Tuesday, November 17, 2020

"Told You So"


 "Told You So"

 by C. A. Matthews

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald): Make sure to say “kids in cages” as many times as you can for the next few weeks because starting on January 20, 2021, that phrase is going to disappear from the lexicon so fast it’s going to make your head spin, even though there will still be plenty of kids in cages. (Twitter response to news that Cecilia Muñoz, a defender of family separations under Obama, will join Biden's transition team.)

If you ever grew up with siblings/cousins/friends close by, I'm sure you heard these three little words from time to time. You probably grew to hate them and the attitude that came along with them as much as I did.

"Ha-ha! Told you so!"

Sometimes, however, there's just no other way to get a message across to people than to simply tell them that you've given them all the information they needed previously but that they keep stubbornly refusing to accept it. This is when those three little irritating words can come in handy:

Told you so.

This week the "told you so" information is so obvious, so clear and undeniable that even a blind bat wearing dark glasses on a moonless night wouldn't be able to miss it. But I'm certain they'll be more than a few American neoliberals who'll fail to understand how much they've been used by the corrupt system and will cry out, "Uh-uh!" like any kid would upon being told these irritating three little words.

So, I won't continue to hammer you with that phrase if you promise to watch, read, listen and comprehend the information available from the links below. Promise? Good. You deserve to be informed, and you need to know that you (and others like you) were duped on purpose so you would help install yet another corrupt politician-puppet to serve the needs of the oligarchs and plutarchs. 

It's not that you're a "bad person" or stupid or anything like that. You have been tricked, used and manipulated by greedy people and their well-oiled political machine. The ball is now in your court. It's time for you to wake up to that fact and live your life in freedom and in truth. Continuing to play their game will only lead you to future heartache and the possible end of our planet.

Nothing will get better in this country or this world if we continue to lie to ourselves and allow others to manipulate us for their own selfish ends. This applies to politician-puppets who take large sums of cash from the fossil fuel industry and the military industrial complex double-fold.  

Break free of their propaganda and start questioning everything you hear, have ever heard, or will ever hear from the next occupant of the White House. Your mind is too beautiful of a thing to waste on believing the talking points of conniving con artists for the corporations.

Learn more from  following videos, articles and blog links.

Francesca Fiorentini contemplates if Biden will be able to overcome his centrist (i.e., Republican-lite) leanings to stop fascism.


Even More Links:

The Newest Member of Biden's Transition Team: Defender of Obama Era Deportations and Family Separations https://www.leftvoice.org/the-newest-member-of-bidens-transition-team-defender-of-obama-era-deportations-and-family-separations 

Organized Labor Shouldn't Expect Much from President Joe Biden https://jacobinmag.com/2020/11/joe-biden-labor-unions-afl-cio-kamala-harris

One Third of Biden's Pentagon Transition Team Hails From Organizations Financed by the Weapons Industry https://inthesetimes.com/article/joe-biden-department-of-defense-pentagon-transition-team-weapons-industry-military

Biden Will Keep Sanctions, Troops in Syria: https://youtu.be/PRVLioaplI4

Biden Could Be One of the Most Dangerous Presidents Ever


Biden Won’t Stop American Imperialism: 


Meet the Filthy Rich War Hawks That Make Up Biden's New Foreign Policy Team   


"Biden World" Blames Progressives for Their Losses! (Republican ex-governor of Ohio John Kasich, who spoke at the convention, tells Democrats that progressives are the party's problem.)  https://youtu.be/7-uY7AxHpEg

"Did Your War Criminal Win?"  https://youtu.be/zleAPWcFDas

The author of the following piece is supposedly on Biden's Covid-19 task force. Don't let him near your loved ones aged 75 and up. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/10/why-i-hope-to-die-at-75/379329/

"Few politicians have done more harm in America’s War on Drugs than the former senator from Delaware."  -- from Joe Biden: The Architect of America's Disastrous War on Drugs https://fee.org/articles/joe-biden-the-architect-of-america-s-disastrous-war-on-drugs/

Big Tech Oligarchs in Biden Administration Overseeing Censorship https://youtu.be/9yRlwJ3oG-o 



It’s been less than a week since the presidential results were confirmed, but already the fossil fuel lobby in Canada is devising a plan to pressure Joe Biden into completing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

The worst part is, they’re feeling optimistic.

