includes Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who grandstands as an anti-vaxxer while buying vaccine manufacturer stocks. --Should Biden Resign Over COVID-19 Deaths? Peter Dao  https://peterdaou.substack.com/p/daou-memo-should-biden-resign-over

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You’re in good company.

You are standing with fellow parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles around the country, committing to protect our families and kids.

We are part of a large majority of Americans who are worried and support meaningful action to stop pollution and address global warming.

Together, we have the power to make our elected leaders act with the speed and scale required to protect a safe future for kids.  

Families For A Future will help you connect with resources and opportunities for meaningful action, however much (or little) time you have. There are many we can have an impact if we come together in our communities, and across the country.

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  • We have the technology to create a future without pollution. And it will be vastly better. Transitioning to clean energy will save lives, save money, and provide huge economic benefits, without sacrificing the lives we lead today.

  • It’s ok to feel confused. Polluters spent 30+ years and billions of dollars lying to us and blocking solutions. They want us to feel guilty, overwhelmed, and paralyzed. But every one of us can take action and make sure others know they can, too.

  • It’s not just about what you do, it’s about who you bring. We need more people creating loud and visible pressure on lawmakers. You know lots of people who care about their kids’ future! Talk to them. Get them involved.

Here are two things to do, right now:

  • Follow @afuturedotorg on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Like and share, but most importantly, be part of this conversation.

We can do this. We have to.

- Families For A Future 


From Friends of the Earth:

The Biden administration has given Big Oil permits to drill on our public lands at a rate of 334 permits per month. That’s a higher monthly rate than the Trump administration gave out in his last two years in office. Take action now.

Candidate Biden promised to stop all new oil and gas leasing on our public lands and protect the people and wildlife that call it home. But President Biden broke his promise to the people that elected him.

There’s still time to reverse course, C.A.. I’m counting on you to remind President Biden who put him in office. You have the power to stop oil and gas leasing on our public lands -- starting with next month’s proposed sale. Will you use it? 

Hold President Biden accountable to the people: Demand he keeps Big Oil off our public lands! 

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Soaring mountains. Singular rock formations. Desert landscapes. Countless geological wonders. These are just some of the marvels that make up our public lands. And right now, they’re all under threat. 

On your next trip to see America’s impressive landscape, you might find a massive oil rig blocking your view of the mountain peaks. Rock formations may be roped off to keep people out of a drilling site. You might notice the wildlife that lives on our public lands has been scared off by loud fossil fuel projects. 

Our public lands from Alabama to Montana are at risk of Big Oil’s destruction. But this fight isn’t over yet. It’s not too late for President Biden to stop oil and gas leasing. The only way to make sure he acts is by ramping up public pressure ahead of the next 300,000-acre lease sales in February. 

Demand the Biden administration stop selling off our public lands to Big Oil!

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If the fossil fuel industry takes over our wild places, they will never be the same. Bulldozers will uproot and destroy native trees and terrain. Wildlife will be displaced. And the air and water will be polluted. 

More drilling = more fossil fuels being burned = worsening the climate crisis. There’s no excuse for leasing public lands to the fossil fuel industry while wildfires, storms, and flooding are devastating communities -- and we’re running out of time to stop it.  Demand that President Biden put wildlife, people, and the planet ahead of Big Oil.

Tell President Biden to keep Big Oil’s destruction out of our public lands!

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Standing with you,
Nicole Ghio,
Senior fossil fuels program manager,
Friends of the Earth


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