Tuesday, April 7, 2020

SNAFU: Situation "The New Normal" All F'ed Up

Situation "The New Normal" All F'ed Up
by Redd Phlagg

The slang term “SNAFU” traces its history to World War II. Soldiers used it in a tongue-in-cheek way to indicate that their normal situation was anything but. Chaos was the norm. No surprises when things looked totally screwed—“That’s SNAFU for you,” GI Joe would have said with a wink and a sigh. SNAFU covered all bases.
We’ve entered the time of the “The New Normal” that will be anything but the normal we knew at the beginning of 2020. The New Normal is chaotic and will leave many without employment, as their places of business have closed their doors permanently.
The New Normal will leave many without health care coverage and many with chronic health conditions caused or exacerbated by the coronavirus.
The New Normal will leave many questioning why their own government treated this pandemic threat with such indifference and seemed more concerned with bailing out big businesses and the banks at the expense of the working classes yet again.

I hear you cry out, “This isn’t normal! How can it be our new normal?” but it won’t change things. Life will never be the same again. If you find yourself still breathing at the end of this month, you will find yourself having to come to terms with The New Normal or go insane. Alas, many of our family, friends and neighbors won’t have this chance because they exited this existence as the old normal faded away in a COVID-19 nightmare.
The New Normal. Now is not the time for niceties. Now is not the time to turn the other cheek. Now is the time for action.
Yeah, right. We’re talking about taking action, and we’re virtually locked in our own homes. All right, I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is, so stop bellyaching and listen up.
We must adjust to The New Normal, but we don’t have to let it f*** us up. What do I mean by that? We may find ourselves without health care coverage, without a roof over our head and a way to provide for our families. Many people alive in 2019 faced the same challenges, but so many more—especially many who felt “safe in the middle class” in 2019—will experience this same tragic situation, perhaps for the first time in their lives in 2020. The New Normal will demonstrate even more blatantly the gap between the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. Guess where the vast majority of us will be in 2020? It’s not going to be at the top, sorry.
Billionaires hoard wealth and scared workers hoard toilet paper in the face of a pandemic, and that scenario isn’t going away anytime soon unless we stop whining and we work together. There is no reason for any human being to have billions of dollars in their bank accounts, particularly when their employees slave at sub-par wages in unsafe conditions without health benefits. There is no reason for us to allow this situation to continue in The New Normal. If we do, we’re f***ing ourselves over royally.
The action we need to take in The New Normal is in the streets. We demand better wages, UBI, and universal health care or we strike and shut it down. All of it down.
Most other civilized nations on the planet are providing a decent monthly payment while their workers are unemployed or seeking work and all of them provide health care to their people. The US doesn’t exist in The Old Normal world anymore, so there’s no reason why Americans have to put up with being f***ed by our capitalist bosses and their politician puppets.
We tell them, “You played around and delayed so you could sell off your stock to make a cool profit while you watched the events in the Wuhan province of China unfold and did nothing to safeguard our health and safety. Your health and safety are now forfeit. You will do as you’re told, or we will have your head on a pike at the entrance to the city by sunset.”
It worked for the French in 1789. It can work again in The New Normal. These capitalist bastards care more about their stock markets than they do our lives and health—so it’s time they learned their lesson about how life will be in The New Normal. We f*** them over. We don’t ever let them f*** us over again.
BIO: Redd Phlagg is determined to make it through the coronavirus pandemic to see The New Normal come to fruition for the people, not the oligarchs.
Vegematic shares some Shakespearean insults we can all make good use of in these trying times, and then gives us a good explanation of  "disaster capitalism." Perhaps we should rename it "coronavirus capitalism"?

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The EPA is using COVID-19 as an excuse to stop policing massive polluters. Tell them to keep limits on air and water pollution!


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It should be obvious: protecting people from one health risk should not come at the expense of another huge health risk. Yet, that is exactly the argument that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently making. They've announced they will essentially allow massive polluters to do their worst all through this pandemic, with no repercussions. Sign now to demand the EPA does its job and continues to police air and water pollution violations!
The rules that will be relaxed (retroactively to March 13th, 2020) are the same ones that are intended to keep big manufacturers from polluting the air and water to levels that cause dire human and environmental destruction. Without these rules, manufacturers have no reason to limit their emissions or stop dumping toxic waste into our drinking water. That should scare us all. Please sign on to demand the EPA does not walk back their air and water pollution policing during this pandemic.
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The Trump administration just indicted Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and thirteen others on “narco-terrorism” charges and is offering $55 million in bounties for them. $55 million could buy a lot of ventilators, but Trump would rather spend more money on regime change. Sign our open letter denouncing these hypocritical indictments, which are yet another escalation on the hybrid war against Venezuela.

Trump continues to turn up the heat on Venezuela in the middle of a global pandemic. Attorney General William Barr just indicted Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and 13 other high-level current or former government officials on charges of “narco-terrorism,” offering a $15 million reward for information leading to Maduro’s arrest, as well as $10 million rewards for four others. $55 million could buy a lot of ventilators. Instead, it’s being applied towards regime change.
This move is part of the latest escalation in Trump’s plans for Venezuela, and is part of the State Department’s strategy of “maximum pressure" that also includes a naval deployment that could be a prelude to a full naval blockade, which is an act of war. To learn more about the Trump administration’s regime change efforts and the regional drug trade, watch CODEPINK's Teri Mattson's interview Fulton Armstrong, a professor at American University and former CIA analyst.

You can also join us in signing this open letter denouncing the Trump administration’s hypocrisy in indicting the Venezuelan government!

The charges allege that the Venezuelan government is trying to flood the streets of the U.S. with cocaine. It would be troubling if true, but the fact is that 90% of the cocaine in the United States (the world’s biggest consumer) comes from Colombia (the world’s biggest producer), yet Colombia remains a close U.S. ally that continues receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid every year. This shows that the indictments are completely hypocritical and politically biased. 

This is not about stopping the drug trade; it’s about regime change. The Trump administration is doing all it can to sabotage dialogue between the Maduro government and the moderate opposition. This latest move came a day after Maduro offered to engage in a national dialogue to build consensus on a response to COVID-19. 

Sign this open letter to demand that Trump drop these groundless charges, lift the killer sanctions on Venezuela and normalize relations between the two countries!

CODEPINK has taken a leading role in building a movement against the U.S. government efforts at regime change in Venezuela. One of the keys to movement building is learning, so please be sure to join us every week for the WTF is Going On In Latin America webinar with Teri Mattson. 

In solidarity,
Leonardo, Medea, Michelle, and Teri
CODEPINK Latin America Campaign



  1. That poster and the cartoon say it all. Capitalists do not and will not care about us.

    1. It's not good for business to care for the workers. They're just parts in the machine. Use them up, then toss them when they're broken. That's why we've got to define what "The New Normal" is going to be. It's going to be what we the workers say it's going to be.


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