Tuesday, August 11, 2020

What Value Human Life?

What a time to be alive! What a time to have a government that cherishes you so much that it's willing to do whatever it takes to keep you safe and well! What a time to be sold a line of complete and utter bull hockey!

That's our guest blogger's take on recent events. What value human life? And if human life has no intrinsic value, what then?


What Value Human Life?
by Redd Phlagg

Before I go into my usual rant mode, I just want to say one thing: If you think it's a good idea to share your coronavirus germs with others because you believe something invisible couldn't possibly be lethal or it simply doesn't exist in your reality, then get the hell off this page right now. This blog piece is for intelligent individuals who understand the basics of germ theory and know how to come in out of the rain during a thunderstorm. 

Are the anti-masker "covidiots" all gone now? Good. Now let's talk freely, we the intelligent adults left in the room.

How much is a human life worth? After I read an article or watch something put out by the mainstream media lately, my best guess is "not a whole helluva lot." Human life is cheap. And plentiful. Obviously it is, or else our government would be taking this pandemic business a whole lot more seriously than they have since the start of it in the US.

I'll be honest here--if you've been labeled an "essential worker" in the US, then that means you're essentially screwed because you work a job that puts you at risk for catching the coronavirus and for spreading it to others. Your life only has "value" in so far as it helps your bosses make profits. And don't kid yourself--if the bosses could replace you with a robot or an android they probably would, but we're not quite there yet in 2020.

Flesh and blood is still cheap and easy to get, but who knows if that'll be the case in the next few years. With fewer human beings on the planet due to COVID-19, the value of human life might go up. The bodies of the working classes might just become the spare parts supplier for the rich and comfortable who are in need of a new kidney or liver or heart or lungs. And lung transplants will become even more commonplace in the future since coronavirus causes severe damage to the lungs. And hearts. And kidneys. And livers.

I think you understand what I'm saying here. We have about the same value as livestock does. Today's cow is tomorrow's hamburger.

Surely our children's lives have worth you say, right? We would never put our babies in harm's way. No, never! You think not? Let's take a look at what's happening in a place where apparently the devil loves to fiddle and steal souls according to the popular Charlie Daniels' song.

Simply reporting unsafe conditions in your very own high school has become a hot topic in the state of Georgia (and probably elsewhere--particularly in the south and west, a.k.a. "Trumpistan"). Georgia State House Representative Beth Moore's recent Twitter feed attests to this uproar after brave high schoolers took photos documenting conditions in their school.
I've set up a whistleblower email - reportmyschool@gmail.com - for #Georgia students, teachers & admins to share photos, videos & testimonials of unsafe conditions at school. I'll give you the anonymous cover you need if you've been threatened w/ "consequences." #gapol #paulding
I'm going to start sharing copies of the emails I'm receiving from verified teachers who wish to remain anonymous. This teacher adds, "My principal is wonderful and I feel she is being pushed to do things that she knows aren’t right or feasible either."

Worst testimony so far - from a verified teacher in a North #Georgia School District: "I am planning for 27 students in my tiny classroom. They are not making masks mandatory. My principal is joking to people that this is 'god's cleansing plan'."
Excuse me? Did a principal say "god's cleansing plan" in regards to the life and health of their students and teachers/staff? I think it might be part of  "god's cleansing plan" to kick this heartless principal to the curb and make sure they  are never allowed to be responsible for the health, safety and education of children ever again.

Here's Rep. Moore tweeting again after a parent went on a rant about wanting to send their children to school in person and labeling those advocating coronavirus safety measures as extremists:
Ok let's try this again: Those who want to keep their kids in face-to-face instruction should be *the most furious* about schools not following safety protocol. Why shame and silence the very people trying to keep your kids safe & our classrooms open? I don't get it. #Hypocrisy 
See what I mean about only conversing with intelligent adults on this topic? The parents who want to put their children at the most risk of contracting this virus are the ones yelling the loudest for the relaxing of rules implemented to prevent the virus from spreading.
Maybe these anti-mask parents don't give a rat's ass about their children's health and safety? Maybe they'd rather take less tax deductions next year? I don't know--and I don't get it. Surely if there's any chance of their child becoming ill or bringing home a virus that could cause another family member to contract a potentially lethal or debilitating illness they'd want to prevent it from happening in the first place, and they'd be okay with their kids doing online schooling for another few months.

