Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In Search of an Honest Man

In Search of an Honest Man 
by Barb McMillen
Yet another condescending and disparaging article in the New York Times, this time assessing the DNC’s attitude toward their amusing but irritating step son. Why on earth, members asked, was Bernie visiting Martha’s Vineyard. After all, that’s where the wealthy Democrats were donating $37,000 to the DSCC.

I never gave Bernie’s choice to run as a Democrat much thought. After all, third party would be a spoiler; Republican would be unconscionable.  So, this thought caught me a bit off-guard:  How would the DNC feel about Bernie running against their daughter, the presumed golden girl herself? They called him a hypocrite. 

At the same time, the thought came to me that what the DNC must really think is Bernie’s an interloper. They must think, "He’s ruining everything". They must think, "He’s the reason we can’t have nice things."

Then, sans segue, I am reminded of that photo of young Bernie some thirty years ago head turned left feeding his restless baby. I thought: Why is he looking over his shoulder? What had Bernie heard at that moment? What was he waiting for?

This is where imagination steps in and I thought: Was it the future--did he hear the future while holding his baby, giving him his bottle? Did Bernie hear its whisper for the first time, the thing that would haunt all of us years later? 

And, at that moment, my realization: For the DNC, the campaign is about the DNC and their candidate.  But Bernie has said it over and over, his campaign is not about him. It is not about party loyalties. It is about his message. And it’s about getting that message to us, the people of the United States, that our economic system is broken and has its claws about our necks, choking us to death.

Bernie is running under the Democratic ticket, but he is not a Democrat. He is a man who rose up from among us, the carrier of a message.  He’s an honest man, self-deprecating and humble. He is not an inheritor. If he dares to enter Martha’s Vineyard, it’s not in search a buck. It’s to spread his message, raise his lantern of truth in search of an honest man.
Bio: Barb McMillen is one of the co-creators of The Bernie Blog. She's passionate about getting the word out to others about Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Great blog! Bernie Sanders is an honest man who wants to do right by the American public. Go Bernie in 2016! #FeeltheBern

  2. A great article, and I agree, Bernie has the only message worth hearing and acting upon. His track record on advancing the rights of ordinary Americans of every color is exemplary. In many ways I feel this is the last chance the American people will have to right the wrongs inflicted upon them by the corporations.

    1. This is my thought too--that we have this golden opportunity to get the billionaires out of politics and make America more democratic by returning to our roots of "one person = one vote" if we elect Bernie Sanders. We can't afford the other alternatives!

  3. Haven't been this excited about a presidential candidate since Howard Dean.


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