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The Rich Must Have Nowhere To Hide

The Rich Must Have Nowhere To Hide
by Coast Watcher

The Sixties saw a number of real advances in social programs in the United States. From voting reform to the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid, the US government under Kennedy, and later Johnson, actually took notice of the preamble to the Constitution, “To promote the general welfare.”

After those heady days of peace and love came the backlash from the Right--although backlash is probably too violent a term for something that returned by stealth. Capitalistic politicians colluding with and funded by Big Business began to roll back the reforms wherever they could, allowing laws and regulations that protected ordinary citizens to lapse quietly. It paved the way for the ruthless exploitation of the ordinary people we see today.

There’s a school of thought which holds that the American so-called "Left" took its foot off the pedal once the reforms were achieved, that they coasted through the Seventies and into the Eighties thinking the work was done instead of ruthlessly eradicating the last vestiges of capitalism from the United States. It begs the argument that perhaps the "Left" in the guise of the Democratic Party never really was interested in supporting the working classes over the capitalist wealth hoarders in the first place. 

Bill Clinton's "Third Way" Democratic Party has become the norm in the twenty-first century, and any progressive members left in its ranks have been pushed aside or completely out. One only has to look at the 2016  primary season and how the rigged elections kept Bernie Sanders from taking the Democratic nomination to see how well a progressive candidate is allowed to do when the corporate-owned leaders of the party get their way.

The fascist and petulant president currently in the White House refuses to sign off the budget unless he gets his border wall and threatens to maintain the shut down for months or years if necessary. Federal workers are on unpaid furlough, many are working without pay, and a great number of workers are suffering. One federal worker stated he is unable to buy vital insulin to treat his diabetes. There are many more like him in government service. How many more will suffer or die from this unnecessary furlough?

National parks are seeing dramatic upswings in the amount of litter and dangerous refuse such as sewage because the workers aren’t there to clear it away. Aside from the shut down, numerous bills and laws attacking the people the politicians purport to serve are going through Congress, often aided and abetted by the Democrats. Let’s not forget how Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren, the darlings of the Democratic Party, voted for the bloated military budget. 

There’s also a move to make criticism of Israel a crime—-a clear assault on the First Amendment. Ending Palestinian genocide obviously isn't as important as supporting the Israeli war machine and the worldwide Military Industrial Complex.
The need to eradicate capitalism is more urgent than ever. It’s time to apply that ruthlessness we admire in others, and the people of France have shown the way. French President Emmanuel Macron tried to crack down on the protests by arresting Eric Drouet, one of the Gilets Jaune (Yellow Vests) movement’s leaders. The move was declared a "very bad signal" by Kamel Amriou, another of the movement’s leaders, who went on to declare Drouet’s arrest as "disproportionate." He stated, "It shows that we are in a repressive era that is damaging to our democracy." 

Leader of the opposition party La France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, tweeted that the arrest of Mr. Drouet was an "abuse of power." Macron is facing such a backlash over his rich-friendly policies it’s questionable whether he’ll retain power for much longer. It’s even possible France will undergo another revolution.

From January 5, 2019:

You’d have to look hard at the American mainstream media, though, to see if anything’s happening other than what the establishment wants us to know. They’d have us believe the Gilet Jaune movement is dying down, when all accounts on social media show it’s gaining strength in France and spreading to  other countries across Europe. Yellow Vests have appeared on the streets of Belgium, Holland, England, Portugal, Ireland, Sweden and Poland.

Yellow Vests have been spotted in Canada as well and have appeared on American streets in several cities--including Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s an indicator that the working people of the world are beginning to rise against the unbridled capitalism that has infected our lives for too long.

Let's ensure that this time the rich will have nowhere in the world they can hide. Vive le révolution!

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Stay informed about what's happening in France: https://www.instagram.com/giletjaune2018/

BIO: Coast Watcher sees the signs of revolution in the air... How long will it be until the capitalist exploiters are upended and true democracy is born? That's the burning question of the day--and it's up to We the People to answer it!


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