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I Don't Speak Brainwashed

I Don't Speak Brainwashed
by Still Bernin'

Some days, you have to pinch yourself to see if you're actually living in reality or some kind of irritating sitcom episode. You know the kind--the one where the lead character wakes up and finds herself unable to understand or communicate with her family/gaggle of friends. It's like a "Tower of Babel on Meth" story. By the end of the show, both you and the main character are screaming, "Stop it! Enough is enough!"

DNC Sues Russia, Wikileaks, Trump Campaign, Hang Nails and Humpty Dumpty for Hacking their Naughty Emails in 2016 Election or words to those effect jumped off my computer screen and assaulted my better sense this past week. Say what?  This lawsuit could even threaten freedom of the press according to many, a dangerous precedent indeed.

The Democrats have admitted in a court of law that they rigged their own primaries against Bernie Sanders. (In fact they're the only party that has admitted to wrongdoing in the 2016 election.) It's been determined by numerous authorities that the damning emails covering their primary rigging to ensure a Clinton win were not "hacked" but "leaked" by someone within the organization. The download rate noted on the files confirmed they were copied onto a flash drive and taken out of the building. Could it have been Seth Rich, the young DNC staffer found murdered but not robbed, who leaked the emails to Wikileaks? We'll probably never know for sure since dead men conveniently tell no tales. But the doubt remains. What makes you think the American public will fall for more lies and manipulation, Dems?

The next thing you know, the so-called progressive mainstream media will say straight shooters such as independent thinker Jimmy Dore are passing along conspiracy theories for questioning the validity of  Syria gassing its own citizens. Oh, wait a moment... CNN smeared Jimmy for saying he held doubts about the incident because they're jealous of his popularity. CNN actually tried to imply Jimmy was on the same level as pedophiles and Neo-Nazis who broadcast on You Tube (to scare away his advertising revenue). As if! 

Funny thing is, many other journalists and experts have voiced similar reservations about the alleged  Syrian gassing attack. As investigative journalists explore deeper, more evidence has emerged showing that the attack simply didn't take place. It was a manufactured excuse to justify the US bombing. Carla Ortiz, an independent journalist who has been to Syria several times, supports this conclusion. (Here are two interviews about Carla's trips to Syria: Part 1. Part 2. ) ZDF heute, Germany's largest public TV news broadcaster, has stated that the Syria chemical attack was "most likely staged."

NW Ohio Peace Coalition speaks out against the bombings
It appears the  Military-Industrial Complex made the whole thing up in order to launch a bunch of expensive missiles to help out  CIA-backed terrorist groups at the expense of the Assad regime. Our Big Oil-owned government can't seem to have enough oil and oil pipelines, and we certainly don't want other parties (read: Syrians and their backers, the Russians)  building a pipeline of their own. Apparently, petroleum profits are more important to  American/British/French one-percenters than the health and safety of the ordinary Syrians caught in the crossfire of their latest war for oil.

Do you really believe all Americans are that dumb, mainstream media? Listen to these words of another straight shooter... You may have heard of him, President Abraham Lincoln:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
Stop insulting us with your blatant propaganda, mainstream media. Stop insulting us with your endless wars for oil, Military-Industrial Complex and mindless, immoral lackeys. Stop insulting us with your duplicitous distraction techniques, DNC. We know you are all self-centered liars. Americans, on the whole, are smarter than you think. We speak commonsense.

It's time Americans speak commonsense truth to those in power and let them know we won't have anything more to do with these crooks. It's time we put both the duopoly and the endless wars for oil/land/other resources behind us. It's time we support and encourage independent thinkers (without their hands in the Citizens United cookie jar of corporate bribery) to speak out and to run for office. It's time we vote third party/Green Party and make a clean sweep of the corruption inherent in the two-party system.

Ordinary Americans don't speak "Brainwashed," and we're growing tired of those who do. Be a patriot! Stop wasting your time repeating the lies of the mainstream media and the corporatist duopoly controlling our government. Spread the truth instead.
BIO: Still Bernin' is sick and tired of hearing  b.s. from the six corporations that own over 90% of the media outlets in the US.  The outright lies from  corporate-owned politicians make Bernin'  sick, too. His remedy? Keep repeating the truth until we change hearts and minds and things change for the better. There is no Planet B!

"Bombs Away!" 
Or how bombing Syria helped to cover up  stories the mainstream media and our government didn't want you to know about this past week. Lee gives examples of how "faux progressives" manipulate public opinion on behalf of the one-percent who want more war. Also, there's been more than one chemical attack on Americans recently. Can we expect bombing? (Warning: contains adult language and much angry laughter.)



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From AFT:

There’s a growing school crisis in Puerto Rico, and the media, like the Trump administration, is not paying enough attention.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello and his education secretary, Julia Keleher, have taken a page right out of the Trump-DeVos playbook. They are using Hurricane Maria and the island’s bankruptcy case as excuses to close down 283 more public schools. This is on top of the 167 schools they already closed late last year. Those slated for closure include schools that excel, and they include career-and-technical-education schools and bilingual schools that may be the only schools of their kind for miles. But Puerto Rico’s education secretary doesn’t care: She admitted yesterday that her department never looked at the schools or analyzed the human impact of the closures.