Not only are tar sands companies banking on Keystone XL, they’re also hard at work trying to push through another tar sands pipeline: the Line 3 pipeline in northern Minnesota.

Our movement is up against massive fossil fuel corporations with unlimited sums of money to lobby the United States and Canadian governments. We need to send a strong message to Joe Biden right away that stopping these pipelines is non-negotiable:

Can you sign our petition demanding Joe Biden stop the Keystone XL pipeline on day one of his administration?

Tell Biden: #NoKXL →

As a Dakota elder who has been fighting Keystone XL for 12 years, I know that while TC Energy and Big Oil may have the money to push policy and politicians in favor of their profits – people power is capable of defeating even the most entrenched special interests.

With your help we can make sure that Joe Biden honors his campaign promises and the Indigenous communities who made his victory possible. Every signature puts a name to the outrage Biden can expect if he chooses to put fossil fuel profits before Indigenous communities, our water, and the climate.

It’s a testament to our movement that despite Trump’s best efforts, we were able to hold off this pipeline for the last four years. But time is running out. TC Energy began preliminary construction in March without all the required permits, and every day that goes by makes our work even harder.

Biden cannot delay – add your name to our urgent petition telling Biden to stop Keystone XL once and for all. Together, we'll send a message too powerful for his administration to ignore.

C.A., our work doesn’t stop with Keystone XL. We must make sure that Biden not only blocks this pipeline, but every single one after that.

Over 50,000 people have signed the Promise to Protect and are ready and committed to take creative resistance on the ground against Keystone XL or any other pipeline that threatens our climate and communities.

But since we cannot gather in person, adding your name to this petition today is one of the best ways to show our collective strength. So thank you for signing the petition.

Together I know we can win.


Faith Spotted Eagle
Brave Heart Society


From Food and Water Watch:

Over the past four years, the Trump administration has shamelessly fueled the climate crisis by unleashing a fracking free-for-all on public lands.

At a time when the climate crisis demands that we move away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy, it is outrageous and irresponsible to expand fracking and drilling on public lands. It’s time to put an end to this recklessness.

Together, we can move forward, towards the climate future we all deserve, but we need President-elect Biden to take bold, immediate climate action by banning fracking and stopping new fossil fuel extraction on public lands. With the new administration, we have a renewed opportunity, and we demand a new era in the climate fight. It’s time to take on the fossil fuel industry directly.

Take action: Hold President-elect Biden accountable to keeping his campaign promise to ban fracking on public lands!

Fracking is a dangerous method of extracting oil and gas that escalates climate change and pollution. Drilling and fracking bring water contamination, air pollution, earthquakes and massive amounts of methane leakage.

Fracking hurts people and communities. Yet Big Oil & Gas has been allowed — and even encouraged by Trump and his cronies — to decimate public lands, despite these places being set aside by past generations for protection and the enjoyment of future generations.

Enough is enough. The inherent danger of fracking means that no set of regulations can ever make it safe for public health or our environment. Banning fracking on public lands is a no-brainer; we need President-elect Biden to act immediately when he takes office on January 20.

Send a message today: Urge President-elect Biden to keep his promise to ban fracking on public lands to protect our climate, public health and national parks.

President Biden: Ban Fracking on Public Lands!

Food & Water Action helped achieve the introduction of the first federal bill to ban fracking in 2014. And as more and more people demand real action against fracking, we're ramping up our national campaign to ban it now to protect our families and our communities from reckless, dangerous drilling.

President-elect Biden has a huge opportunity to stand on the right side of history by banning fracking on public lands. In doing so, he would protect our national resources and heritage, and help avert climate chaos.

The fight for our climate doesn’t end now that the election is over. It’s time for the new administration to take real action to protect our environment, and that starts with all of us demanding change and holding the president-elect accountable!

Join me in urging President-elect Biden to take the bold climate action we need by banning fracking on public lands.

Onward together,

Wenonah Hauter
Founder and Executive Director
Food & Water Action and Food & Water Watch


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