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The War on Beautiful, Clean Coal

The War on Beautiful, Clean Coal
by C.A. Matthews
"The war on beautiful, clean coal is over!" triumphantly declared  President Donald Duck Trump during his State of the Union address. Many scratched their heads in wonder upon hearing that statement. "When was there ever a war on coal?" Americans asked each other. "How on earth did we miss something as big as a military conflict against a fossil fuel?"

"Don't you mean there's been a war against the coal miners?" some remarked as over 78,000 coal miners have died from Black Lung disease since 1968.  "Haven't communities been attacked by water, land and air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels? Aren't deaths and injuries caused by asthma and heart disease caused by coal burning on the rise? How can this be construed as a war on coal? How can anyone even think that coal is clean in the first place?" 

Ah, but these are all "fake news" stories according to Mr. Trump. No one has ever died or been injured by beautiful, clean coal (which bathes daily) says the fossil fuel execs who now advise the tiny-handed man behind the big desk in the Oval Office. There are literally dozens of jobs to be created by extracting what remains of coal from deep in the ground. How can there be more people working for Arby's than for coal mining concerns as many left-leaning publications cite?  No one needs to eat food nearly as often as they need to burn coal, do they? (It's as absurd as saying coal miners can be retrained to work in the green energy industry!)
Beautiful, clean coal has had its shining reputation sullied by such books as Death in the Air. It tells the story  of the 12,000 persons who died (by coincidence) during a huge smog event in London in 1952 that was at least partially blamed on coal burning power plants. After those deaths during the horrific "pea souper" (which had nothing to do with burning coal, we swear!),  laws were passed to make the burning of coal cleaner than ever (fingers crossed). 

You'd think that 66 years later, coal burning has to be the cleanest thing on the planet, much cleaner than those dirty solar panels or ugly wind turbines. Besides, we can't risk soaking up all the sun's rays or the wind. How will we get a tan or enjoy a nice summer's breeze if solar panels and wind turbines hog all the sunlight and breeze, right?

Of course, a handful of individuals will make quite a bit of money from Trump's recent decision to slap a 30% tariff on foreign made solar panels. It's not like big GOP supporters like the Koch Brothers became billionaires from their dealings in the fossil fuel industry and denying climate change. (Oh...so they did.) Of course, some in the administration are invested in putting coal before so-called "clean green energy" sources in order to make even more money, but that doesn't take away from the inherent cleanness of coal, now does it?

The "experts" do tend to yammer on about the negatives of coal burning plants, but when did scientists ever know what was good for Americans, right?  (You wouldn't go to a person who spent a good amount of time in an elitist higher institute of education to diagnose your illness or perform surgery on you, would you? I thought not.)  Scientists actually believe in fairy tales such as "climate change" and "global warming," so their credibility rating is fairly strained as it is. Get a load of this nonsense from this U.S. News article from a couple of years ago:

"If we want to reduce air pollution, the source we want to focus on eliminating is in coal burning," says George Thurston, a professor in the Department of Environmental Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine and one of the report's authors. "The message is that the source that is the biggest problem for climate change is also the biggest air pollution problem for health.
With adversaries like these pseudo-scientific-climate-whiners frightening the public all the time, no wonder Americans didn't realize there was an actual war going on against beautiful, clean coal. (There are only so many hours in the day in which to close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears and hum loudly to block out all that fake science news.)

Our fearless orange leader in the White House has defeated the naysayers with a mighty stroke of his pen and  taken the lead on making coal our number one energy source above the burgeoning renewable energy market. (Coal-powered plants will be everywhere!) It's him we'll have to thank come next year this time when you (or a loved one) are sitting in an emergency room with an oxygen mask strapped to your face and a crash cart nearby.
Until then, here's some "fake news" articles and videos you might find entertaining and informative:

Clean coal memes from: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2015/jul/10/fossil-fuel-memes-coal-mining-environment-pollution 

What Trump's Tax on Solar Power Means:

White House to Ask for 72 Percent Cut in Renewable Energy Programs:

The entire coal industry employs fewer people than Arby's:

US coal miners are offered free training to work in the wind turbine industry:

Coal burning is the most toxic pollution for your heart:

Black Lung Incurable and Fatal Stalks Coal Miners Anew:

Nebraska GOP lawmakers trying to restrict wind power development by labeling it "not renewable."