But I guess not, if the covidiots are to be believed. "Masks kill! You'll die of carbon dioxide poisoning! It's child abuse to make my student wear a mask!" they shout in all caps on their Tweeter feeds. Their actions betray their beliefs. Human life has no value to them, whether it's an elder in a nursing home, a working person in a factory or hospital or school, or a young adult attending college or high school or children and toddlers in grade school and daycare.

We know there are lots of Americans out there who don't love their neighbors, but I just wished the current administration wasn't salivating at the thought of burying so many of us so early as well.

The only solution to this problem is to demonstrate to the cretins in power how much we value ourselves--even if they don't value us in return. We value our lives so much that we're willing to risk them in order to restore some semblance of democracy to our beleaguered nation.  And if we don't get justice in the form of universal health care, UBI for the millions of unemployed, and safe schooling for our students and teachers, then we show the oligarchs just how little we value their lives by giving them a close shave with a guillotine. 

It's a now or never moment. If we don't value human life, we will lose it. We can't afford those who don't value human life to have the upper hand anymore. It's killing us. It has needlessly killed so very many of us in these past five months. What more can I say to convince you?

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BIO: Self-described "Rant Master" Redd Phlagg has come to the conclusion that our government exists only to enrich the lackeys of the corporations. Redd isn't taking it lying down anymore, either: "Fight back. Your life does have worth. The rich bastards' lives are forfeit. Don't let them forget it at the voting booth, in the streets, or at their front doors."

Sen. Nina Turner and Dr. Cornel West to Keynote The People’s Convention


Detroit, MI — One week after the Democratic and Republican national conventions, Bernie 2020 National Co-Chair Sen. Nina Turner and Bernie 2020 surrogate Dr. Cornel West will join the Movement for a People’s Party to headline The People’s Convention. Turner will deliver a speech titled: Choice, Challenge and Change: The Necessity of a People’s Movement.

On Sunday, August 30, from 4-6 pm EST, thousands of Americans from all walks of life will gather to discuss the state of the nation at The People’s Convention. At the conclusion, participants will vote on forming a major new political party free of corporate money and influence.

The Convention will be digital and broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages with well over a million followers, including The Jimmy Dore Show which will carry the convention to its nearly 800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The convention will ask: “What kind of world do we want to build from the devastation of the pandemic and economic depression?”

It will feature speakers and a regional breakout session. There will be montages of the short, heartfelt videos recorded by hundreds of MPP’s 80,000 members across the country. Speakers will discuss plans to become the largest party in America in four years, including building local hubs and state parties, sending representatives to Congress in 2022, and winning the presidency in 2024.

Sen. Turner is the host of the Hello Somebody Podcast and former president of Our Revolution. She is a former Ohio State Senator and professor of African American history. Dr. Cornel West is the Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University. He is the author of 20 books, a frequent commentator on CNN, and co-host of the Tight Rope Podcast.

“It looks as if the system cannot reform itself,” said West of the American political and economic system on CNN in May. “Yes we must vote the neofascist catastrophe out of the White House but the neoliberal disaster who enters the White House must be fought with a people’s movement and party,” he said, accepting the invitation to The People’s Convention.

Turner and West will be joined by political commentator Jimmy Dore, host of The Jimmy Dore Show and Comedy Central specials, and Ryan Knight, activist, Medicare for all advocate and host of the podcast “Amped Up.” 

Also in attendance will be fellow Bernie 2020 leaders, including climate scientist and campaign surrogate Dr. Peter Kalmus. “Climate and ecological breakdown is a planetary emergency, but corporate influence over both parties has blocked action for decades. We need a party free from corporate corruption – a people’s party,” said Kalmus.

Former Bernie 2020 volunteer national high school director, and national coordinator with Students for a People’s Party, Amaya Wangeshi, will speak. “There is no more compromise, there is no more reform, we have to stop waiting. People are dying right now, people are facing injustice right now; I don’t believe in sacrificing millions of lives just so you can play politics,” said Wangeshi of the corporate parties. The 16-year old daughter of Kenyan immigrants is also the founder of Beyond Bernie and founding director of Our Time, Our Revolution’s student organization. “The world better get ready, change is coming, and it’s coming like you’ve never seen it before.”

