Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Throw in the Towel?


Throw in the Towel?
by C.A. Matthews

All things must come to an end. Eventually. That's just how life works in our linear temporal existence here on Earth. But is there ever a point where we should step in and usurp the universe's timing for something to end? Is there ever a point where we should put an endeavor to rest early before its memory becomes so worn and tarnished that we can barely look back at it without tears and regrets?

You're looking at one such endeavor.

The heyday of Bernie Sanders' first "fringe" run for the White House are past. Those of us who jumped on the Bernie bandwagon early on in 2015 have climbed to the mountaintops and then plunged down to the deep dark valleys more times than we care to admit. We all knew that Bernie's ideas were "mainstream" and would capture the public's imagination. 

But little did we know how the "mainstream" media would at first ignore his race, then ridicule him personally, then outright blame his followers for Trump's victory. Our idealism blinded us to the reality of how "money talks" and how much the mess we're in can be placed on the doorstep of the Citizens United ruling.

This blog used to get tens of thousands of hits per week back when. No joke. Somewhere along the line the opposition (in the form of David Brock's "Correct the Record" trolls) started to block and get our promotional posts banned on social media platforms. The site visits dropped, but then they recovered, as progressives huddled together in the cold, cruel world that is Trump's America. We knew we were filling a niche and had readers who depended upon us being there for them in these dark times.

But with the demise of Google+ and the death of Net Neutrality, the last nails have been hammered into the coffin that is The Revolution Continues blog. If the hit counters are to be believed (and that's problematic in and of itself--they could be hacked), then we have gone from a weekly audience of a well-packed basketball arena for a Bernie rally down to a mid-sized auditorium or less. Is the struggle to produce/procure a weekly piece worth it for so few? We think so, but the time, toil and effort are draining. One wonders is it worth all the stress.

There are progressive candidates worth promoting, discussing and disagreeing with. There are a myriad of progressive causes that need our attention and help to get their message out. Are we still able to fulfill our purpose without a large advertising budget so we can buy the advertising we need to spread the word that we used to get free of charge?

All we know for certain at this point is this: the opponents of Net Neutrality and the scourge of corporate-welfare capitalism have a lot to answer for!

Giving a collective sigh, we push on. This week the inspiration wasn't there for any of our diehard core of bloggers and hence this sad and sorry piece. 

There is much to get righteously angry about today in the news: little children dying in #TrumpCamps, more people dying of preventable illnesses because Medicare For All is still a figment of our imaginations, saber-rattling in the Gulf of Oman to start another dirty little war for oil… 

And, of course, Bernie Sanders is back in the running, bigger and better than ever. We hold our collective breaths and wait, cautiously optimistic the corrupt DNC won't thwart his run for the White House again by anointing the corporatist/friend of segregationalists former V.P. Joe Biden instead. It's early days yet, so we won't put the cart before the horse. We're hopeful if Bernie doesn't get the nod at least Tulsi Gabbard might… Nah, they'll just thrust Creepy Uncle Joe down our throats and tell us to vote "blue no matter who."

The Greens have yet to settle on any one candidate, but their national convention is a month off. Without the specter of corporate lobbyist money, the Greens will at least have a fair and democratic process to decide whom they wish to front for president. There could be a pleasant surprise awaiting us in the near future.

We're holding on until then. The towel is in our hands, and we've not thrown it in quite yet. Give us a little love--give us some feedback in the comments section below. We'd love to hear what you want to hear more about.  

The Revolution Continues… until it doesn't.


