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Propaganda is NOT Journalism



Only indie journalists are covering this story: https://youtu.be/5t-mOuidsZY

"The purpose of establishment propaganda is to deceive the ruled into believing that their interests are one and the same as the interests of their rulers." --Caitlin Johnstone

Propaganda is NOT Journalism

by Redd Phlagg

Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. Too bad that can't be said of the American mainstream media.

These are "real" journalists: Aaron Maté, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, Caitlin Johnstone, Lee Camp, Jordan Chariton...

These are not: Anyone who works for network or cable news or publications owned by Jeff Bezos (Washington Post) or other such oligarchs.

Why do I say this? Because the first group actually reports on events happening in the here-and-now, provides facts, researches to compare historical precedents, and doesn't waste their time covering things up for the powers-that-be.  They tell it like it is.

The second group are obedient little puppets of the corporate state. They will say or do anything to please their plutocratic masters. They exist to cover up the multitude of sins the ruling elites commit on a daily basis in hopes that one day they will become exactly like their rich owners, brain dead billionaires without an ounce of human compassion.

Don't believe me? Take the following short quiz to see how the mainstream media scores and how much you've been sucked into their lies.

1. What does Rachel Maddow or Tucker Carlson or the CBS Evening News or the like say about Julian Assange? Is he:

a.) A hero for revealing how the US military drone bombs civilians (including fellow journalists) and then lies by calling these casualties "dangerous terrorists."

b.) A terrorist for revealing how the US military drone bombs civilians (including fellow journalists) and then lies by calling these casualties "dangerous terrorists." We just can't have the world knowing the awful truth about our military-industrial complex, can we?

c.) They don't say anything at all about Julian Assange. They pretend he doesn't exist and never report on him.

If you answered "C" then you've realized one very important thing: Propagandists will ignore people, places, events and things when it's convenient for their lords' and masters' agendas. If it's embarrassing, controversial, or potentially could cause a revolution, mainstream media types will shut up and stay quiet.

2. Real journalists routinely ignore ground-breaking journalism work by fellow journalists.

a.) True

b.) False

c.) How much are they getting paid to ignore it?

Ah-ha! Now, you're catching on. If you answered "C" then you know that TV "journos" such as Rachel Maddow make  $30+ million per year. They're making better regular wages than Hollywood stars! And when you think about it, it makes sense. They're just a different form of entertainer. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 pretty much says that all television news programs are entertainment and don't have to present other points of view, especially ones their owners don't like.

So much for "fair and balanced" news reporting, huh?

3.  Facebook "protects" all journalists on its platform from receiving contradictory comments on their posts because We the People cannot be allowed to argue with these sterling tellers of the truth!

a.) False. Freedom of expression should never be suppressed. Facebook would never do such a vile thing.

b.) True, because journalists never tell a lie and censorship for the benefit of the elites is good. (See first two questions.)

c.) Partially true, because Facebook picks and chooses who it considers to be a "journalist." Facebook gets to choose who is worthy of protection and what stories they post that need to be censored from the Facebook platform.

If you answered "C" then you're pretty sharp. You realize that some folks are more equal than others, and only they should have access to the Facebook platform to spread whatever story their corporate masters wish.

What should we call what these "privileged" journalists are reporting? How about propaganda?

According to Dictionary.com--

Propaganda: information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
Journalism: the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news.

Propaganda is not journalism! Let's stop treating it as such. Stop watching and reading the propagandists for the warmongering oligarchy. Support those journalists who aren't afraid to tell us the truth no matter how embarrassing it is for the rich and powerful. And for f*ck's sake, Free Assange!

BIO: Redd is getting tired of the lies and the way the liars feel invincible to being caught and punished. Lock'em up! Free your mind! Check out independent journalism sites at https://radindiemedia.com/

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From Coalition On Human Needs:

With all the Republicans opposing the Build Back Better investments, a small handful of conservative Democrats are now blocking the historic agenda―putting essential housing provisions on the chopping block.

Can you take 1-minute to send a letter to your senators and representative and tell them we CAN afford this historic human needs agenda when the rich and corporations finally pay their fair share in taxes? (It only takes a few clicks―we already have a draft ready for you to send.)

screenshot of new york times headline: Funding fight threatens plan to pump billions into affordable housing

"Optimism has given way to anxiety," Friday's New York Times reported. "Low-income housing, and the voucher program in particular, are among those most at risk of being sharply scaled back as the White House seeks to slash the package to accommodate the demands of two centrist Democrats…"1

Housing is just one of several priorities on the chopping block in the negotiations. But enacting the housing section of the Build Back Better plan would likely have an immediate positive effect on our country’s most vulnerable people. That's because rental assistance addresses a foundational problem: securing an affordable place to live when rents everywhere are outpacing earnings.

We can afford these investments in our people and our communities when the rich and corporations pay their fair share.

The House Ways and Means Committee previously voted to include $2.1 trillion in revenue in the Build Back Better Act, by taxing the rich and corporations. No one making less than $400,000 a year would pay any more in taxes. And now, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden has proposed the Billionaires Income Tax to ensure billionaires pay taxes on all of their income, just like you and I.

Senator Wyden's legislation would only apply to the roughly 700 American billionaires, taxing the annual growth of their wealth. Unofficial estimates predict this tax could raise hundreds of billions of dollars over 10 years.

Join CHN and write to your U.S. senators and representative today and demand they invest in housing assistance to those most in need and to pay for it by ensuring the rich and corporations finally start paying their fair share in taxes.

America’s more than 700 billionaires saw their wealth increase by $2.1 trillion―or 70%―during the first 19 months of the pandemic. Billionaires’ wealth surged from under $3 trillion to $5 trillion over this period. That dramatic boost in wealth, alone, could pay for a lot more than half of the president’s 10-year $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan.2

There are plenty of revenue options available to Congress to unrig our tax code and invest in working families. After all, we don't need more privately owned spaceships, we need a historic investment in our communities.

Thank you for all you do to demand accountability from our political leaders and to fight for the needs of the vulnerable, the sick and the poor.

Deborah Weinstein
Executive Director, Coalition on Human Needs


It’s less than two weeks until the start of the Glasgow Climate Talks, the most important international climate negotiations since Paris. Yet, we have barely seen any new fossil fuel policies from major US financial institutions. So we’re taking our demands to the streets.

On Friday, October 29th, young people and their adult allies are taking to the streets in their thousands to demand an end to the funding of climate chaos.

We are taking our demands to the front doors of Wall Street. Can you join an action near you?

There are actions happening in cities across the country. Some actions will target JPMorgan Chase, the world’s largest funder of climate chaos. Others will demand that BlackRock, the world’s largest investor in the fossil fuel industry, align its business model with the Paris Agreement. And others still will target the Federal Reserve, the US central bank which so far has refused to address the climate crisis.

Please RSVP for an action now. It’s time for us to take to the streets and back up the youth who are demanding a future free of fossil fuels

These actions are being led by the Youth Climate Finance Alliance, and actions across the country will be led by youth climate activists. We’ve already seen the power of the youth climate movement.

In 2019, nearly one million people took to the streets in the US as part of the Climate Strikes ― now it’s time for the banks and insurance companies funding climate chaos to feel the power of the youth climate movement.

RSVP now. Let's back up the youth and take to the streets on October 29th.

See you on the streets
~ the Stop the Money Pipeline team

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