Omar Fernandez, President of the American Postal Workers Union of Vermont, which has endorsed MPP, will speak about the labor movement’s need for a party for working people. Jerry Perez, field director with Our Revolution Los Angeles and a U.S. Marine who was deployed to the Iraq and Afghan wars will speak on behalf of Veterans for a People’s Party. Cuban-American Eynelys Vinson, the vice-chair of Our Revolution Los Angeles, will share how Democrats block progress even when they have full control of government, and why Latinos need a party that speaks for them.

The People’s Convention comes as more than 700 National Sanders Delegates have drawn the line with the Democratic Party, stating that they will vote against the party platform unless it includes Medicare for all. It also arrives as the DNC Rules Committee overwhelmingly voted to allow the party to accept corporate PAC money and permit corporate lobbyists to sit on the DNC.

The Convention also takes place in the middle of a raging pandemic and unprecedented cascading economic collapse. Two avoidable catastrophes that the Democrats and Republicans knowingly chose when they spent trillions of dollars bailing out Wall Street while giving insufficient relief to the tens of millions who lost their jobs.

As a result, child hunger is at record levels, breadlines are overwhelmed, five million people have lost their employer-based health insurance, and up to 28 million people face eviction. Forty percent of small businesses may close forever and 42 percent of jobs may never return. Conditions that were just made dramatically worse because Congress let expanded unemployment insurance benefits and an evictions moratorium on federally-backed properties expire.

MPP partnered with Andrew Yang’s Humanity Forward, the Humanity First Movement, the Income Movement, Move to Amend, and other groups to lead more than 50 marches and car caravans to the homes of members of Congress across the country and demand a People’s Stimulus on July 11, 18, and 25.

“Four years from now, at the People’s Convention of 2024, when The People’s Party stands poised to win Congress and the White House, we will look back and celebrate this gathering as the moment that our nation turned the page on the Second Gilded Age. The moment that we took fate into our own hands. The moment that we gave rise to a new progressive era,” said Nick Brana, national coordinator with the Movement for a People’s Party. Brana was the national political outreach coordinator with Bernie 2016, and a founding staffer and former electoral manager with Our Revolution.

From MoveOn:

The new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, is disrupting the mission of the U.S. Postal Service, which is to deliver mail to Americans in a timely fashion.1

In the last month, mail delivery has dramatically slowed down at the hands of Postmaster General DeJoy.2 This right-wing conservative and Trump megadonor, who has no prior expertise pertaining to the Postal Service, was appointed by Donald Trump to the position of postmaster general in May, and his actions are hurting Americans across the country—and pose a threat to our election.3,4

Tell the board of governors to remove Louis DeJoy as postmaster general.

The board of governors of the United States Postal Service must remove Louis DeJoy from the position of postmaster general because he is undermining the mission of the U.S. Postal Service.
On Friday, there was a major shake-up at the Postal Service, and twenty-three executives were reassigned or displaced. As The Washington Post reports, "The reshuffling threatens to heighten tensions between postal officials and lawmakers, who are troubled by delivery delays — the Postal Service banned employees from working overtime and making extra trips to deliver mail — and wary of the Trump administration's influence on the Postal Service as the coronavirus pandemic rages and November's election draws near."5

With a federal election less than three months away, and in the midst of a global pandemic, it is imperative that the timely delivery of mail be made a priority.

The board of governors must remove Louis DeJoy as postmaster general.

–Patrick Chaffeur

1. "Trump-backed postmaster general plans to slow mail delivery," Fortune, July 24, 2020

2. "Does the mail seem slow? You're not imagining it," The Morning Call, August 1, 2020

3. "Trump ally Louis DeJoy named next postmaster general," CNN, May 6, 2020

4. "How Trump's war on the Postal Service could create an election nightmare," The Washington Post, July 15, 2020

5. "Postal Service overhauls leadership as Democrats press for investigation of mail delays," The Washington Post, August 7, 2020

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