A review of Death in the Air: http://nstbookreviews.blogspot.com/2018/02/death-in-air.html

The Fossil Free Fast Livestream (event starts at approx. 58:39): https://youtu.be/YcbiXp_HGDk
These guys really know how to spin the story about clean coal... 
February is Black History Month and many organizations are hosting events to celebrate African-Americans' contributions throughout history--and today. Watch this panel discussion held at University Church in Toledo, Ohio. These ladies gave some great insights.
More "wars"  worth fighting for...

Fight for $15

Why do we deserve dignity?
It's simple.
Make & share YOUR sign now.
We will carry your message to Memphis on Feb 12.
BIG news – on February 12, we're protesting across the country to call out the billionaires, corporations, and politicians working so hard to hold us back.

The day marks fifty years since black sanitation workers in Memphis kicked off a historic strike to demand higher pay and union rights.

Martin Luther King Jr. marched with them. Now, we carry on the same fight.

The sanitation workers and Dr. King demanded fair pay for hard work. They demanded union rights.

They said, simply: "I AM A MAN."


We say the same. We need fair pay of $15 an hour. We need strong union rights.

And we deserve this for no other reason than that we are men, we are women, we are people – we work, and sweat, and breathe just like the billionaires and corporate politicians who hold us back.

February 12 is just the beginning. This spring, we will join with tens of thousands in the Poor People's Campaign to launch six weeks of protests and direct action all across the nation.

Just like the sanitation workers in Memphis 50 years ago, we will make our voices heard.

Make and share your sign now – and we will let you know soon more ways you can join the fight.

Latierika Blair
McDonald's Worker
Memphis, TN
Fight for $15


From Care 2 Petitions:

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a personal fortune of more than $105 billion and has been heralded as "the richest man in the world." 

Yet, his company's employees are struggling to pay for their most basic needs. Recent reports found that workers in Ohio have had been forced to resort to food stamps, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) just to keep food on their tables. This isn't unique to Ohio. Underpaid employees can be found in Amazon facilities from coast to coast. That makes it even more appalling to learn that Amazon employees can't even use these benefits at the newly launched Amazon grocery store, Amazon Go. 

Take action today and sign the petition demanding that Amazon Go accept SNAP. 

Amazon (and its CEO in particular) has made billions off of the backs of their underpaid employees. The least they could do is allow them to shop in their stores. 
Sign the petition today and demand Amazon GO accept SNAP. 
Thank you,

Corey Hill
The Care2 Petitions Team

From Friends of the Earth:

Donald Trump and his administration could soon allow pipelines to cross our National Parks.

This is just one piece of Trump’s disastrous infrastructure plan. Last week, leaked documents showed that the plan will allow Trump and his corporate cronies to sidestep environmental protections, public health, and worker safety. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry could reap huge benefits.

This plan still has to go through Congress. So we need your help to push your Senators to stop it!

Trump wants to give Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke unilateral authority to allow pipelines to cross our parks. That’s the same Ryan Zinke who gutted Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. He’s all too eager to hand over our wild places to his buddies in the fossil fuel industry.

At the same time, Trump’s plan would allow many infrastructure projects to sidestep key analyses of their adverse health and environmental impacts. It would allow his administration to sell off public lands to oil and coal interests. And it would eliminate requirements that projects comply with the Clean Air Act.

The only winners in Trump’s infrastructure proposal are corporate polluters and special interests. So we need to send Congress a strong message that any infrastructure bill should prioritize people and the environment over corporate profits.

Trump’s vision for our environment is clear. He thinks our public lands are first and foremost meant to be exploited for the benefit of Big Oil and other extractive industries. And he thinks clean air and clean water can be sacrificed to increase those industries’ profits.

But the American people don’t want our environment handed over to polluters. Together, we can pressure Congress to stop these attacks on our wild places. Will you join us?

