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The War on the Middle Class

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In the manner of Washington commanding his troops and leading them across the Delaware...
Our Commander-in-Chief against the Oligarchs!

The War on the Middle Class

 by Cyril O'Reilly

It's not just about Democrat and Republican anymore. It's about the whole system being so corrupt  that it is no longer serving the people. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are playing for the same corporate elite team, the Third Way politician's "War on the Middle Class" through divide and conquer politics of the Clinton, Trump and Bush Dynasties. 

Third Way politicians' divide and conquer politics have taken over the political process over the last 35 years. Third Way politicians are politicians from both parties, very wealthy Republicans and Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The RINOs and DINOs get together and agree on everything to do with their collective money interests and power in lieu of direct or indirect favors or kickbacks from tax dodging Wall Street bankers, the oil industry, the war-for-profit industry and multinational corporations who have slowly sucked the life blood out of our American way of life while contributing less and less to our country. Third Way politicians only differ on "social issues" to give the appearance, the illusion they are against each other, because they know Americans will always split on the "social issue."

This is how the rich elites like Trump and Hillary, the Plutocrats, Corporatists, Oligarchs, the 1% Ruling Class, or whatever name you want to give them--Third Way politicians--from both sides have divided and conquered the American people for a very long time now. Third Way politicians know "social issues" are divisive issues with a no one-size-fits-all solution to them. They use them to instill fear in people that their rights are going to be taken away. And, of course, we all get fearful when we think someone is going to take away our rights. Who wouldn't? 

This is the political manipulation used on the American people by both the Left and Right over and over again until they get the American people so loud, angry and heated with each other that we stop paying attention to the real moral crises of our time, which is their War on the Middle Class with Endless-Wars-for-Endless-Profits and the poverty and income inequality it creates here at home and around the world. Wall Street insider trading, wage theft from ordinary workers, too big banks, obscene CEO pay, payoffs to "friendly" politicians on the take from billionaires taking over of our government and our democracy… What they don't realize is that the people are waking up to this diversionary tactic to see through it for the ultimate 1% deception it really is. 

Hillary Clinton, just like Jeb Bush or Donald Trump, is a Third Way politician. These politicians will never send their sons and daughters to fight and die in these economic wars. Cowards all. You will hardly, if ever, hear about the issue of Third Way Politics being discussed in the corporate mainstream media news because the companies who own these media outlets are the very ones who are practicing Third Way politics. They don't want the general public to become aware or educated about how much they use divide and conquer techniques or how the Third Way political system is being implemented by them. They play both sides, and we end up paying for these endless wars with our lives and our money. 

Let's pull the sheets on these warmongering cowards who gong empty patriotism while lining their pockets. Enough of endless wars that have not only destroyed other countries and created new enemies but have destroyed our middle class right here at home. It's been sixteen years since President Bill Clinton's disastrous decision to repeal FDR's Glass-Steagall Act, which brought about the 2008 Great Recession. Hillary, Trump and the Bush families, as well as their Wall Street and banking cohorts, made the most of their millions and billions while the middle class and working poor paid for the bank bail-out with our tax dollars. For a decade and a half leading up to the 2008, Trump and Hillary didn't take any actions because they were too busy getting rich off the banks being deregulated. Now, all of a sudden, they promise the American people that they are going to "fix it," tell Wall Street to "cut it out" and "make America great again?" 

If you believe that then I don't know what to tell you. Here is the billion dollar question to ask yourself: Why after 35 years, with both Democratic and Republican presidents in office, do these same trickle-down tax policies and repealed laws , which only help the rich get richer and  destroy our middle class way of life, still exist? Answer: Third Way Politicians. Their time of ruling over us is coming to an end, and they are terrified as well they should be. 

Two hundred-forty years ago Americans kicked out a British king-- only to be replaced by a bunch of corrupt Wall Street kings! This is not the America or the world I want to leave for my children. This is not “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” that our Declaration of Independence talks about. The only other weapon the corrupt Wall Street banking and political elite (greedy Republicans and Democrats) have in their arsenal, beside divide and conquer and distracting us with the war they've been waging on the middle class, is their "War on Terror." This includes ISIS who they helped to grow, create and, yes, even fund--by accident or not--by leaving tanks and other military weapons behind for the terrorists to use. 
Yes, we must now defeat the terrorists who they helped to create. But a big part of defeating the terrorists is defeating and rooting out the corrupt political system and the war profiteers who help perpetuate them for no other reason than  to line their greedy pockets. These profiteers secretly and slowly chip away at our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, freedoms, civil liberties and privacy rights. Again it's all at the expense of the middle class and the poor around the world--with the added expense of what appears to be endless war as the "gold standard" for this new American way of life.

Is this what Americans' lives have finally become worth? Debt slaves and war fodder for elites who will never fight these wars or know the life shortening struggle of barely getting by because they haven't changed tax policies and laws to benefit the middle class and working poor for the last 35 years? Are they that out-of-touch to see what is going on right here at home? 

We need an infusion of real financial, political and social reforms to offset the unchallenged con job of the "trickle-down" and unfair tax polices we were sold and which continues to hurt us to this very day. There's culpability from both corrupt Republicans and Democrats exploiting and rigging the system. It's wrong and not good for the future of our country. We need change. 

Time to fight back. This is why I'll be voting for Bernie Sanders for president in 2016. 

Bio:  Cyril O'Reilly posts about Bernie Sanders on his Google Plus Fan page.

 Off to the Caucus

Shall we make Warren roll over in his grave?
A lot is happening this week in the Bernie Sanders campaign, and we're barely into 2016. I'll be attending the Ohio Democratic Delegate Caucus tonight where Bernie's delegates will be selected for this summer's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. This is my first time ever to involved in such a political process. I'm nervous. I'll be traveling to the heart of our extremely gerrymandered district, located squarely in the heart of Republican country, namely the hometown of  infamous Republican president, Warren G. Harding

While Harding's administration became notorious for its numerous corrupt officials involved in the Teapot Dome Scandal, President Harding didn't live long enough to experience the media circus and the smudge on his reputation. And, at least in Marion, Ohio, the small town newspaperman who became president for a brief time is revered. He and his wife have a very nice memorial in the local cemetery.  It's worth visiting if you're ever in the area.

But it's 2016 and it's time for a political revolution. It's time for change. Bernie's supporters are coming to town. Marion is about to #FeeltheBern. Ohio 4th Congressional District voters--see you at the caucus. More on my experiences next week.

Live coverage of Bernie's speech to Wall Street on Bernie2016TV: https://youtu.be/ga8rNDYT48Y


  1. Cyril O'Reilly is quite right, the system is rotten and corrupt! Time to clean House! Bernie Sanders is a man of honesty and integrity whose record in public service is exemplary. We must take this opportunity to give him a Congress he can work with once he's President. #EnoughIsEnough #BernieSanders2016

  2. The "Third Way" politicians creep me out--they actually think we can't see through their selfish manipulations to make millions and billions off the suffering of their fellow citizens? It's time for a political revolution and we know who's the man to be in charge of the fight! #FeeltheBern and vote #Bernie2016 !!

  3. I am seeing too many *why* Bernie posts here, and not enough *how*.
    I'm thinking we all know why. We need to focus on HOW or ... we're toast.

    1. Jeff--would you like to write a blog piece on the "how" for us? We'd appreciate it.

      But I think most people do focus on the "why", especially at the start of any campaign. Possibly as the election cycle continues the "how-to's" will show up in our email box as well. Of course, the "how" is pretty much clearly spelled out at www.berniesanders.com and at www.feelthebern.org and people are always free to link back to those sites for details.


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