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No One Should Live in Poverty



"Why don't we cut child poverty in whole? Why are we leaving half the children in poverty? How much child poverty are you comfortable with?" All valid questions Jimmy asks the propagandists. https://youtu.be/7SboDoWF_XU

The Trinity of Needs

by Coast Watcher

Nobody should lack a roof over their heads, food on the table, and access to free healthcare. This is a simple trinity of needs that a country as rich as the United States is more than capable of meeting. In fact it’s right up there in the preamble to the Constitution—it’s the American government’s duty to promote the general welfare. 

General (definition): Everybody.

Welfare (definition): Health, happiness, prosperity. 

Instead we have the unedifying spectacle of the government doing it’s best to water down all welfare passed to its people while providing ever-greater wealth for a select minority of uber-rich parasites. The one-off $1400 is patently less than the $2000 Biden and numerous so-called Democratic Party candidates promised before the Georgia run-off elections in a clear bribe to the electorate. It’s also means tested. That’s right; the so-called Democrats delivered less than their governmental partner in crime, the Republican Party.

If the United States was a properly-functioning country it'd be focused on getting affordable nutritious food to all people as a form of health care. Instead it’s entirely focused on food banks to ensure people don't starve to death. Food deserts are rife and spreading as supermarket chains grow ever larger and migrate to the wealthier neighborhoods.

If the United States were not a failed nation, it would provide housing for all its citizens. There are on average 550,000 people sleeping rough every night in all weathers. There are on average 4.2 vacant houses for every homeless person. Instead banks and mortgage companies seize properties which then stand vacant for years in a state of gradual decay.

Thirty two out of thirty three first world nations have universal free-at-the-point-of-use healthcare services. Only the United States does not. Instead, American healthcare costs on average twice as much as that found in any other country, while delivering half the value.

The situation is as it is because there are those who make money out of poverty, hunger, poor healthcare and homelessness. These people would have you believe the people afflicted by these dire situations are to blame for their plight. The money to rectify all these problems is there. The political will is not. Politicians prefer to cozy up to Big Business and accept funding and policy direction from their boards of directors than to listen to what the ordinary people need.

The time has come for a drastic change for the better, before it’s too late.

BIO: Coast Watcher isn't buying the "We can save half the children in poverty" line of the Dems. Every child could be saved. He sees who's behind these morally corrupt politicians and why they don't act too anxious to end poverty for all time for everyone on the planet. #CapitalismKills is more than just a hashtag--it's a truth that is becoming more and more evident to more and more people than ever before. Don't let them try to convince you that some folks must live in poverty in order for our economy to function...because no one should.

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I went to Louisville, KY, last summer and felt the violence of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department firsthand. Three of my friends were arrested while we protested for justice in Breonna Taylor’s name, and I was sent to the hospital after police shot us with rubber bullets.
Luckily, they weren’t real bullets, and I wasn’t another Black woman murdered by police.

One year ago today, Louisville police officers shot and killed Breonna Taylor. She was a young, Black woman like me, only a little older. Despite Breonna Taylor’s murder receiving intense press coverage and her name becoming known worldwide, we still don’t have justice. Her murder sparked a nationwide outcry – I was on the streets of Washington, D.C., nearly every day this summer alongside hundreds of peaceful protesters, demanding justice for Black lives, including Breonna Taylor and her family.

Police violence is gun violence. Breonna Taylor was one of the many Black women who was unfairly and unnecessarily stolen by America’s racist gun violence epidemic. And it’s not something unique to my generation: Black people have faced deadly bias and racial profiling from police for decades and are twice as likely to be killed by them. We must take action to protect Black lives, C.A.. Right now, the Senate has the chance to pass sweeping police accountability policies that would potentially save Black lives and chip away at the racist institution that took Breonna Taylor’s life.
The House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act this month and if it passes the Senate, it could prevent unjustified murders by police. This bill would ban the use of chokeholds, like in the murder of George Floyd, and ban no-knock warrants — like the one that police used to enter Breonna Taylor’s home. This is a critical step in drastically overhauling the racist policing tactics that are taking the lives of far too many Black Americans.
Since the moment I had to use my classmate’s lifeless body to protect myself from being shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, I have been putting my own body on the line to fight against the gun violence that is predominantly killing Black and Brown young people. Today, one year after Breonna Taylor was murdered by police, I am asking you to fight with me and take action against racist gun violence perpetrated by police. I am asking you to fight as hard as I do for Black lives.

In honor of Breonna Taylor, will you sign our petition urging the Senate to pass this critical legislation to address policing? We cannot end gun violence without ending police violence.
I am remembering Breonna Taylor today. I am thinking of all the Black women who I am lucky to know and work with every day. And I will keep fighting for Black women until we finally address gun violence in this country.
Thank you for fighting for justice for Breonna Taylor and Black lives.
Aalayah Eastmond

Gun Violence Survivor
Team ENOUGH Executive Council Member
Founder, Concerned Citizens DC


From Roots Action:

As a result of broad U.S. economic sanctions, countries such as Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Sudan, and Zimbabwe struggle without adequate food, electricity, medicine, medical supplies, masks and respirators. Those who suffer most under sanctions include pregnant women, children, and the chronically ill.

We need to urge the Biden administration to issue a worldwide temporary general license to allow all countries and locations sanctioned by the United States to be able to easily import all related medicines, medical supplies, and vaccines, to facilitate international relief efforts related to COVID-19.

We've put together, with our allies, a petition that will be delivered to President Joe Biden; Vice President Kamala Harris; White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain; Sec. of State Antony Blinken; Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin; Sec. of the Treasury Janet Yellen; and Sec. of Commerce Gina Raimondo.

Click here to add your name!

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The U.S. Treasury Department has the power to issue a worldwide, temporary general license authorizing the exportation and re-exportation of medical supplies and equipment and other essential goods that might otherwise be prohibited by sanctions. The temporary general license would not require Congress to suspend or repeal sanctions and would only cover the listed types of supplies and equipment. By making it clear these types of financial transactions are allowable, this license would aid in the donation or sale of items such as test kits, respirators, sanitizers, personal protective equipment, and medicine, which are all critical for preventing and treating COVID-19.

U.S. economic sanctions technically exempt humanitarian items -- but banks, insurance companies, and other corporations are afraid that if they make loans, provide insurance for shipments, or send goods, the U.S. government will accuse them of violating the sanctions, levy hefty fines, and place them on a banned business list.

An April 2020 Human Rights Watch report explained that sanctions have had a particularly detrimental effect on Iran’s healthcare system, as the country lacks access to critical medical equipment and medicine despite existing exemptions. UN Human Rights Commissioner Michele Bachelet echoed this point when she called for an easing of sanctions for COVID-19 relief. Past Republican and Democratic Party administrations have issued temporary general licenses after earthquakes in Iran. So, there is precedent for following through on this request.

Sign the petition here!


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