Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What Do Women Think About Bernie Sanders?

A lot of people are probably wondering if Bernie Sanders is attracting the attention (and votes) of female voters. Political pundits go on about how Bernie can only "attract people who look like him" and, therefore, he cannot be drawing women, minority or younger voters to his campaign. 

From what we at The Bernie Blog have experienced, nothing could be further from the truth. (How else can we explain Women for Bernie?) If you are still in doubt, listen to the voices of two women from two very different parts of the country--Hawaii and Ohio--and see what they have to say about Bernie Sanders running for the presidency.

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Millions are Feeling the Bern!
by Eloise Engman

It’s early in the primary season, and the democratic primary race is getting interesting. I’m excited about Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. His voting record shows he has worked consistently for social justice, the environment, civil rights, and the middle class during his political career. Pundits on the left and right all agree: Sanders is “authentic”, which is extremely rare in politics. He walks his talk consistently.

Sanders is a leading voice on climate change, campaign finance reform, income inequality and getting big money out of politics. Senator Sanders is also outspoken on civil liberties, and has been particularly critical of mass surveillance policies such as the Patriot Act, and spying conducted by the NSA.

Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls, and he’s ignited the internet, especially Facebook. Millions are “Feeling the Bern!” Sanders message is resonating with Americans of all persuasions. I have a libertarian Christian friend who said he may well vote for the self-described “Democratic Socialist.” People are realizing we already live in a socialist society. Most of the institutions we hold dear are socialist programs, such as public funding of the military, highways and roads, bridges, public libraries, police, fire departments, US post office, libraries, garbage collection, public landfills, the EPA, Social Security, museums, public schools, public parks, sewer systems, Medicare, the courts system, and much more.

Please visit https://berniesanders.com/issues/ for more info on Senator Bernie Sander’s candidacy for president of the US. Or visit his official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/berniesanders

Here's what Eloise Engman says about herself: Born and raised in Honolulu, I've lived on Maui since 1977, raising three daughters who are all independent women now. I've also lived in Seattle, Washington, and Pensacola, Florida. I have a special affinity for Letters to the Editor as I started a movement and organization (GMO-Free Maui) with such letters. Aloha!

My Mother Was a Democratic Socialist
by Barb McMillen

A drunk named Snowball was asking kids in the Philadelphia schoolyard for food. I ran home and told our mother, and she made sandwiches for me to take back to him. 

Jump ahead thirty years to Toledo, Ohio, where houses all around me are in foreclosure. It is the result of the government repealing Glass-Steagall (controls on capitalism) and that resulted in a huge corporate bailout. Subsequently taxpayers lost their jobs, homes, life savings. And not one corporatist on Wall Street has gone to jail. Add NAFTA to the mix and all the jobs have gone to China.

Doesn’t that make you angry? 

Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist--think capitalism with a heart. That means he thinks all those people who lost their houses and their pensions and their kids’ college money have value and are not simply collateral damage. It means he thinks all those welfare breaks we gave Wall Street and the corporatists were really bad breaks for American citizens. 

Bernie Sanders reminds me that mom sent me to the schoolyard with sandwiches for Snowball. Not with the police and not with blame. I know in my heart that Mom was a Democratic Socialist. And I know for a fact she would have loved Bernie.

Barb McMillen is a co-creator of The Bernie Blog. She lives in Northwest Ohio and is doing all she can to bring about Bernie's political revolution in the Buckeye state. Go Team Bernie! 

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  1. Thanks, ladies, for sharing your thoughts with us. I think Bernie Sanders appeals to many women voters because he puts family values first: Bernie wants us to have paid maternity/paternity leave; he wants health care for all (so we don't have to worry about going into debt or losing our house when our loved ones become seriously ill); he wants a decent minimum wage and paid vacation time for all; he's advocated for equal pay for equal work for women; he wants everyone to have access to a free college education... What working woman/mother/grandmother wouldn't want these types of policies to be enacted?

    All Bernie's Republican competitors can come up with for policies that support their idea of "family values" is denying health care to all and particularly to women by shutting down women's clinics and Planned Parenthood. They want to take away a woman's right to choose and have access to birth control. They really don't want women to have a decent education or a decent paying job--they want us back in the kitchen, eternally barefoot and pregnant--and ignorant.

    Smart women can see through the smoke and mirrors of the other side and choose Bernie Sanders as their candidate for POTUS. #FeeltheBern ! #Bernie2016

  2. Much food for thought, there. I fully support equal pay for women. In fact, I'm puzzled how anyone can justify paying a woman a lesser wage or salary for doing the same job as a man. Such a thing should not exist. That is one of the many reasons I want to see Bernie Sanders in the White House with a strong progressive Congress to support him. #Women4Bernie #FeeltheBern #Bernie2016

  3. Thank you, Barb and Eloise. You said it just about better than anyone else has. Women will make all the difference in this election. Am a co-founder on @Women for Bernie Sanders 2016, the page you referenced. We are sharing your blog today and hope you get lots of new subscribers.

    1. Thanks for the share on your page. We're hoping that all Bernie's supporters will feel free to come to The Bernie Blog and express themselves and their support for the greatest candidate ever to run for president of the U.S.A. Go Team Bernie! #Bernie2016

    2. Great job ladies! I'll be sharing your blog with Tulsa for Bernie Sanders 2016. Tulsa women are Feeling The Bern!


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