Standing with you,
Nicole Ghio,
Senior fossil fuels program manager,
Friends of the Earth 


We've come a long way since the Unity Reform Commission was unanimously adopted by 4,500 Democratic convention delegates in Philadelphia.

Recently, DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee took up the URC's final recommendations, and Chairman Tom Perez said publicly that he wants them passed in full. Our mandates are not aspirations. They have already been debated and negotiated. The DNC should adopt and implement these reforms.

Here are the major URC mandates:

  • Sixty percent reduction in unpledged delegates—from 715 to 300.
  • Reform caucuses to include same-day registration, same-day party switching, and voting by mail; push for state law reform for same-day registration, party switching and voting by mail in primary states.
  • Party financial transparency and eliminating conflicts of interests.
Most of these actions require state party reform, a critical step to opening the Democratic Party to the grassroots. Our reforms are meant to deconstruct those obstacles and promote grassroots participation in our democracy.

Our team spent nine months negotiation these reforms which required compromise from all sides. It wasn't always easy and, in the end, we may not have gotten everything we wanted. But we believe that these are important reforms that should be implemented to begin the long work to rebuild our party. It's time to implement these changes so that we can have real unity and reform.

In solidarity,

Larry Cohen
Lucy Flores
Gus Newport
Jane Kleeb
Nomiki Konst
Nina Turner
Jeff Weaver
Jim Zogby


  1. Trump is a selfish, greedy narcissist who's doing his level best to make money and doesn't care if his actions cause the world to go to hell around him. The sooner people wake up, realize this and DO something about the orange-faced clown the better.

    1. He sure knows how to put money in his and his super-rich friends' pockets, doesn't he? But he's risking the very planet we live on. We all got to breathe, drink and eat. Polluting our skies and poisoning our land and water will affect ALL peoples--rich and poor alike. To continue on his anti-green energy path is suicidal and pathological. Time to take our planet back from the haters!

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  3. Hi Kate; My time in the United States Army was spent in a attack Helicopter squadron. I served my country well and am a patriot. My main health care at the VA is here in Portland on the Hill. You say you are against war and love Oregon's governor TPP advocating Kate Brown for her war efforts in making you feel good about your son's 2nd tour overseas. That is good for you and your son. I am not criticizing your son, he made the same exact choice as I did.

    You want to fight with me because I am against war? You want to say my religious belief that these wars are EVIL is wrong and I should not be allowed religious expression against these evil, evil, evil wars? OK, lets fight. You want to say since I am not a Christian that my religion does not count? You say that you as a Christian should have the power to kill in 23 countries currently with criminal drone assassinations? You say that having 1000 military bases around the world is good for the human race? You say that our military is good and beneficial for humanity? You love nuclear weapons and these Oregon congressional democrats that write nuclear weapons legislation and they all vote for the wars and nuclear bombs and taking my constitutional rights away.

    Is our unending wars good for Afghanistan? Are they good for Iraq? Are these criminal wars good for the world? All these unending wars. I am against war. You seem to be a apologist for unending war and this governor that is up to her neck in election fraud and is as crooked as any democrat in America. Democrats cheat on our elections. That is what your son is overseas in a foreign country supporting? Election fraud. Unending war. Cruel killing of millions of civilians. You think that is what America is all about? Sorry I irritated you. I am thanked for my military service each time I walk into the VA Hospital. The difference in these horrendous wars and my time in the military is we do not see the war on main stream media or the thousands of dead in coffins as they are brought home. The news media is owned by the folks that profit from these wars. We are kept dumb and all our money and our national American efforts go into killing for profit. We make lots of money off of death, destruction and war. You a sad mother and pathetic democrat loves her part in these unending wars and have a sob story to perpetuate these war crimes. Democrats are war mongering world haters that love election fraud, police state , corruption and the death of all life on Mother Earth. I am against war. You hate me because of my belief that war is not the answer? I have had over twelve posts marked as spam this morning for posting this:

    No More War


    1. I see where you're coming from, Green Energy, but you are a bit off topic for this particular blog post on clean coal and Black History Month. Maybe you should post at a blog that's more along those lines?

      But I agree with you--War is not the answer. Justice and love are the answers.

  4. Really great post, We love it and want to join your community!!!


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