From the League of Women Voters:
Tuesday, June 25, marks six years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Shelby County v. Holder decision which overturned essential provisions of the VRA which has led to countless attacks on the voting rights of Americans.  
Together, during the week of June 24-30, allies around the country will come together to show how this decision unleashed a torrent of voter discrimination and electoral chaos nationwide. We’re planning a massive call in day tomorrow (Tuesday, June 25) to Congress asking them to fully restore the Voting Rights Act. And we encourage calls throughout the week as your schedule allows. 
Over the past six years since Shelby County v. Holder, we have seen many states and localities use every tool available to make voting harder. Politicians have worked to roll back hours for early voting, purge voter rolls of qualified voters, and even pass strict voter photo ID bills that make it harder for people to register to vote.  
But Congress can act today by moving the Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4 / S. 561)! Will you call your elected officials demand action on this important legislation?
The Voting Rights Advancement Act was introduced to address the voting discrimination unleashed in the wake of the Shelby County v. Holder decision. Now let’s get to it and move forward on consideration of the bill. 
Tell Congress to Restore the Vote
Yours in the fight,
Celina Stewart 
Senior Director of Advocacy and Litigation 
League of Women Voters 

From Food & Water Watch:
Since settling with Ray Kemble in July 2012, Cabot has accrued 243 violations for its fracking in Ray's home county — why are they still allowed to frack?
Support Ray and help fight Cabot!

I wanted to share a quick update on Cabot Oil & Gas’ efforts to silence people fighting fracking.

We are continuing to support Ray Kemble as Cabot’s lawsuit against him slogs on. He didn’t do anything wrong by educating people about the dangers of fracking, and Cabot’s lawsuit is unjustified bullying. (You can stand with Ray and support his legal fight, too.)

Meanwhile, Cabot is actually breaking rules. Since July 20, 2012 (the day Cabot settled the suit Ray brought against them for poisoning his water), Cabot has accrued 243 violations for its fracking operations in Susquehanna County alone, where Ray lives.1

This is unacceptable.
Cabot is accusing Ray of breach of settlement, but Cabot is breaching the regulations they agreed to in order to frack. Despite these violations, Cabot is still allowed to continue fracking throughout the region, putting people's drinking water, homes and health in danger.

You can donate to stand up to Cabot and keep supporting Ray’s fight.
Frackers Can’t Break the Rules
We will continue to fight Cabot, to stop fracking and to support Ray. Fight like you live here — donate today.
Onward together,

Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch


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  1. I may be disheartened, but I'm not dead. I won't quit until after the convention. Unfortunately, I believe they're going to present us with the same old corporate sponsored candidate, but I'll curious as to whom they'll pair with him to attempt to secure the progressive vote.

    1. So, you feel they'll let Bernie get the president slot and then stick a corporatist in as his VP? Or do you think they'll put Uncle Joe on top and find a good little "progressive" VP candidate like maybe Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris? Let's hope Bernie gets it and picks his own VP running mate!

  2. What a post - in part sad, partially hopeful, and entirely truth.

    I am probably not alone in occasionally turning to philosophical maxims to guide me life. But if I had to toss them all but one, I think it'd be the advice of the craggy for trader played by Brian Keith in the old TV miniseries The Seekers: "Never quit." Or, perhaps the principle often cited by Don Johnson's character in Miami Vice: "It ain't over till it's over."

    I might want to cry in the towel sometimes, but know I'd regret throwing it in.

    1. I think my favorite piece of advice on getting through tough times came from some activists from Youngstown who were on their 8th attempt to get a citizens' initiative on the ballot. They said simply, "Winners never quit and quitters never win--so we don't quit!" You're right, Todd, about the tears, but after the crying is over... The urge to struggle against the dark forces remains. To quote Lee Camp: Keep fighting!

  3. Avoiding the older men in the activist spaces that treat the younger generation like secretaries and work horses.
    They're there to learn. Not get you coffee or do your research.

    I burned out on the holier than thou attitude quick.

    1. Yeah, demeaning anyone's contributions because of the age or gender or race or perceived social status, etc., is just plain wrong. If we are progressives, then we believe in equality and not tyranny. Treating others like your personal servants is just another form of tyranny. It's sad that we have to fight back within our own ranks at times--but so be it!


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