Puerto Rico’s students aren’t just numbers. Closing their schools and forcing them to travel long distances just to get an education is a terrible plan. And on top of disrupting students’ lives, this plan would divert scarce resources to charter schools, including trying to turn schools—like the island’s public Montessori schools, which want to stay public—over to charters. Shockingly, the secretary has even admitted that she was targeting schools to close in order to turn the buildings over to private charter school operators.

Despite the massive outcry against this plan, the governor and education secretary have pushed forward without regard for the devastating impact these school closures will have on their communities. Closing 35 percent of the island’s schools will be disastrous, and it’s an entirely man-made disaster. These closings do not need to happen. What’s more, the secretary has refused to take input from local mayors, parents, teachers and the community.

They need our support. Help us spread the word about the injustice in Puerto Rico by tweeting at the Governor and Secretary of Education.

What @RicardoRossello is doing to schools in #PuertoRico is outrageous. #PorNuestrasEscuelas pic.twitter.com/XXxed5gkZq

The legacy of @RicardoRossello will be tied to Betsy DeVos if he goes though with his recklessly harmful plan to close 35% of #PuertoRico’s schools. #PorNuestrasEscuelas pic.twitter.com/fxyCKZ8vPA

First the government ignored the needs of #PuertoRico since the hurricane, now they’re using the crisis to close nearly 300 more schools. Tell @RicardoRossello to stop the school closings. #PorNuestrasEscuelas https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stand-with-puerto-rico-teachers-and-parents

60,000 students in #PuertoRico will be hurt by these outrageous school closings. Stand with Puerto Rican students by opposing the closings. #PorNuestrasEscuelas https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stand-with-puerto-rico-teachers-and-parents

The #PuertoRico Education Secretary worked with Betsy DeVos on an education plan and now they’re closing nearly 300 schools. Tell the Gov that this plan cannot happen. #PorNuestrasEscuelas https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stand-with-puerto-rico-teachers-and-parents

Teachers in West Virginia and Oklahoma have captured the hearts and minds of America. It’s well past time that Puerto Rico commands some attention as well. These are American citizens, and schools in Puerto Rico—just as in states on the mainland—have been starved of resources, which has undermined its entire education system.

Last week, hundreds of parents rallied in front of the Capitol in San Juan, despite an islandwide power failure. And this week, on April 25, thousands of teachers will form a human shield around the Capitol to show their intention to protect public education. They want their voices heard. They want money to be used to invest in and rebuild schools, not to pay off Wall Street hedge funds the governor is trying to court.

We need to show the people of Puerto Rico that there’s national support for their protests—like there has been for other recent teacher protests on the mainland.

The latest round of school closures has been denounced all over the island. Mayors from across Puerto Rico are up in arms, and they’re demanding the governor stop closing schools. They want the governor to consult with them, their communities and the people who are actually affected by this plan.

Gov. Rossello and Secretary Keleher, with the help of U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, is pushing forward with no thought for what communities want or need. Public schools have been the center of the post-hurricane recovery over the last six months. The schools have provided shelter, services and care for those in need since Hurricane Maria, while our government let them flounder. And now, instead of investing in communities, the governor and secretary want to shut down their schools.

This education plan is bad. Puerto Rican children and educators need us to be there for them.

Once you’ve tweeted, sign our petition to protect Puerto Rico’s public schools.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President

From Open Media:

There's a new battle in the war on Net Neutrality — small business. 

If we lose this founding principle of an open web, it won't just affect tech companies. Grocery and hardware stores do much of their business online, hair stylists and nail salons book their appointments through their websites, modern farming tools require connectivity.

Killing Net Neutrality will be a tax on the entire economy, which is why small businesses should be on the front lines of saving it.

And we have a plan to help you do that. Already, more than 3,500 small business have banded together to sign this open letter in support of saving Net Neutrality.

  1. Do you run your own business? Be the 3,501st — sign on to our open letter.
  2. Even if you don’t run your own company, you can reach out to small businesses in your community. Can you share our open letter on Facebook and Twitter, and mention any small business owners you know in the post? Please, email the URL www.businessesfornetneutrality.com and ask others to join the fight.
We’re weeks away from the senate vote on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution that could save our Net Neutrality protections by overthrowing Ajit Pai's FCC's repeal, but we need at least one more senator’s vote to win.1
And we know that pressure from local businesses in lawmakers’ own districts is one of the single most effective strategy for convincing hard-to-get lawmakers to buck partisan politics and side with the overwhelming majority of voters to speak out for the open Internet.

That's why our goal is to get at least 10,000 small businesses signed on to the letter by the end of April. After that, we'll help small businesses across the country deliver those messages directly to Congressional offices on Wednesday, May 2 at 12 p.m. local time.
Small businesses are the perfect messengers for Republican lawmakers. Net Neutrality is not a partisan issue outside of Washington, D.C.,2 but telecom lobbyists are working hard to make it one.

That's why we need the whole Internet, and every business we can find, to take action on Net Neutrality and help us pass the CRA in the Senate.

If you run your own business please sign our open letter before May 2. And whether you’re self-employed or not, please take a second to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Yours for an open Internet,
—Katy, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

[1] Ajit Pai tried to kill net neutrality, but the internet is fighting back: NBC News
[2] Poll: 83 percent of voters support keeping FCC's net neutrality rules: The Hill

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